How to Make a Virgo Man Obsessed With You

a man holding his woman in an obsessed wayHave you got the hots for a sexy guy and are wondering how to make a Virgo man obsessed with you?

If so, this article will show you how to get a Virgo man to focus his attention on you by explaining about the kind of woman he is desperate to be with.

Knowing the type of woman he is attracted to will help you develop parts of your presentation to get his attention and also win his heart.

However, understanding an important facet of a Virgo man’s character will give you the main ingredient you need to make him obsess and keep his focus only on you.

A unique method has been developed by a leading relationship coach that has helped 100’s of women to get and keep their dream guy. This program uncovers a hidden desire in a man, that he needs to be discovered by a woman, to make him fall in love with her.

James Bauer is the expert and I recommend you listen to a short video in which James explains the hidden characteristic of a Virgo guy that he has discovered. It is something, that when understood by a woman can make her Virgo crush completely obsessed with her.

Learn about a Virgo Man’s Secret Obsession here and I think you like me will be very surprised how easy it is to make him want you.

How To Make A Virgo Man Obsessed With You

Unlock his inner obsession and undying devotion

This is the one thing that you can easily do today, to make a Virgo man obsessed with you and have him eating out of your hand. Imagine yourself in the scenario below to discover how to become the dream girl of your Virgo crush.

I’m sure you have friends that seem to have a perfect boyfriend? The handsome guy, with a relaxed personality, who is totally devoted to one person, his girlfriend.

Whenever you see them he is always doing things to please her. He is always going out of his way to be attentive to her. When he wraps his arms around her they seem to gel as one.

You pretend to be pleased for her but are aching inside. Why ‘oh why’ does your guy not treat you in the same way?

It’s not that you don’t think your boyfriend is wonderful. Of course, you do. It’s more…..

It’s how he is treating you. He seems to have gotten used to you and even take you for granted.

You bet he doesn’t wake up every morning thanking the lucky stars he has you for a girlfriend.

But you are sure your friend’s boyfriend does! Just by looking at them, you can see it in his eyes. You can see the joy and pleasure on his face every time he is with the woman he adores.

Feeling Down And Dejected?

You feel down and dejected, so when alone in the powder room with your friend you ask – half-hoping – half-joking, if her boyfriend has any brothers? She tosses her head back and laughs.

“Oh no, that is really not what you need,” she says as she glances around to make sure no one is in earshot. “All that you need is to understand the one thing that your Virgo guy wants from you” She smiles sweetly and adds ” It’s not sex or anything obvious like that.

It is a simple trigger that you need to know to make him beg to be with you”. Follow this link to listen to this short video and discover this hidden trigger to your happiness.

How To Win A Virgo Man

woman crying and drying her eyes

She whispers ‘ My relationship was like most peoples a little while ago, until I was told by a friend about a crazy secret’.

‘A system, that has been developed by relationship coach James Bauer. It’s, sort of, the key to bringing out the inner man, like unlocking men’

‘ So, do you want me to tell you about it? she asks knowingly

You nod expectantly. Anything that will restore the feelings you had when you first started dating your boyfriend.

Listen to this short video in which James explains the one thing you need to know to make him obsessed with you.

Most women make one mistake with men.

It’s not really their fault. They just fall into the trap of believing that men only fall for beautiful and intelligent women. (Beautiful bodies mainly)

When you see a man trailing behind a woman like a lost puppy dog, you assume she has something more than you.

You cannot be more wrong!

That woman has nothing more than you!

The only thing she does have over you is that she possesses a knowledge of understanding men.

She has learned that what matters in a relationship is NOT how she looks, more so how he sees himself reflected back from her eyes. 

A relationship unfolds in many ways. From initial attraction, then on to establishing compatibility and then to the development of love. Each stage has it’s up’s and down’s and to find out if both parties are ready for that long-term commitment.

If you are finding it difficult to get started with a Virgo guy you may find it useful to read an article I wrote on a product called Text Chemistry. I was skeptical when I first heard about it but totally convinced when I got the feedback from scores of women who have transformed their lives.

The program has been devised by leading relationship expert Amy North and uses carefully crafted words with subliminal meaning sent by text. These messages are absorbed into your crushes mind making him obsessive to know more about you.

Sounds way out? I thought so too! That’s why I wrote the review so that all my readers can make up their own minds. Finding love comes in lots of different ways so check out my article by clicking on the blue link, to see if Text Chemistry is the key to your romantic future.

 Does Virgo Fall In Love Easily?

A Virgo man will fall in love with a woman easily, because of how that woman will make him feel.

When a woman makes a man feel like a hero she has created an undying love and loyalty within him.

He can’t help himself. He does not feel that effect from most women.

Most women make him feel as though he needs a nanny. As though he is always at fault about something. The majority of women that he knows don’t look up to him or respect him. Any woman that does has a lasting place in his life.

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The Best Way to make him obsess over you

I’m not talking about creating a situation where he saves kids from a burning house, or an old man involved in a car accident!

No. This is much more simple than that.

The one easy thing that you can do right now in making him feel like a hero is:

Every time he does something for you, even little simple things, you warmly thank him.

He appreciates you. The more you appreciate him.

Most women have got their thinking backward. They think by doing lots of things for him he will appreciate it.

Any and every little thing he does for you should be appreciated to bring out the hero in him.

You can listen to what James Bauer says about a man’s hero instinct in this short video here.

Just understand that to unlock his dying devotion to you, is not what you do for him. It is how you react to all the little things he does for you.

woman smiling at man who has his arms around herBut this is just the start.

There is more to this than just saying thanks to things that he does. There is a latent hero instinct in all men that can be triggered and magnified 100 times.

Carefully worded phrases that you can say or texts that you can send can have a powerful effect. Much more, than just saying thanks.

To be made a hero by a woman is something that cannot be resisted by any man. You may well find It is worth discovering a few of these subliminal trigger points.

If you want to improve your relationship skills, you will want to find out more about how you can master this ultimate technique. This is something that is taken for granted by most women but is the key to having a sustainable relationship with a Virgo guy.

The method is explained by the expert relationship coach that devised it. You too can make your man crave for you by learning from this short video here.

How to get a guy to obsess over you

A Virgo man is known to be very intense in love and relationships. In order to make him obsessed with you, it is important that you learn to acknowledge his intense dedication to all things in his life.

He is particularly dedicated to his work and hobbies. If you really want to be with him, it is important that you learn to accept his life as it is and not try to change him.

A Virgo man has some complex characteristics. Understanding how he thinks will enable you to adapt to his moods and create a want in him.

Have you read a recent review of a book I did called Virgo Man Secrets. If you haven’t read it you may find it worth a look? In it, devoted astrologer Anna Kovach explains all the little things a girl needs to know for a lifetime of happiness with a Virgo guy.

Do not pretend to be someone you are not

If you really want to be with a Virgo man, then you must show him that you are genuinely true to yourself.

It is important to not pretend to be someone you are not. This will not impress a Virgo guy and he will see straight through this quite easily.

Therefore, to make him obsess over you, try as much as possible to be yourself. It is that truthfulness that will make him gravitate towards you.

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woman heart shaped fingersShow him respect and loyalty

Respect and loyalty are some of the character traits you will notice in a Virgo man. If you really want a Virgo man to be obsessed with you, it is important that you practice respect and loyalty in your interactions with him.

You can rest assured that if you show him respect and remain loyal he will definitely want to be associated with you.

It will go a long way towards him seriously considering you for relationship material.

Help him maintain his focus

If you have interacted with a Virgo man, then you, like me will have recognized that he can be a very analytical guy.

A Virgo man tends to overthink things and wants to unravel every detail about a situation.

Making a Virgo man obsessed over you, it is important you make yourself relevant in his life. You can do this by helping to focus on things that are important to him in the here and now.

A Virgo man thrives on verbal interaction so being able to talk to him about topical issues is a big plus. Helping his focus on a particular topic would go a long way in making him want to have many more conversations with you.

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Woman showing a man how to cook is one way to make a Virgo man obsessed with youDelicious cooking

Virgo guy certainly appreciates a good meal and admires a woman who can satisfy his taste buds. I’m sure you must have heard the old adage “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

If yes, cooking good food for your Virgo crush can definitely make him gravitate towards you because Virgo men are known to be foodies.

It is important to note that a Virgo man might admire you for serving him a good meal. However, good food is not the only thing that he would want from a woman.

Therefore, even as you prepare him delicious meals, try to ensure that you are portraying other qualities. A Virgo guy prefers the natural look. Minimal makeup, a nice hairstyle, and fashionable clothing. Definitely not flashy or brash and not sloppy jumpsuits.

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Prove to him you are intelligent

Virgo men are known to admire intelligent women, and when choosing a mate, they will not go for a woman who is not mentally smart.

This does not mean that you have to be a university graduate. You just need to watch the news and be ready to surprise him by knowing some local topics.

Therefore, if you really want to make a Virgo man obsessed with you, ensure that your conversations with him are highly intellectual.

To draw him towards you and even get him obsessing over you, do some research on the topics that make him tick. You can communicate and connect with him on a level that he greatly appreciates and that talks to his soul.

Reading the wrong signals

When you are in love with a guy it is sometimes all too easy to take things for granted and expect him to just keep focused on you. However, you always need to keep the relationship fresh and exciting to avoid him losing interest. Picking up on signs that he is done with you could avoid a split. Check out the YouTube video below for tips that show s what he really feels.

Final Thoughts

How to make a Virgo man obsessed with you, or how to grab his attention. The most important thing is to ensure that you’re on the winning side of his pros and cons list.

Stimulate his intellect as well as his taste buds and allow him to see your sexy and sensual side. Don’t let an opportunity to find your future happiness pass you by. Check out my review about Text Chemistry to see if this program will make your Virgo crush obsess over you.

Picture of Charlene smilingLearn more about his characteristics and how he ticks here in Virgo Man Secrets by a leading renowned astrologer and relationship expert.

For more Virgo man love tips, please see my homepage here

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