How To Talk To A Virgo Man To Make The First Move

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

woman looking up with her arms folded as she thinks about how to talk to a Virgo manHave you got your eye on a gorgeous Virgo man who you really fancy? Are you frustrated that he is slow to make the first move in asking you out?

Maybe you are wondering how to “break the ice” with a Virgo man and whether to throw caution to the wind and let him know you like him? Will it be the wrong move to show him your feelings at this early stage?

Learning how to talk to a Virgo man initially can be daunting due to his reserved character. But read on as this article will show you exactly how to get a guy chasing you for a date, and how to keep him interested in you.

You, like me, have felt the frustration that can come from a guy that seems a little out of reach and unattainable. It’s a dilemma when you ask yourself, should I make the first move on Virgo man?

But don’t let that put you off! A Virgo man is generally regarded as one of the most desirable of the zodiac, and well worth the effort. Once you make that initial breakthrough you will have a man who is charming, considerate, and reliable.

We all realize that men and women think differently. Men more so from a practical point and women tend to think more on an emotional plane.

With this in mind, a woman needs to create an awareness in the guy that she is interested in him without coming across as too keen or too easy.

A system that I came across recently is a product called Text Chemistry, developed by relationship expert Amy North. Texting in the right way not only opens a channel of contact but also allows you a medium to connect with his emotional feelings.

This proven system has helped 100s of women to sow the seeds of desire in the mind of their Virgo crush with subliminal text messages.

Listen to this short video as Amy explains her technique to get a man’s mind focused on the woman who sent her carefully worded text messages.

These messages can be adapted to either making first contact, sparking an interest, or reigniting passion after a breakup.

How To Talk To a Virgo Man So He Asks You To Date

A Virgo man will respect you in making the first move, provided you have done it in the right way, and not appeared to be too pushy. Your Virgo crush has characteristics that make him reserved and seem shy with new people.

Follow the steps in this article to get your Virgo crush to chase you and become obsessed with you.

Tips to get a Virgo man to chase you

A Virgo guy can be a complex character and is usually very reserved.

Virgo man chasing a woman through the waves on a beachHe may be reluctant to make the first move simply because he takes a long time to make up his mind.

Also, you may have not shown him the right signs that you are interested in him. He is an analytical person that values his time. He does not like wasting it on things that he feels lead nowhere.

This leaves you with the problem of letting him know you are interested in him. However, without coming on too strong because a Virgo guy will not want to be chased.

The best way of doing this is by finding ways to flirt with him and when he notices, make strong eye contact and watch his reaction.

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A Virgo guy likes to take the lead in everything he does. You need to put yourself in places where he notices you. If it is in the work environment, for instance, you may be able to ask for his help. Something a bit technical like help with a double-sided print from the photocopier?

This type of thing brings out the best in a Virgo man’s character. He will love to help you and it will give you the chance to strike up a conversation.

This will enable him to decide how he wants to move forward.

If you have had your eye on him but have not yet met him, you need to find a way of getting into a conversation with him.

Once you do this you will be able to use eye contact to let him know you are interested, and he will take it from there.

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Convince him to make the first move

If your guy is not in a work environment with you or you feel too shy to approach him in conversation, Don’t worry as there are other things you can do to capture the heart of the man of your dreams.

You could, for instance, start the ball rolling by sending him a text message. Not any old text message, but one that has been designed to trigger an emotional yearning on a subliminal level.

These messages, have a deep effect on a Virgo man’s brain and focuses his attention on the person who sent them.

You can follow this link to read my review and listen to a short video to see if this is the answer you are looking for.

Once you have shown your Virgo crush that you are interested in him, he will want to take the lead by asking you lots of questions.

He will want to know as much as possible, but here you need to be the one who is slightly reserved. Being a little mysterious will heighten his desire.

One of the Virgo man’s traits is that he gets bored and loses interest in things that he finds easy. So you will need to find a balance of keeping him interested to chase you but not being too unavailable.

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When you start dating it is great to send him a text the next morning saying “Hope you have a nice day” or something similar. But nothing gushing or over the top.

But do not get upset and worried if he does not respond. Never come across as needy by sending lots of messages. This will really turn him off if he is engrossed in his work.

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couple sitting on the floor drinking champagne as the woman learns how to talk to a Virgo manWays To Talk To A Virgo Man In a Relationship

When you get into a relationship with a Virgo man you will discover some great qualities.

He sets a high standard on loyalty and if you get the commitment from him he will remain a true partner.

He will, however, be watching to see that you too have the same standards.

At the early stages of a relationship, it is all about finding out how the other person ticks.

Flirting between the two of you will get the ball rolling. That will convince him that you are the person that he wants to spend his time with.

You can be sure that if he starts chasing you for a date he is a long way down the road of accepting you as a long-time partner.

Sometimes it takes a while for him to make up his mind, it is just part of his character.

A Virgo man may be very reserved at first but when the initial barriers are broken down and he sees a commitment from you. He will do all he can to keep you.

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Final thoughts

A Virgo man is attracted to an independent woman so it is important to show him that you are capable of functioning without him.

Learning how to talk to a Virgo man is the first step in growing your confidence and understanding more about him.

A relationship, as he sees it, is of equal balance and respect for each other.

If you would like to understand more about the characteristics of a Virgo man and how he thinks. Follow this link to read my review of a manual by a leading relationship astrologer.

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Good luck, I hope you click with the man of your dreams.

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