How To Make A Virgo Guy Want You – Only You

couple arguingWhether you have been together 2 years or 20 years… the sexual chemistry can sometimes start to fade which affects the relationship.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to bring the excitement roaring back!

I received this letter recently which triggered me to write this post as I know it is a situation that is affecting a lot of people out there.

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I asked the writers permission to print her letter and she was only too happy when I told her how many women I think it would help.

How to bring back the spark with your Virgo guy

Here is the letter and my response.

Hi Charlene! I would love to get your advice regarding a situation that I find myself in. I have been married now for over 15 years and my husband and I have a beautiful daughter who is almost 10.

I feel we have a good marriage and I love my husband dearly, but I feel the excitement and spark is disappearing from our relationship.

I have started to worry that my husband may be losing interest in me. I want to re-create that sensational excitement that we felt in the early days of courtship.

How do you keep the sexual relationship sparking as we move forward with our lives?

Thanks for your time!

Dear………… Thank you for your letter

We all have to accept that when we are in a relationship we gradually over time get to know more about our partners. The novelty of exploring and finding out about each other wears off and life tends to fall into a pattern of routine.

Each of us is affected by our changing hormones along with other biological processes that have an effect on our libidos as we get older. Along with familiarity of being together, we automatically develop situations based on our partner’s preferences.

This familiarity and routine can result in making love together become more and more predictable, which in turn dims the excitement and starts to diminish the sparks of passion that were originally there.

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I really respect you for seeking help and facing this situation as doing nothing may lead to boredom and possibly an eventual split between the two of you.

The best advice I can give you is to think of changes to routine and changes that can reintroduce that spark to the relationship that you are clearly craving and wishing to preserve.

girl touching mans shoulderBring back the spark to your relationship

The extra zing can be created to you both by releasing an extra dose of dopamine to your brains that occurs when change is introduced to a routine situation.

This pleasure chemical that is stimulated by sexual thoughts needs to be activated by adding some unexpected ideas to your sexual frolicking.

Simple things to try for instance would be a different time of day or even a room other than the bedroom at night.

Maybe surprise him by jumping in the shower with him for an early morning quickie? Or the kitchen, if the time is right, should be considered as a place which may light up his appetite for not only food!

Role play is another idea that could be considered. Getting into ‘character’ can be exciting! Even dressing up and donning a wig may create an illicit thrill as long as it is kept as fun without the emphasis being lost on you as a person.

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couple kissing at breakfastChemistry in a man’s brain

I’m sure, you like me may initially think that some of these ideas sound a bit silly. However, I know from talking to hundreds of women, how stimulating changes to the thinking patterns of their partner’s brain, has added a massively improving ingredient to their relationship.

Further evidence of this can be found in a recently launched program called The Language of Desire, which explains in a step by step format how our sex lives are controlled by our brain chemistry.

The program is made up of over thirty differing techniques which guarantee to add a new sparkle and spice up your sex life. Other women I have referred the program to have given rave reviews (I feel certain that their men would also *wink, wink*)

I hope the above has given you a few pointers, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to reply to your letter in a way that I know will help a lot of women who may be too shy to ask advice.

Find some quiet time and check out The Language of Desire. I’m sure you will be surprised and relieved at how easy it is to spark up your relationship and make your man want you, and only you.

My joy is in giving


How To Make A Virgo Guy Want You – Only You
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