CharleneHi, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find some useful tips from the articles that I have written not only from research but also first- hand experience.

I am not a professional astrologer but a keen amateur, which in a way has helped in giving me an unbiased view of the subject.

I have always had a strong interest in Astrology and have been fascinated with how much the planets have a direct effect on our lives, especially in regard to relationships.

By combining this interest, with my love of blogging it has now become a passion due to the amount of research that I have accumulated.

During this research, I have read many books on astrology which stemmed in part from a relationship with a Virgo man. One book which stood head and shoulders above the others is Virgo Man Secrets, by Anna Kovach a renowned astrologer and relationship coach.

I was amazed at the knowledge contained in this book which gives women an insight into understanding the complexities of a Virgo man’s characteristics, and you can read my review here on my blog.

My interest in and connection with astrology has given me the feeling that I was destined to take this path in life which I find immensely enjoyable.

From the scores of emails I receive, I am delighted to say that in some small way my passion is also helping women everywhere understand how to have a happy life with a Virgo partner.

My joy is in giving!


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