4 Key Tips To Getting A Virgo Man’s Attention

Do you have a Crush on a Virgo guy and are finding it difficult to get him to ask you out on a date?

Don’t get downhearted, it is just possible that you are not doing the right things to get his attention!

Read through the following tips which tell you how to get noticed by him, and how you can make him yours.

Attracting The Virgo Man: Things You Can Do

Flaunt your Intellect

Virgo men are extremely perceptive and are attracted to women who can keep up with them. Never play dumb if you are trying to win the heart of a Virgo guy.

To impress a Virgo you need to show him that you are an interesting person. I’m not saying you need to be brainy or a University type.

Keeping up with the news and talking about topical issues will show him that you are a person who will stimulate his intellect

If you have a particular interest in a subject, you should let him see your enthusiasm for it. Explain without boasting or going on too long about it that it makes the subject boring.

It’s all about showing him that there is more about you and you have a brain and a personality. When he realizes that you are interesting, he will want to talk to you to find out more about you.

Once you have his attention, you can follow these five simple steps that have been proven to work really well to keep your Virgo crush hooked on you.

These simple five ideas to keep his focus on you were the brainchild of renowned astrologer and relationship expert Anna Kovach. See my review of her program here.

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couple playing chessShare common interests

A Virgo man has a short concentration level if in a conversation on something that he finds uninteresting or boring. However, four subjects that will always keep his interest are:-

  • Anything that will lead to him improving his finances
  • Interesting games that need logic to solve
  • How mechanical things work, or mysteries surrounding the universe
  • Sex

If you want to know the approach Virgo man takes on sex and what he is looking for in a sexual partnership, you can see my review of Virgo Man Sextrology here.

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The above is a generalization of course because all Virgo men will vary depending on their exact time of birth in relation to their moon and risings star signs.

However, having an interest and talking about the above topics will generally go down well with a Virgo man.

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Avoid Crowds

Virgo men tend to be more singular and slightly introvert, rather than the life and sole of the party. If you plan on making the first move to approach a Virgo guy to be sure to do it without other people around.

If you try to catch his eye in a busy environment it may not work because his acute senses will be alert to everything going on around him. You will get his full attention and he will feel more comfortable when he is alone.

girl poking her tongue outBe Yourself

There is a well- known saying that states, the best way to win someone over is to be yourself. Not always the case of course but definitely true with Virgo men.

As previously mentioned Virgo men have a strong sense of loyalty and respect people who have the same values.

Trying to act and be someone you are not is casting a false impression which a Virgo man will recognize at once.

He has a laser-like perception and is quick to disregard anyone who is attempting to pull the wool over his eyes.

Also, you need to bear in mind that a Virgo man often unintentionally, attracts a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

His reserved, quietly confident persona acts as a magnet to females who seem drawn to him for his reassured outlook on life.

This can cause a problem for some women who are on the shy side. However with the right knowledge of how a Virgo man thinks even the shyest woman will be able to nab the man she has been admiring from afar.

Opportunities can all too quickly turn to regrets, so if you seriously want this Virgo guy I suggest you move quickly before he gets snapped up by another woman.

Read my review of Virgo Man Secrets to make sure you are the one, and only one, he wants to be with forever.

4 Key Tips To Getting A Virgo Man’s Attention
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