Dating A Virgo Man- 5 Tips That Ensure Success

Last Updated on February 3, 2022

Man with his arms around a woman who is smiling as she starts dating a Virgo man for the first timeVirgo men strive to be successful in all avenues of their lives, and this is important to keep in mind when dating.

Once they have made a decision about a situation or a future partner they will be loyal and very supportive, but they usually take time in making up their mind.

For this reason, dating a Virgo man is a very good choice.

However, this star sign for a guy tends to be one that can come with complications if not handled correctly.

Understanding is needed to avoid problems within a relationship, and being aware of the Virgo male characteristics can make or break a future romantic partnership.

Understanding a Virgo man’s best match for you needs logic rather than emotion in deciding the best course of action.

We all have our own individual personalities but when we start dating clashes and misunderstandings can easily create upsets if we are not prepared to see another’s point of view.

In this article, I highlight a few things to remember if you are considering a date with a Virgo guy.

Hopefully, these tips will make your relationship successful and avoid any future disagreements.

Understanding the characteristics of a Virgo guy is important if you have decided that ‘This could be the one’.

Lots of women who have contacted me said that they found the answers they were looking for regarding a Virgo man’s characteristics in a book by Anna Kovack who is a renowned astrologer and relationship expert.

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What To Know When Dating a Virgo Man

couple touching hands across a table while looking into each others eyes

When dating a Virgo man, you need to know that he mostly believes in fate and accepts that there is an ideal soul mate somewhere nearby in his life.

Once they find this person they will make her the happiest girl in the world because of the romantic gestures that he will shower her with.

The Virgo male zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury which indicates a man who is organized and straightforward in life and love.

A Virgo man just needs someone who understands how he thinks and who will treat him with honesty and loyalty.

A Virgo man may be attracted to you but will not show it immediately until he is as sure as he can be, that he won’t be emotionally hurt later on.

When trying to attract the attention of a Virgo guy it is best to avoid playing emotional games or trying to make him jealous.

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Dating a Virgo Man Tips

Help Him Clear His Mind

Virgo men are generally always interested in new things and everything that is going on around them.

This can sometimes lead to him being accused of being uncaring, but this is not usually the case.

They sometimes get so absorbed in their own thoughts that they don’t consider how this affects those around them.

You will sometimes have to gently remind him of the things that he finds most attractive about you. Which will make a stronger bond between you.

If you are finding that he is not responding to you in the way you would like. You need to discover more about a secret obsession that a Virgo man is known to conceal.

A leading relationship coach has put together a video that reveals how to have your Virgo crush desperate to be with you. James Bauer has discovered a hidden need in men, which is the missing link to forming a successful relationship.

The one thing that will make him obsessed with you. The one thing overlooked by most women, which holds the key to devoted love. You may be amazed to learn more about a Virgo man’s secret obsession as James explains in this short video.

Allow Him To Focus On His Business

Going on Virgo dates will make you soon realize what a passionate association you can expect from a man born under this zodiac sign, as long as you allow him space to follow his interests.

With this in mind remember that once he has accepted you as his partner he will be using this need to give you everything you want as well.

This desire to build a great future by focusing on his business is something that you will not change. So accept it and gain his respect by showing him you are prepared to chase his goals together.

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Let Him Ask You

pretty woman smiling at camera watched by a Virgo manVirgo men hate to be chased so if you have your eye on someone it is unwise to directly ask them for a date. It is far better to put yourself in situations where he notices you so that he believes that the decision is his.

However, you need to be very subtle about this and not obvious because he may be put off if he thinks you are trying to catch him.

As mobile phones have become common the use of texting has become more acceptable.

If you can get hold of his number there are some subtle ways in which you can raise his interest in you. Something that has proved very successful for many women can be discovered in my article below.

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You could try to get into a conversation with him about a hobby of yours or ask his help with something that brings out the gentleman in him. If your Virgo crush is in your work environment asking him how to photocopy both sides of a document, for example, will bring out the best in him.

A man loves to feel needed, but not taken advantage of, so asking for his help with a problem could break the ice and give him an opportunity to suggest a date.

The above are some of the things you will find if you develop a relationship with a Virgo Guy, who has been born between August 23rd – September 22nd.

He can be intense because of his logical outlook but also romantic and very reliable once you have proved to be what he wants.

Handle His Intensity

woman sitting with Virgo man in front of computerA Virgo man has a strong desire to be in control and with that comes curiosity about everything around him.

Virgo’s can have a tendency to be very intense but this does not mean that they are dictatorial or bossy.

These characteristics, in fact, make him the man he is, and if you accept those they can play well in the ongoing relationship.

If you would like to read my other articles regarding a Virgo man, you may find it helpful to bookmark this link for future reference.

A Virgo man has all the hallmarks of making a responsible husband as well as a reliable friend. These tendencies also lead him to be a sensitive and passionate lover.

Final thoughts

One thing that all women need to know is His hidden obsession. Knowing this one thing is the key to a happy relationship. If you want to make your date with a Virgo man successful Listen to James as he explains in this short video.

His focus will be on business but will always have you in mind to share the journey. His questioning mind will never rest. He will expect you to be open with your thoughts and faithful to your emotions.

Dating a Virgo man can be all that you want it to be, all you need to discover is all you can about his complex characteristics and temperamental personality.

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