How To Make A Virgo Man Fall In Love – 7 Killer Tips

Last Updated on October 10, 2022

Important tips on how to make a Virgo man fall in love

It can be difficult for a Virgo man to fall in love because he has such high ideals of his perfect partner.

But you can make yourself so desirable that you can win over his heart if you follow the tips in this article.

A Virgo man in love will be loyal and true…but before he commits he will want to be sure that you will be the partner that can create his ideal relationship.

Here’s what you should do if you want to learn how to make a Virgo man fall in love with you.

How to Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love

Be honest and trustworthy at all times.

  • Remember that he needs his space sometimes, don’t try to smother him or get too clingy.
  • Give him plenty of compliments! He’ll never tire of hearing how amazing he is from the woman he loves.
  • Don’t let yourself be ruled by negative thoughts.
  • Become a friend as well as a lover.
  • Never pretend to be anyone other than yourself.
  • Be open and constructive, rather than emotional.
  • Provide him with the main thing that makes him feel like a man.

Falling in love with that special person is high on the priority list of a Virgo man.

However, creating the right connection is vital. A woman needs to understand why a guy born under this zodiac sign acts the way he does when it comes to love and romance.

Learning the tips in this article on how to get a Virgo man to fall in love with you, could result in achieving your perfect long-term relationship.

When a Virgo Man Falls in Love

Virgo man in love standing behind woman looking at herWhen learning how to love a Virgo man, it is wise to understand his inherent fear of emotional hurt.

When a Virgo man falls in love he may initially show a great deal of confidence but this is all part of hiding his true character.

He can consequently be very reserved and even seem a shy person when meeting new people or getting involved in a relationship.

If you have the hots for a Virgo guy it can be confusing to start with. He may let his shyness get the better of him and this may lead you to think he is not interested in you.

But care needs to be taken because if he feels he is being chased he could back away for good.

The Virgo male character is one of genuineness and this is a major thing that he is looking for in a partner.

It is not possible to make him do anything that he has not thought about or does not want to do.

However, understanding ‘how he ticks’, can get you to facilitate situations that bring him out of his shell.

A Virgo man will initially be suspicious of romantic advances until he assures himself that he will not be hurt later on.

Virgo Man Characteristics

All men born under the sign of Virgo, Aug 23rd-Sept 22nd will not have exactly the same characteristics.

There will be variances in Virgo characteristics depending on the time of birth and the planetary alinement that occurred at that time.

However, there are several consistent traits that are embedded in the Virgo male psyche. One of these is the need to create a connection that will last for eternity.

Care must be taken to ensure that making initial contact does not kill any romantic inclination.

This article is too short to cover every aspect of the complex characteristics of a Virgo man.

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How to Win the Love of a Virgo Man

woman smiling as she receives a love heart gift from her Virgo manA Virgo guy tends to steer clear of big gestures, and any attention that is focused on him without foundation.

He is generally very observant and will notice and appreciate the small things that are done for him naturally by his partner.

Your Virgo crush may well be head over heels in love with you already but will find it hard to say “I love you”.

Instead, you may well start picking up on the little things that he is doing around you. He will be more attentive in creating an environment where you feel safe and protected.

The one thing that most women get wrong when trying to get the love of a Virgo man, is to overpower them with too much attention.

All you need to do is bring out the hero instinct in your guy by making him want to do things for you.

Always Be Yourself

As I said above, emotions play a large part in the makeup of a Virgo man. He can instinctively feel if someone is not being honest with him.

Patience is the name of the game to bring him out of himself so that he feels he has made the decisions.

A Virgo man is not someone you can play romantic games with, like withholding your affection to get a point across.

This will have an adverse effect on the overall relationship and prove to him that you were not what he needed in life.

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couple sitting holding hands

Become a Friend and Not Just a Lover

Make it a sharing partnership in everything you do.

Try to be tolerant of his hobbies or other pastimes. Show interest in the things he values in life.

Virgo men have a very clear idea of what they want in life and also a strong work ethic to help them achieve it.

Like most men they need to feel appreciated and have their dreams supported by the person, whom they give their love.

This is very much of a trait in a Virgo man who trusts his ability to achieve his targets and wants to feel that you have the same aims.

He also needs to be assured that you are the person that wants to be a part of his greater vision in life.

See also: How to get a Virgo man to fall in love and also commit.

Be Open and Constructive

As you get into the relationship you may be feeling a little confused by contrasting signals from him. This is natural as you both find out more about each other.

This confusion must not be allowed to continue however as it could lead to a breakup if not resolved.

Ask him about his dreams. About how he feels about a particular situation. Let him then feel more comfortable about asking you similar questions.

Without making him feel uncomfortable, ask him calmly what he thinks about you. Only you can judge when this time is right,

As the relationship progresses and you allow him to take the lead, you will get a sense of how intimate you want your questions to be.

You need to retain your self-respect and your own identity to make him fall in love with you completely.

The male hero instinct is something that is embedded in the mind of most men.

You may find it helpful to read an article I wrote which could give you the key to making him attracted to you.

Follow this link to discover, How to make a Virgo man chase you

Texts Can Lay the Groundwork For Love

girl laying on bed texting a Virgo manSometimes this pre-conceived view of his place in life needs to be shifted by gentle reassurance.

This can be achieved by subliminal messages directly to his subconscious mind.

If you are not getting the response you expect from him, read my article entitled, How to flirt with a Virgo man through text messaging.

A Virgo man wants calm and order in his life and is attracted to women with the same standards.

He will naturally love you if you understand some of his eccentric preoccupations with having everything in its place.

He will definitely rebel if he is constantly fighting someone who wants dominance or control.

A Virgo man rates intelligent talk at the top of the list of foreplay. Talk is very much his thing.

This can be loaded with truthful information that he can formulate in his mind and act accordingly.

This side of the relationship can be encouraged by texting. It is amazing the impact a properly worded text can have on the subconscious mind.

Lots of my readers have had spectacular results in making contact and building lasting relationships with Virgo men via text.

Have a quick look at my article below which explains how it works. I think you may be really surprised at the effect well-worded texts have on the subconscious mind of a Virgo guy.

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Woman reading while giving her Virgo man space to enjoy music through his earphonesGive Your Guy Space

It may take time to get a Virgo guy to open up and declare his feelings for a woman.

What makes a man fall in love is a combination of respect and consideration.

The first response comes with physical attraction but then it is understanding his characteristics and how he thinks.

Once he realizes you have this tolerant nature you can be sure he has made up his mind and will not question the future.

Love to him is giving his partner space and freedom to be themselves, and he will expect the same in return.

He will make a true and loyal partner if you respect his need to deal with the things that he values in his own way.

Once he has made up his mind that you are the one he does not want his commitment questioned. He may need his own space at times but this in no way means he has lost interest in you.

The secret to learning how to make a Virgo man fall in love and create a lasting relationship is to understand all you can about him. You can use this knowledge to create a lifelong partnership without regrets.

Don’t make the mistake of some of my readers who have lost out on love by not understanding how a Virgo man thinks. Check out my review here on how a Virgo man reacts in a loving relationship.

I hope this article has helped in answering some of your questions. There are lots more relating to situations with a Virgo guy on my website

I hope you find love with your Virgo crush.

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