How To Get a Virgo Man Back – Positive ways to re-ignite His Love For You

Last Updated on September 8, 2021

Whether you have already broken up with your Virgo man and you miss him dearly, or you feel that your guy is losing interest and drifting away from you, I know, both can be a horribly depressing experience.

Your world has been turned upside down and your emotions are in turmoil as you try and understand what has gone wrong? It is natural for you to be asking yourself, why have things changed, what have I done wrong? Why doesn’t he love me anymore?

Family and friends sympathize but really have no idea how you are feeling, but whether you get him back or not you have to find a way of overcoming the hurt and getting your life in order. Getting over a breakup might help.

Well, take heart! In this article, I am going to show you how to get a Virgo man back into your arms and also how to make him desperate to want to stay with you and only you.

How to Get a Virgo Man Back and Make Him Want to Stay

Sad looking woman with her face in her hands thinking how to get a Virgo man backIf you really want to get your Virgo man back you must get a grip on your emotions, calm down and try to think logically.

I know too well how getting dumped sucks! But now is not the time to sit in a dark room feeling sorry for yourself.

You will just drive yourself nuts trying to pinpoint exactly what went wrong with your relationship, but I will bet it is one, or maybe a combination of three things.

A Virgo man’s emotions are controlled more logically than a woman’s, and your crush won’t come back if you plead with him and try to think of ways to make him feel sorry for you. The more you try that route the less respect he will have for you.

So, now that we have got that out of the way, let’s try and focus on the reasons why a Virgo man pulls away, and let’s face it, the relationship was dying because he has lost his attraction for you.

The foundation of what you once had together and what attracted him to you in the first place is fading, and it’s possibly something to do with you!

You need to re-attract his interest in you, remind him of the great times you shared when you first met, but you need to do it without seeming desperate. Is there a way of connecting with him and re-awakening the emotions he once felt for you?

Would you be interested in finding out how to subconsciously sow thoughts of you back into his thinking, to make him realize what he has lost and contact you for another chance? This video will show you how.

There are proven ways to do this which I will explain later in this article, so keep reading to learn how to re-connect and raise his desire for you. Even if he is now seeing another woman.

First, you must understand and accept why he lost interest and dumped you, only then will you truly know how to get him back and want to stay.

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The Reasons Why a Virgo Man Pulls Away

Woman with Virgo man drinking red wine.There are a number of reasons why a Virgo man pulls away from a woman, but I am going to concentrate your thoughts on the main three deadly sins, which are usually responsible for a breakup or a pending breakup in a relationship.

Hopefully, you can be honest with yourself and identify the problem that will allow you to work on the first stage of the ex-factor recovery plan.

First, you must understand and accept why he lost interest and dumped you, only then will you truly know how to get him back and want to stay.

If you don’t want to understand the reasons for the breakup and just want your guy back in your life as soon as possible. You can jump straight into a video called The Ex – Factor Guide which explains exactly how to do it.

However, if you want to understand why he pulled away from you and possibly into the arms of another woman, or you feel he is taking you for granted and his interest in you is waning, read on.

The First Deadly Sin

The first deadly cause of a breakup with a Virgo man is a problem suffered by over half the women in relationships, and that is trying to be too controlling. A man born under this zodiac sign has Mercury as a controlling planet that indicates his independence.

Virgo men don’t want to be controlled especially by a woman who is imposing restraints on their lives. It is important that you don’t change who you are, but you must understand if you cross a certain line your Virgo crush will feel undermined and pull away.

The Second Deadly Sin

This second deadly sin is being overly possessive and jealous of other women he encounters, either in a social or working environment. A Virgo man usually has an outgoing friendly personality which is an attraction to females of most of the other zodiac signs.

However, trust is high on a Virgo man’s list of priorities and if it is questioned unnecessarily can cause resentment and loss of attraction for you.

Have you shown jealousy lately because he seemed to be flirting with other girls? Maybe this made you feel insecure, or possibly he has been telling you about a new female colleague and you have become suspicious that there is more to it than work?

Jealousy can cause insecurity, and unfounded jealousy undermines trust. This will gradually erode and override his natural attraction for you.

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The Third Deadly Sin

This third deadly sin is sometimes difficult for a woman to get her head around, but it is her constant need for validity and reassurance from her guy which can be a massive attraction-breaker.

What does this actually mean? I get asked this by a lot of women who are trying to repair or re-energize a relationship with their Virgo man.

It means you are constantly looking for reassurance and seeking out his approval. Questions like “Do you love me”? “Do I look fat in these new jeans”? “Did you have a good time or was it a great time”? All these questions shout insecurity!

So, the above are some of the things that can make a relationship falter. Once you have been honest with yourself as to what has caused his lack of interest in you, it is time to give you some proven steps you can take to re-establish his interest or get your Virgo man back.

Sometimes we have to look at our relationship from a different perspective. Sometimes a guy just does not want to commit, he blows hot and cold and you may feel used and worthless in yourself. Maybe you need to view things from a different angle, maybe you just need help in getting over a breakup, which could strengthen a future relationship.

How to Win Back the Love of a Virgo Man

woman kissing her Virgo man who she has won back after a breakup The biggest mistake a lot of women make when they get dumped or if they feel their relationship is falling apart, is to start pleading or begging for a second chance.

They may even ask for forgiveness without even knowing if they have done anything wrong.

Desperation is a killer in any relationship, so it is vital that you learn how to make yourself the person to who he was originally attracted, and these next paragraphs hold the key to how you can do it.

The chances are you have done something or are doing something that is pushing your Virgo man further away and possibly into the arms of another woman.

Even if you think your relationship is completely torn, you can make subtle changes that can raise his passion and make him want you in the same way he did when you first got together.

If you want your Virgo man to see you as he once did and fall hopelessly in love with you all over again, I strongly advise you to listen to The Ex-Factor Guide by relationship expert Brad Browning.

Brad is known as “The Relationship Geek” who has helped thousands of women of all nationalities win back the love of their men. With a success rate of over 90%, what have you got to lose in listening to this video, and then making up your own mind?

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Final Thoughts

Picture of Charlene smilingLosing someone you love is one of the most heart-breaking human experiences but losing the love of someone when you may have been able to do something about it is downright stupid.

If you truly want to know how to get a Virgo man back and genuinely want to stay with you, listen to a video entitled The Ex-Factor Guide, and reduce your chances of a lifetime of regrets.

Don’t spend the next few years wondering what might have been. Discover true happiness by getting the man of your dreams back into your life.

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