How to be Attractive to a Virgo Man – His Ideal Woman

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Virgo men are known for their practicality and attention to detail. They’re also notoriously picky about what they like and don’t like.

While many people think of Virgos as being standoffish, it turns out that they just prefer to keep things simple.

And while they might seem cold and distant at times, there are two main drivers in understanding how to be attractive to a Virgo man.

How to be Attractive to a Virgo Man to Become His Ideal Woman

a Virgo man kissing a woman in a fieldTwo Key Takeaways

1. The Physical Connection

Let’s face it, a Virgo man is the same as any other guy and initially is drawn to a woman by physical or personality attraction, which leads to sexual desire.

A Virgo man tends to be very sensitive to his surroundings and has an acute brain that is the main controller of his erogenous zones.

If you want to make him crazy for you in the bedroom this step-by-step guide will set his passion for you into orbit.

2. His Need to be Seen as a Hero

A Virgo man sees himself as a protector and provider of the woman he loves. Simple you may think! I am happy to let him look after me!

But if only it was as simple as that. Some women are naturally instinctive to this need but others are not.

This guy has a burning need that is similar to an obsession.

It is something that is so important to a relationship, it is surprising that 90% of women have no idea what it is.

Luckily a relationship expert has recorded this video that explains this vital link in becoming attractive to a Virgo man.

Other Ways to be Attractive to a Virgo Man

1. Be yourself. If he sees you as someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, he’ll find you relatable.

Being confident and comfortable in your own skin will make him feel more comfortable around you, too.

2. Know how to say yes. When asked to do something, don’t hesitate to say yes. This way, he knows that you’re willing to put yourself out there.

3. Practice patience. He wants to see that you’ve got your priorities straight. So if you’re always rushing off to meet up with friends or work late hours, he won’t respect you.

4. Don’t overdo it. Even though he appreciates your efforts, he’d rather you show some restraint. After all, he knows that you have your limits.

5. Be open-minded. You’ll never know what he’s thinking unless you ask. So try asking questions to learn more about him.

6. Understand the main thing he must have from a woman in a relationship.

A Virgo Man’s Ideal Woman

Man in striped shirt about to kiss a woman in a straw hat.A Virgo man has a tendency to be very picky in the things he looks for in a woman.

This is due to the fact that he has an image in his mind of his ideal woman and one who will become his perfect partner.

However, understanding what he wants will allow you to highlight your best features to blend in with his expectations.

Relationship expert, Amy North has studied this characteristic and developed a program of words, that can be sent by text, which is able to influence his subconscious mind.

He will naturally find himself being drawn toward you like a magnet.

Using text avoids any face-to-face embarrassing situations that may arise and allows you to lay the foundation for developing the relationship.

The subtle words trigger an emotional response in a guy’s subconscious brain that is the key to unlocking his romantic emotions for the woman who sent the text.

The program that Amy formulated has had proven results from 100’s women who have succeeded in attracting or re-establishing their relationship with a man.

This may just be the trigger you need to get and retain his attention.

Sounds way out? I thought so too until I started hearing from many women who have been successful in winning the heart of their Virgo guy with this technique.

The following video tells you more about this groundbreaking program which I hope can help women understand the power of Amy’s Text Chemistry program.

Having said that, let’s look at how to attract a Virgo man into your life. If you are concerned about making the first move, a quick look at the link below may give you the answer!!

The program developed by Amy North uses signals directly to the subconscious mind of a Virgo man.

Carefully crafted words sent by text have been proven to have had spectacular results for women to achieve lasting relationships.

Amy North is the expert who has devised this method which can place desire and longing in the mind of a man from the woman who sent the messages.

I, at first, was skeptical until I heard firsthand the success rate of this innovative system. Amy explains more in a short video here.

What a Virgo Man wants – Trigger His Romantic Emotions

man with woman eating ice creamHis Secret Desires

In order to win a Virgo man, it is important that you understand the makeup of a guy with this zodiac sign.

Knowing how he thinks about romance and how he reacts to different situations will help you in winning his heart.

In this article, I offer a few basic tips. However, you may well find it a stress saver to read a recent review I wrote.

It is in a book by a leading astrologer and relationship expert where she explains in detail the complex characteristics of a Virgo man.

If you are finding it hard to get the attention of your Virgo crush, my review may well give you answers to Virgo Man’s secrets which include Sextrology.

It is important to understand that a Virgo man is a very honest, trustworthy, and focused individual. Therefore, he often tends to look for a perfect woman.

One who will be able to demonstrate similar qualities or at the very least, admire and respect these qualities in him. These are some of a Virgo man’s core values.

There is more in-depth detail in this book Virgo Man Secrets.

If you want to attract him and keep him attracted to you for the long term then it is critical that you do not violate these values that he holds dear.

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Prove to Him That You are Intelligent

If you want to attract a Virgo man and keep him all to yourself, then, believe me, you must be able to prove to him that you are an intelligent woman.

Virgo men despise shallow-minded women and are actually turned on by intelligent ladies.

You don’t need to be super intelligent like Albert Einstein, so don’t worry.

You just need to be able to have smart conversations with him on a wide range of topics in order to stimulate his intellect and his interest.

There is one particular thing that every woman who is interested in a Virgo guy should know.

This is the one thing that will make him want to be with a woman who knows how to genuinely treat him. See this short video to discover His Secret Obsession.

Be Humorous

I tell you what, a Virgo man loves having a good laugh. To draw him close to you, it is important that you let your humorous side tantalize him.

Even as you make attempts at being comical, remember that making fun of him is a no-go zone. He can really get turned off by this, as most people would.

In that regard, any jokes that you make should be about general topics.

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Be a Perfectionist

Virgo men are known to be perfectionists and usually strive to be good or even the best at whatever they do.

As such, they can tend to get turned on by women who are also perfectionists.

Therefore, if you want to really win his heart, make sure you show him that you have a little bit of a perfectionist streak yourself.

What’s more, they admire a woman who is capable of maintaining an organized life.

confident young woman smiling at the camera doing a thumbs up signAlways be Punctual

One of the character traits that stand out in a Virgo man is his punctuality. If you want to turn him off then frequently be late for your dates.

However, if you’re wanting to light his fire then it is important to understand that he loves to be with a woman who is always on time.

For instance, if invited for a date, ensure that you get there early enough. By the way, always remember that the first impression really matters.

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Pay Attention to the Details

Virgo men are very detail-oriented, therefore, they can be attracted to a woman who also has a keen eye for detail. They tend to notice even the very minor things in a woman.

Because they admire style and elegance, be sure to pay close attention to how you are presenting yourself when you’re around him.

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Create a Safe and Trusting Environment

an attractive couple laughing while sitting on a flight of stairsA Virgo man will normally want to be in a relationship where he feels secure with his woman. To attract him, ensure that you give him a sense of security.

Keep reassuring him non-verbally that he will always be safe and secure in your arms.

The best way to do this is to demonstrate your reliability, trustworthiness, and honor through your actions.

Remember it is this reassurance that he is looking for in a woman when it comes to a long-term relationship.

He needs to believe that you have the ability to give him that emotional support, and in turn, he will also give the same to you.

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Do Not be Too Loud

It is important to understand that Virgo men would rather not be in a relationship than be with a loud woman.

Therefore, if you’re the kind that always talks loudly, or uses cynical remarks, then the chances of winning him over might be very slim.

Learn to Take Criticism

Virgo men are known to be very critical by nature. To be able to draw them close to you, it is important that you learn how to take criticism.

In the early days, he will likely be very complimenting towards you if he’s attracted to you.

However, when he becomes more comfortable with you he may be more than a little critical at times. He admires a woman who dresses well and is not garish or flashy.

What’s more, a Virgo guy tends to find fault in almost anything because he has an eye for detail.

Here are some more useful tips on attracting a Virgo.

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Final Thoughts

Virgo men can make excellent partners and ultimately want a relationship based on trust. Loyalty is top of his agenda, so he will likely be looking for these traits in a woman.

Learning to become the Virgo man’s ideal woman will give you the tools to be able to become the center of attention with a guy who is known to be very selective when choosing a partner.

The key is being able to activate the mental G Spot in a man’s mind that will make him focus his attention only on you.

However, some men can be somewhat cynical and critical and take a while to trust new people.

Anna Kovach is a renowned astrologer and relationship expert and has written a book entitled Virgo Man Secrets which includes Sextrology.

Take a look at my review here to really understand how to be attractive to a Virgo man.

Humour often works well when it comes to Virgo men as they love a good laugh. Just don’t make jokes about him.

Showing him that you’re intelligent and can hold a stimulating conversation with him is likely to go far. As such, being able to have an intelligent banter with him will likely blow his socks off!

For more info on the Virgo man, how to attract him, and what he’s like in relationships, visit my homepage here

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