Are Virgo Men Jealous?

a jealous man arguing with his girlfriendIf you’re reading this article then chances are you’re either dating a Virgo man or you are considering dating one.

Most women in your position are considering if their reserved nature is a sign of possessiveness, and are posing the question ‘ Are Virgo men jealous?

Quite often, a Virgo man may tend to behave weirdly when he sees his partner interacting with other men.

The discomfort they feel can often be quite intense for them. They always try to conceal it by behaving like everything is alright.

However, if you are dating a Virgo man, it is important to note that Virgo men are characteristically jealous. The fact is that your crush would love to have you all to himself.

This article is aimed at helping you understand the jealous side of your Virgo man.

The Jealous and Possessive Side of the Virgo Man


Virgo men can seem very nervous because they tend to be uncertain about everything about themselves. They take a long time to make up their minds if they like someone. This is not just women but also new people they come into contact with.

Though they happen to be very confident and safe in a relationship, they are likely to get jealous if someone pays too much attention to their special person.

They naturally think logically which sometimes leads to over-thinking a situation. This then leads to them feeling anxious and fearful.

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Virgo men are known to be very loyal partners who never let their negative emotions rule them.

They get to know their partners well, which gives them the ability to know when a relationship is under threat. However, their thoughts can easily get swayed because of nervousness.

A problem a lot of women have when they fancy a Virgo man is breaking the ice or making regular dates. A Virgo man can show signs of jealousy even though there has been no real commitment. This tends to make the whole process of dating complicated.

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couple drinking winePossessiveness

If you do not want your boyfriend or husband to become jealous and possessive, do not tell him about your ex-partners.

Virgo men are never interested in knowing about your past relationships, particularly romantic relationships.

Do you want to have a happy relationship with a Virgo man? It is important that you put away all mementos and jewelry from any previous relationship.

I know you might be tempted to lie about where the jewelry and other gifts came from. If your Virgo husband or boyfriend finds out the truth, it might cause problems for you in the relationship.

A Virgo man wants to have his girl or woman all to himself. He wants to be reassured that you are equally interested in him. He wants to be reassured that he is not competing for your love and attention with other men.

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Virgo men are known to care about their partners and can become jealous if anything or anyone threatens their union.

They tend to be very sensitive and the thought that someone could be flirting with their spouse can really destabilize them.

What’s more, a Virgo man wants you all to himself and he will not take it lightly if he realizes that you are flirting with another man. He is likely to get angry at the man who wants to steal you away from him.

Virgo men tend to love and treat their spouses very well, and the bond that they create is normally very strong.

However, if a Virgo man gets suspicious that the woman in his life wants to break the union, he is likely to become very jealous and possessive.

Virgo men are considered to be highly intuitive, which enables them to sense when another man is eyeing their woman. Fortunately, they will hardly ever blame their woman under such circumstances.

See this video below for more info on the dark side of the Virgo man.


From the information above, you, like me, will agree that Virgo men can indeed be very jealous and possessive over their partner.

However, they often try to hide it and they will not make it obvious to others, even the people who know them well. This is why you should be very careful if intending to make him jealous as a game. He is a very honest person who expects the same from his girlfriend.

If a Virgo man becomes suspicious, he will go out of his way to find out the truth. He will do anything to prove that everyone knows you are his. To find out more about his complex characteristics read my review of Virgo Man Secrets Here.

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope you found this article of some help. Generally, the Virgo male is slow to come out of his shell but if you put yourself out to understand how he thinks he will make a great partner. There are many more articles related to situations regarding Virgo men on my website

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