How to make yourself irresistible to a Virgo Man

pretty woman smiling at cameraFinding that elusive ingredient that will make a Virgo man want a woman and chase her has eluded women through the ages.

There is a deep-rooted reason as to why a guy will pull away and it is this that is not understood by a lot of women.

The attraction between a Virgo man and a woman may initially arise from the feeling that ‘I fancy that person’ on a physical level.

However, to actually start a relationship and to keep it interesting and exciting needs more than the physical attraction. In the early stages of trying to meet someone you fancy it is all about getting over the initial meeting point.

Everyone has differing characteristics. Some are introverts and some extroverts. Getting a balance that will make an attraction is vital to creating a bond. Only you know at which stage you are with your Virgo crush, so this article will give you some tips which I hope will work for you.

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At the bottom of this article is a link to my website with articles on different stages of a relationship with a Virgo guy. You may like to bookmark it for future reference in case this article does not cover everything.

Understanding Virgo Men in Relationships

To make yourself irresistible to a Virgo man you must understand what goes on in his mind. Most women make the mistake of concentrating just on their physical appearance, and then wonder why their crush loses interest.

To become truly irresistible to a Virgo guy you must know how he thinks about love, and how to help him to untangle his sometimes confusing feelings regarding a relationship.

Luckily, a leading authority has done a lot of the work for you and is prepared to share his knowledge.

Renowned relationship coach James Bauer has studied the situation of 100’s of women and has discovered the number one reason why men lose interest and pull away.

Rather than me try to explain, why not listen to this short video in which James personally describes his findings.

How to make a Virgo man miss you

James Bauer has also written several articles which describe the important part of understanding a man’s feelings plays in any relationship.

All of us have imperfections and usually a disjointed view of how others see us.

The well -known saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is one that needs to be kept in mind when thinking about attraction. The main ingredient of a loving relationship is finding out what a potential partner desires.

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Everyone has a beauty within them that is just waiting to be released by someone that understands them.

Unfortunately, without the right knowledge, a potentially loving relationship can be lost just because they were unaware of how their crush thinks and feels.

Avoid missing out on a relationship because you do not know how to proceed. Do not accept a break-up because the answer may be contained in a video that you don’t watch.

Do not allow happiness to pass you by, just because you do not know the secret of being irresistible to your Virgo crush.

Check out the articles of Relationship expert James Bauer here.

couple drinking wineQualities that attract a Virgo man

Making your Virgo man the center of your universe is a mistake because he respects a woman who is capable of looking after herself.

A Virgo man will veer away from a woman who is needy and seems as though she will need a lot of support.

The qualities a Virgo guy likes in a woman is honesty and someone he can look to as an equal.

He is known to take a long time in making up his mind about a person and is hesitant if a woman comes on too strong.

Getting to know him is the first step towards a romantic relationship. Understanding how he thinks is imperative to making it last.

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Be particular about your appearance

A Virgo man is very aware of his position in life and generally has a clear picture of what he wants. To achieve his aims he adopts a smart appearance and expects anyone he mixes with to do the same. No matter your size always choose clothes that compliment your figure rather than disguise it.

A Virgo guy tends to like the coordinated look rather than being a trendsetter. Any woman that he is interested in would probably dress smart and chic with minimal makeup and well- kept casual hairstyle.

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Honest character

Avoid trying to be someone or something you are not. A Virgo man seems to have a built-in radar that can detect deceit in people.

Be straightforward about the things that are important to you, but not gushing in a way that you think may impress him.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and if you come across as honest any blemishes will be overlooked.

The man born under the sign of Virgo is one that is very adaptable to things that are happening around him.

He is keen to help in genuine cases. I say genuine because he will not be taken as a fool by someone trying to take advantage of his good nature.

A way of getting his attention is to ask for his opinion or help with a task that may have a technical solution.

If the request is genuine, he will be only too happy to help.

An example in the office environment may be to request his help in printing both sides from a photocopier. Possibly a simple task, however one that may need a little explaining to most.

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Natural Beauty

A Virgo man has the ambition to be as comfortable as he can in his own skin. Anything artificial is something that he naturally avoids.

He relishes being connected to nature and tends to admire anyone with similar thoughts. A Virgo guy is a fan of keeping his life as simple and uncluttered as possible.

Virgo being an earth sign is very particular to personal hygiene so natural aromas are a must rather than heavy perfumes.

An interest in the great outdoors and nature, in general, will be a welcome topic of conversation in breaking down initial barriers.

the zodiac symbol for VirgoVirgo man star sign

Mercury is the ruling planet of this star sign which is also referred to as the overseer of the mind. This generally gives the sign a high level of intelligence.

They are usually creative with high levels of imagination which keeps them busy on a range of artistic pursuits.

There is a tendency with a Virgo man to be inflexible and over critical of things that they don’t understand or have little interest in.

They can be accused of being judgemental with themselves as well as others. To make yourself irresistible to a Virgo guy just listen to James’s short video below. It can also be difficult for them to forgive especially if they have decided that they have been wronged.

Quick decisions are not the order of the day with a Virgo man. Before any decision is made a Virgo guy will weigh up every possible angle.

This can be seen as an infuriating trait by many but when a Virgo makes up his mind you can be sure he will stick to the result.

Final word

The Virgo man is seen as gentle, caring, sympathetic and honest. He is also known to be quite critical of himself and others as he sets high targets in life.

Once his reserved character has been breached by a person who has proved themselves he will prove to be a loyal friend and lover.

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Understanding how a Virgo man thinks and acts is the key to a loving relationship.

Without this knowledge, a woman could easily blow any chance she had of making a success.

James Bauer has studied this topic and found the answer that has been overlooked by women. The answer to why men obsess over a woman.

You can read James’s articles by clicking this link to discover what he says about the one thing that a Virgo man is truly obsessed with in a woman.

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope you found the answer to your situation via the articles and video supplied by relationship coach James Bauer.

There are lots more articles relating to situations with Virgo guys on my website 

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