Sex With A Virgo Man – The Skills You Need To Drive Him Wild

Man and Woman in Bed

Sex with a Virgo man can be a unique emotional experience or quite frankly a bit of a disaster.

This article explains what a woman needs to know if she wants to create a fulfilling relationship with a Virgo man between the sheets.

You may have heard the phrase ‘ Darling, talk dirty to me…’ or a similar phrase in a film or maybe even from a previous boyfriend.

If you haven’t it will certainly be coming up sometime in the future within a relationship with Virgo man and sex.

Properly understanding this, is the one skill you need to drive a Virgo man wild in bed.

Maybe you pretended to ignore it, hoping he would not ask again, or maybe you felt embarrassed because it sounds outside of your sexual experience.

The mere idea of the phrase ‘Talk dirty to me’ may fill you with nervousness and anxiety. This is natural when you are not sure why.

But properly understanding this technique will not only raise the temperature in the bedroom but also draw you closer together emotionally.

Virgo Man And Sex – How to Make Him Wild For You In Bed

The power of words

However, I’m certain you, like me, get the fact that guys love it, especially Virgo guys!! But has it ever crossed your mind ‘Why is dirty talk such a massive turn on for him?’

Someone who has studied this aspect of sexual desire in a Virgo guy is relationship expert Felicity Keith who has developed a program called the language of desire that overrides any embarrassment.

If you want to raise the passion in your relationship between the sheets, this is how to do it.

Felicity has achieved stunning success with her program because she has made it easy to understand and natural to implement.

If you want to get right into it you can listen to a short video in which Felicity explains the techniques involved in, The Language of Desire.

Alternatively, keep reading as I am going to explain exactly how this little erotic technique works. Enhancing your love –play and delving into the brain of a Virgo guy to see why these words can create such a bond between you.

Understanding why he is so turned on when he hears you talking dirty gives you a tremendous advantage over him.

This is because you can get him to become obsessed with you, fantasize about you, and worship the ground you walk on.

The skills you will learn will create subliminal effects deep in his psyche. This will focus his attention totally on you.

woman with man looking on while sitting on a bedNaughty Girl / Nice Girl

A Virgo man is focused on being a one-woman guy. However, that woman needs to know how to retain his interest and keep him faithful.

A characteristic of your Virgo crush is being reserved, and he finds it hard to explain what he wants in a relationship.

His type of girl has a reserved persona when out in public, but when alone with her lover is relaxed and sexually adventurous.

A Virgo guy will feel great satisfaction because of the contradiction against social norms. It is highly appealing to a Virgo man to know that he is the only one who sees you in your true colors.

It is exciting to him that the naughtiness you share is reserved totally for him which boosts his ego.

Even if you are not the retiring wall-flower type in public. Becoming a wicked naughty play-mate when alone with him, will produce a great thrill.

When you exert this power over him his senses will be heightened and his attention focused totally on you.

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It Gives Him The Notion Of Being a Sex God

When making love a Virgo man wants to know that he is performing well and keeping you in a mist of ecstasy.

Hearing your moans of delight mixed with naughty and sexy phases assures him he is achieving his aim of really rocking your world.

The thing to understand is that men are naturally pre-programmed to sexually satisfy their women. This deep-rooted desire dates back to our original ancestors.

In today’s modern world there are far too many mixed signals that are given off by both sex’s making it difficult to know if a partner is truly satisfied.

Talking dirty cuts directly through any misunderstandings and connects directly with a Virgo man’s primitive brain.

The Exact Phrases That Will Make Him Obsess Over You – And Only You >> Here

smiling woman with man leaning his forehead against hers He Respects You For Your Confidence

A Virgo man will be completely disarmed by a woman who can speak dirty talk confidently to achieve what she wants from her partner in bed.

A woman who is not afraid of expressing herself sexually can leave men fascinated and defenseless.

He is relieved of the problem of trying to guess at anything he is supposed to be doing to arouse you.

This is something that for most guys can be stressful and in a very short space of time to become boring. This then leads to a guy making excuses for sex and ultimately looking elsewhere for a partner.

So by stating what you want and exciting his imagination with confidence, he realizes that he is achieving his aim of becoming your best lover ever.

However, there is a technique that needs to be followed because if not your words can sound false and kill any passion.

When you confidently talk dirty to him with the words suggested by Felicity Keith, it confirms that you are not uptight sexually. You have dropped any inhibitions that you may have had with him.

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Couple in bed learning the one skill you need to drive a Virgo man wild in bedEnthusiasm For Sex With A Virgo Man Comes With Talking Dirty

Numerous studies have established that the number one thing that is attractive to a male is an enthusiastic partner in the bedroom. This, if you think about it, makes sense.

A partner who is quiet in bed is subconsciously sending out signals that they are not interested in lovemaking.

This could lead the man to think they are bored. Any guy will think that he is not performing which will ultimately shatter his confidence.

This is one of the leading causes of couples splitting up, and it all stems from a lack of confidence. Introducing words of desire into the lovemaking lets your man know you are focused on him.

You are enjoying the moment together and you are enjoying the experience.

This level of participation with your partner cements the deep bond between you and brings you closer together. Felicity Keith’s expert knowledge will assure you of confidence in the bedroom.

Your Relationship To Naughty Talk and Sexual Compatibility

The above examples trigger signals in his brain that release chemicals that control his sex drive. Scientists have proven that dirty talk stimulates the man’s brain enabling him to relax and perform at his peak.

However, you are not alone, if you are a woman who feels uncomfortable with the thought of talking dirty to your man.

Just keep an open mind and cast off all the prim and proper thoughts that you have grown up with. Just think of the benefits that could be achieved.

Don’t let fear stand in your way of a lifetime of happiness with the man you love. Intimacy needs to be cultivated to make the relationship strong and lasting.

The link below gives more useful information to keep a Virgo man thinking of you, only you!

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Once you give it a try you will realize how grateful he will be and amazed at how confident and sexy you will feel.

The link below explains exactly what to say which will give you the confidence to overcome any initial shyness. You may be surprised at how easy it is to have your man obsessing over you.

Become His Sexual Fantasy By Discovering The Exact Techniques >> Here

woman holding cell phone as she arranges a date with a Virgo man

Sexy Messages By Text

A great way to introduce naughty talk into a relationship is via text. Not only will it make your guy desperate to see you but also keep him keen when you are not around.

Both options will have the desired effect of always having you on his mind.

Simple texts about sex with a Virgo man will go a long way to opening the door for you to introduce dirty talk into the bedroom.

Depending on the strength of his responding text message you can gauge how to ramp it up, but keep it fun and flirtatious.

I appreciate there is a lot going on in this article because I have been on this path myself.

You may be feeling that the timing in your relationship is not right or you still need a little more confidence.

The main thing is doing something. Just letting things drift will not improve your relationship and you may lose him altogether.

If you would like more guidance on the most effective text messages to send, you might like to read my article on Text Psychology.

In this article, I explain the process of sending messages with the correct meaning that has a subliminal effect on your Virgo’s brain.

Create Your Character

When you start talking dirty to your Virgo Man about sex you should try to put on the cloak of your naughty vixen persona. You can then imagine her saying it rather than you.

The program tells you exactly what to say. You just need to start as if you were an actress in a play and let the words fall from your mouth.

Relationship expert Felicity Keith has made a sometimes taboo topic a natural relationship saver.

Felicity takes you by the hand and leads you, step by step, to full romantic bliss. Explaining not only how to behave but also giving you the confidence to be comfortable.

All this while achieving your perfect relationship. You can Listen to Felicity as she explains in a short video The Language of Desire here. 

The program has been devised by Felicity Keith and is called the Language of Desire. This explains in easy stages how to conquer your shyness. It will also give you the exact words and proven phrases to use.

Picture of Charlene smiling

I hope this article helps you to build the relationship you desire with the Virgo man of your dreams.

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