How to Make a Virgo Man Want You Back After a Breakup

a couple making up and kissing after a breakupA Virgo man is always very practical and logical. What’s more, he has very strong convictions, is very analytical, and more often than not spends his time thinking.

Before a Virgo man breaks up with you, he is likely to think hard about it before making his final decision that he indeed does not want you in his life.

Reasons Why a Virgo Man May Want to Breakup

Before I proceed, it would be imperative that I touch on some of the reasons why a relationship with a Virgo man is likely to end. For starters, Virgo men love nit-picking over small details and they can be very obsessed with details.

Secondly, they are very paranoid about their health and like to operate in clean environments. Well, this maybe the reason you may have broken up with them because you couldn’t stand such qualities, and many others that a Virgo man is renowned for.

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On the other hand, a Virgo man may have broken up with you because you were unwilling or not able to live up to his expectations. Perhaps he broke up with you because of poor work ethics, or due to your inability to accommodate his carefully ordered way of doing things or routine.

In addition, the Virgo man could have broken up with you because he saw you as a lazy woman more so because the Virgo man is very hard working. To understand his characteristics see Virgo Man Secrets here.

smiling woman with manTips for Making a Virgo Man Want You Back After a Breakup

In this article you are going to learn tips on how you can make your Virgo ex come back to you after a breakup.

Give him space

After a breakup, it is never advisable to keep seeing your ex. With that in mind, it is important that you avoid any form of communication or seeing your Virgo ex boyfriend during the breakup period.

In other words, you should avoid doing things that will make you appear desperate such as calling him, texting him or pestering him.

On the other hand, when your ex Virgo man texts or calls you, do not feel tempted to answer all the time, but once in a while you can respond.

The idea is to make yourself unavailable. In addition, whenever you reply to his texts, always ensure that you are not giving him too much information. In other words, your texts should be brief and rather uninformative.

Creating that space between the two of you will make him go crazy and he will eventually realize that he made a mistake by letting you go. This might make him come running back to you.

Creating space also allows your ex Virgo man to think deeply about what is going on between the two of you and what could have transpired before breaking up.

Keep your conversations logical

If you happen to have any conversations with your ex Virgo man about your breakup, be sure to speak logically. As you do so, it is important that you avoid crying and screaming as being emotional will only push your Virgo ex even further away.

Speaking logically enables you to give your ex Virgo man practical reasons on why you should work things out, and it also gives him something to obsess about while away from you.

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Stay Calm! And do not be in a Rush

During the breakup period, it is always important to remember that a Virgo man always feels incompatible with a woman who appears like she is in a rush. It is also important to note that a Virgo man is very cautious and likes to do things cautiously.

Therefore, always ensure that you remain calm. Remaining calm means that you avoid arguing with him over his decision to breakup with you because arguing will do more harm than good.

Not rushing things may make your ex Virgo man feel comfortable around you and he might be tempted to form a friendship with you, which might end up blossoming into a long-lasting relationship once again.

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woman with her back to manMake him feel jealous about being away from you

To make your ex Virgo man jealous, you need to show him that you can be happy without him. You could do this by doing what you like and opening up doors for new opportunities. Ensure that you pamper yourself until you feel great about who you are as a person.

This is a crucial step especially if your boyfriend had made you feel worthless as a person. You can rest assured that redefining your life and finding new meaning in your life would definitely make your ex Virgo man jealous.

Your ex boyfriend will actually be surprised that you are going places without him, and he might want to pursue you once again.

Parting words

If you have broken up with a Virgo man, it is important that you understand that a Virgo man is likely to give you a second or third chance because he tends to be able to deal with disappointments. Check out Virgo Man Secrets here, by  an astrology and relationship expert.

However, once a Virgo man makes his final decision about ending the relationship once and for all, he will seldom look back. This is why it is worth playing it cool to try to judge his reactions.

An initial break is not necessarily a final break.  For a Virgo man, when a relationship is over, it is indeed over and he will not give any more chances.

How to Make a Virgo Man Want You Back After a Breakup
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