How to get a Virgo man turned on to you

couple talking togetherGetting started in any relationship can sometimes seem like an uphill task due to the insecurities of the couple involved.

How to turn on a Virgo man and get him to chase you is the first step in building a solid relationship.

Asking yourself, ‘how does a Virgo man act when he is in love?’ poses even greater questions.

A woman may be thinking to herself ‘What a dish!’ I’m sure he gave me a long look and he fancies me’. Does this thought quickly crumble as she then thinks?

‘Why would such a handsome man want to go out with me’? as her mind becomes filled with doubts about her attractiveness.

The problem does not lay with how a Virgo guy sees a woman but more so with how much a woman is prepared to understand him.

I recently came across a relationship expert who has studied the mind and thinking of a Virgo man and who has discovered some amazing facts.

Any woman who wants to know how to turn on a Virgo man and make a secure a long-lasting relationship with him needs to understand these important facts.

If you don’t have time to read all of this article and want to get straight in, you need to watch this short video by a leading relationship expert which has helped scores of women to get the man of their dreams.

All is explained here in a Virgo Man’s Secret Obsession.

How To Turn On a Virgo Man?

Learning how to turn on a Virgo man can be fun! Over the centuries, Astrologers have studied the movements of the planets in relation to the moment a person is born.

This has led to the established theory that star signs have a direct bearing on a person’s traits and characteristics.

Therefore it follows that if we understand the make-up of a person we are attracted to we can possibly control the outcome.

Understanding the makeup of a Virgo man

A very well -known saying should be remembered by anyone looking for love. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So we should always remember that attraction comes in many forms.

Some women think that they need model figures, and in some cases it’s true. The real beauty of a person lies within, so we need to look the best we can the rest comes with interaction.

It is understanding the things that are attractive to a person that will make them be drawn to you. The man born under the sign of Virgo is one that needs help in overcoming his reserved nature.

If you have the hots for a Virgo guy you need to understand his characteristics and how he thinks in situations regarding love and relationship.

I reviewed a book recently by a devoted astrologer and relationship coach explaining everything a woman needs to know about a Virgo man.

How to get a man and make him fall in love, even if he seems aloof and disinterested. You can read my review here. I think you may be surprised how much is covered.

Virgo men best match

couple kissing at breakfastA Virgo man is known to be quite analytical in his approach to life in general.

How he is seen by his friends and those around him is of the utmost importance to him.

For him to be attracted to a woman, she must show similar characteristics.

Attention to appearance is important.

Definitely not flashy, but clean smart clothing and natural well-groomed hair, and a subtle perfumed fragrance will be in top order.

A Virgo guy will also steer away from a woman who acts with course behaviors like swearing and drunkenness.

A Virgo guy is generally very conscientious as far as his work is concerned and he admires others with the same work ethic. He also takes his time in assessing people as he does not want to be taken for a fool.

This tends to make women think that he is shy but really he is just making sure before getting in too deep.

The thing to bear in mind for any woman contemplating a relationship with a Virgo guy is that he has an image in his mind of his ideal partner.

Not just how she may look but also how she thinks and reacts to different situations. This makes it tricky for any woman who has the hots for a Virgo man. But not impossible!!

If you Understand His Secret Obsession and implement it correctly, he will naturally fall in love with you.

How to make a Virgo man chase you?

How to turn on a Virgo man is all about getting him to chase youYou can get a Virgo man to chase you once you understand how he thinks, and acts in situations regarding romance.

When you know this you will be able to play to your strengths, and him to win your heart.

In this article, I am going to highlight some important steps that you can implement to ensure that you can get his attention.

After that, I will explain the importance of understanding his traits and characteristics, followed by the things you need to know to keep him happy.

As I touched on above, appearance is the initial magnet in any relationship. A Virgo guy is particularly picky about how he looks and this also follows for anyone who wants to be his partner.

A real turn off for a Virgo man is a woman who does not care about hygiene or how she looks. Now a girl does not have to go overboard, she just needs to be smart, clean, and well-groomed.

A Virgo man has a caring nature and is usually up for helping someone out with a chore or advice. This particular trait is something you can use to your advantage.

For instance, if your crush is someone in the work environment this characteristic will help to break the ice by asking for his assistance.  Choose carefully, because he is happy to help but will not appreciate being taken advantage of.

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Asking a Virgo Man for Help

girl flirtingAsking his help with a double-sided photocopy print, for example, will bring out the caring side of his star sign.

However, definitely steer clear of looking clueless and needy as this will get you disregarded straight off.

Thank him for his help, as this will bolster his image of himself, and filter into the conversation how you had helped someone with an alternative problem.

This will show him you are both on the same wavelength and may tempt him to ask further questions of you.

It may even go well enough for you to ask him to sponsor you for a charity event that you are contemplating. Let him know that you are a caring person, just like him.

The main aim is to break the ice and find out a little about him and avoid any embarrassing situations later on.

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Conversation with a Virgo Man

If the conversation between you starts to flow, avoid running down other work colleagues or your boss. A Virgo guy is very conscientious and has a strong loyalty to his employer.

You need to avoid anything that may seem bias at this early stage. Try to be constructive without being confrontational.

If you feel you need to say anything just say that things are going well at work at the moment.

If you feel that he wants to talk and you are not holding him up, you could inquire about his work and what it entails.

A Virgo man is very work orientated and even talking about work is relaxing for him. Showing him you are interested in topical issues and that you can hold an interesting conversation will raise his interest in you.

Listen and be interested but above all avoid making comments which include swearing or bad language. This could put the block on things straight away.

Because the two of you are talking about work it may be difficult for you to gauge if you have made an impression on him or not. As you will find a Virgo guy is good at keeping his emotions under control.

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Reflection of couple kissing in womans eyeWhat attracts the Virgo man?

The Virgo man is attracted by the thrill of the chase. If he feels he hasn’t worked to capture the heart of a woman he will lose interest.

Now, this is the time you need to make a decision as to whether you make the first move or walk away and hope you have done enough for him to call you.

Many women find themselves in a position of limbo.

They feel it is the right thing that a man should start by posing the question of going on a date.

But what happens if the man is on the shy side or has not read the signals he has been getting from the woman? Stalemate! and a potential loving romance never gets off the ground.

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Subliminal Messages

Something that has been proven to work for 100’s of women when understanding how to turn on a Virgo man is a system devised by relationship expert Amy North, called Text Chemistry.

I was dubious when I first heard about this program so I decided to investigate and was amazed at the positive results.

The system is a series of messages that can be sent via text. This alleviates any problems of who makes the first move.

The magic though is in the wording and the subliminal effect those words have on a man’s mind, which makes them focus totally on the woman who sent the text.

This needs some explaining so I have written a separate article below explaining how it works and also a link to a video so anyone can listen directly to Amy.

If you are trying to attract the attention or trying to repair a relationship with a Virgo guy you may well find the answer in the post below.

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The Virgo Man Sex Drive

man and woman in bedWith regard to sex, there is a slight misconception about how to turn on a Virgo man and how this star sign reacts.

Contrary to popular belief, Virgo guys don’t find sex distasteful and they are not naturally chaste.

However, a Virgo man does find it easier to abstain due to his characteristic of avoiding one night stands.

This makes a Virgo man seem more reserved than maybe you would like but once he gets to know you WOW!

Sex for the Virgo man is not something to be taken for granted, so one night stands are not on his agenda. Getting to know his partner is of more importance than self -gratification which in turn will lead to a more loving relationship.

Virgo males tend to want perfection in sex as is their craving for everything else in life. Finding a woman who is prepared to learn how to bring this desire out in her man will be at the forefront of his thoughts.

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Virgo Man Traits and Characteristics

Learning how to turn on a Virgo man will give you an insight into his character. He has a specific outlook on life with a focus on hard work, honesty, and good family life.

Read my review of Virgo Man Secrets to find out all you need to know about how he reacts to love in a relationship.

A Virgo man likes everything in its place and views cleanliness next to godliness. Some star signs like Aries and Aquarius can be more challenging. However, compromise on his characteristics will see love come shining through.

Generally a reliable, solid male star sign. This union would be very hard to beat in a relationship once allowance is made for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Final Thoughts

Although star signs generally have specific characteristics some signs are more compatible with each other. This, however, should not stop any particular two signs from being happy together.

If you are wanting to know how to turn on a Virgo man for the first time or want to get him back after a breakup, Text Psychology may be the answer.

However, if you are feeling your Virgo crush is pulling away and losing interest in you, it might be of interest to understand more about His Secret Obsession in a short video here.

The real secret of long-term contentment is getting to understand the characteristics of another person and making allowances for them.

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you and want to be with you, understand the tips in this article.

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope you found this article to help in understanding more about a Virgo guy. There are lots more articles involving situations with this star sign on my website

Why not bookmark my site for future reference? You can also message me in the comments if you need further advice. I hope you find love and happiness with your Virgo guy.

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