How To Make a Virgo Man Want You Back – 4 Must know Tips

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Are you fretting over how to make a Virgo man want you back?

It can be difficult to win over the heart of a Virgo man, but with a little bit of patience and understanding, it is possible.

A Virgo man will cherish the times you shared together, so whatever caused the break, try to re-create these happy times in his mind via text. This video explains an easy way of doing it.

A Virgo man is always looking for someone who can match his intelligence and wit, so if you’re willing to put in the work and have an open mind, then there’s no reason why he won’t take you back.

A guy with this zodiac sign tends to think everything is black or white rather than with gray areas that need allowance and understanding.

Getting him to change his mind needs to be done with subtle control rather than emotional outbursts.


Key Takeaways!

The most important thing is not to lose touch!!

Always strive to ‘ leave the door open’, so that love can blossom again when he is ready.

You need to be sensitive and show him how much you care, but without coming across as desperate.

Do not plead with him to come back, because he will lose all respect for you.

Text messages that stir his emotions.

Texting, done properly, is a great way of staying connected and avoiding confrontation and these messages will help to stir his emotions and keep him thinking of you.

This article will give you some ideas that have proved successful for scores of women in your position.

Having experienced the roller coaster ride of emotions of a breakup with a Virgo man, I can tell you it is wise to try and play it cool.

If he feels that you’re not sincere and just trying to win him back as a stop-gap, then there’s no chance of getting together again.

How To Make a Virgo Man Want You Back After a Breakup

Confused woman with her hand covering her faceIn most cases, it is relatively straightforward to make a Virgo man want you back, provided you are honest with yourself as to what caused the breakup in the first place.

If it was your fault it is always best to accept you made a mistake and ask forgiveness, but not in a pleading way.

Will a Virgo Man Take You Back?

A Virgo man generally has a very stubborn streak so you may need to think outside the box for ideas to put you back into his thoughts.

A Virgo man is always very practical which is something you need to understand if you want to know how to make him want you back.

He also has very strong convictions, is very analytical, and more often than not spends a lot of his time thinking.

Before a Virgo man breaks up with you, he is likely to have thought hard about it. Before making his final decision he would indeed have thought things through.

Every situation will vary of course, but leading relationship coaches agree that it is possible to rekindle almost any relationship where love once existed.

The secret is getting your Virgo ex to focus on you again and remember the good times you shared.

Watch this short video by relationship expert Amy North as she explains her simple system of getting a Virgo man to re-focus on a woman after a breakup. Text Chemistry here.

A Virgo Man Always Comes Back?

This of course is not always the case! However, you can be consoled by knowing that a Virgo man always comes back if he is shown understanding.

The key is being patient and understanding how he thinks so that you can re-create the love you once shared and make him realize what he is missing by not having you as a partner.

The next step is showing him that you’ve changed too! Yes, it is sometimes things in the background, that we take for granted, that lead to misunderstandings.

Don’t wait for him to call or text first; initiate contact with a date idea so that you can try and talk things through.

Relationship expert Amy North has proven, time and time again, that any relationship can be repaired where once true love existed.

The time can vary of course depending on what led to the breakup as she explains in this video.

When a Virgo Man Wants You Back

A guy born with this zodiac sign can become very withdrawn when his emotions are in turmoil if things are not going as planned.

When a Virgo man wants you back is when it dawns on him how much he has missed having you around.

Being open-minded and talking in a controlled way about what went wrong, will reassure him. He won’t feel attacked by your questions and will open up more easily.

Openness is the key to reliving the memories that brought you together in the first place.

Focus on the Love You Once Shared

Focus on the love you shared rather than the things that drove you apart. By talking openly you can repair the emotional wounds.

woman crying and drying her eyesA breakup with a Virgo man can sometimes be very hard to come to terms with, but this does not necessarily mean the relationship is over for good.

Whatever the reason for the breakup there are proven ways to get a Virgo man back after an argument or a breakup.

A man with this zodiac sign has a tendency to overthink and overreact and may just need time to realize what he has lost.

True love will always survive if pride can be overridden by forgiveness and understanding as to what caused the upset in the first place.

I know the pain can be unimaginable for a person who still loves her Virgo guy and is struggling to find answers to what went wrong. Or who has made a mistake that she bitterly regrets?

Let’s be honest though, some relationships have just run their course.

Hard to accept, but understanding how to get over a breakup will make you a stronger person in the future!

This article will give you tips that you can use to make him keep thinking of you and also re-spark his desire to want you back.

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Don’t Give Up Hope

It may seem impossible to you at the moment but if you want him back you must try everything, otherwise, you may live a life of regret about what could have been.

It may be tricky to get a Virgo man back if you can’t get him talking. You must understand his character to be able to open him up.

This is because he tends to keep his feelings under wraps, which can make it difficult for a woman to know the real reasons for the break. If he loves you, he can forgive you for anything.

He tends to slam the door on a problem once he has made up his mind. If only there was a way of getting him to ‘open up. Communicating without pressure is the key.

Strive to Stay Friends

The most important thing is to somehow find a way of staying in touch. If you can avoid heated arguments by being friends, it allows you the opportunity to re-kindling love later.

Please don’t despair, remember, he must have desired you in the beginning, so you need him to remember the good times and work out a way to make him miss being with you.

Because a Virgo guy is very analytical he finds it difficult to express his feelings, so he probably needs time to realize how much he has lost in losing you.

Reminding him about the fun times and how good you were together is the first step in remaining friends and rebuilding the relationship you once had.

Keep in Contact via Text

Text messages will keep the door open, provided your words don’t come across as pleading for reconciliation. If you pressure him, you will be seen as needy and he may just ignore you by not responding.

A male tends to think more logically than a female in emotional situations, so it is vital to use phrases that he understands and will react to.

You need to be able to text him a message that he not only reads but also triggers his emotional connection with you.

Well, there is one way, that has proved to be very effective for women who, like you, are wanting to get their Virgo crush back after a breakup.

It is a system that has been developed by relationship expert Amy North that uses words and phrases with subliminal meanings that are absorbed into his subconscious mind.

Amy has discovered that a man’s thinking patterns can be influenced by carefully chosen words, which can create a desire for the woman who sent them.

If you want to get right into it you can listen to a short video in which Amy explains the magic of Psychology text messaging here.

I have been impressed with the comments and feedback from women who have been successful with Amy’s system, so I decided to write a review of the product.

I think this is the ideal ice breaker that is getting couples like you, back together again.

The system works with carefully chosen words sent by text to stimulate the memories of the woman who sent them.

Don’t just take my word for it, find out how it can work for you by reading my review of Text Chemistry here.

What Makes a Virgo Man Regret Losing You

The first thing you need to do is understand a Virgo man’s character and why he reacts to different situations the way he does.

In my experience with a Virgo man, if you can get him talking it will help him to analyze his feelings and allow you to discuss the root cause of any problem.

Most breaks tend to stem from a build-up of small grievances due to misunderstandings.

Even if the break was caused by a mistake by you, the relationship can still be salvaged if you can get him to talk about things in a logical manner.

A relationship with a Virgo man can be repaired and enhanced by discovering the characteristic that makes him feel completely comfortable with his woman.

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I hope this article will give you some practical tips on retrieving your relationship with your Virgo guy.

How to make a Virgo Man Want You Back after a Breakup

smiling woman with manAfter a breakup with a Virgo guy, it is advisable to give him some space.

With that in mind, it is important that you avoid pushing him or pleading for another chance.

In a few days, he will start to realize how his life has changed and hopefully start to miss the good times you shared.

In other words, you should avoid doing things that will make you appear desperate such as repeatedly calling him, texting him with stupid messages, or pestering him.

However, it is important to let him know you still care and this can be done with the help of relationship expert Amy North.

Amy has developed a system that uses texting the proven words to him that will make him see what he has lost. Listen to this short video as Amy explains how her system works.

On the other hand, if your ex-Virgo man texts or calls you, control the temptation to answer immediately. Let him realize that you are an independent woman who can stand on her own feet.

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Make Yourself Less Available To Get Him Back

girl holding a red telephone away from her ear as she pretends to be unavailable to her Virgo man.The idea is to make yourself unavailable.

In addition, whenever you reply to his texts, always ensure that you are not giving him too much information.

In other words, your texts should be brief and rather uninformative.

However, if you want to give yourself the best chance of getting your man back listen to Amy North as she explains in detail a tried and tested way to get a Virgo man back after a breakup.

She explains the importance of the correct subliminal wording and the effect it can have on changing a person’s mind.

Creating that space between the two of you will make him think more about you which should bring back memories of the romantic times you shared.

If the two of you are meant to be, he will eventually realize that he made a mistake by letting you go. This might make him come running back to you.

Creating space also allows your ex-Virgo man to think deeply about what is going on between the two of you.

Both of you may have been taking each other for granted and need a second chance to put some zing back into the relationship.

The trouble is he may keep taking you for granted if you plead with him to come back. You need to find a way of staying in contact and making him want you in a new start.

There is one thing that a lot of women have had great success with, and that is subliminal text messages. These expertly worded messages register directly with his subconscious mind to have him constantly thinking of you.

It sounds way out I know, but many women have had great results.

See what you think by listening to this short video entitled Text Psychology. This may be the one idea that will get you back together, forever!

woman scratching her head in confusionKeep Your Conversations Logical

If you happen to have any conversations with your ex-Virgo man about your breakup, be sure to speak logically.

As you do so, it is important that you avoid crying and screaming as being emotional will only push your Virgo ex even further away.

Speaking logically enables you to give the heartbroken Virgo male practical reasons why you should work things out. It also gives him something that will play on his mind while away from you.

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Stay Calm! And Do Not Be In a Rush

During the breakup period, try to remember that a Virgo man always feels incompatible with a woman who appears like she is in a rush.

It is also important to note that a Virgo man is very cautious and likes to do things at his own pace.

Therefore, always ensure that you remain calm. Remaining calm means that you avoid arguing with him.

Not rushing things may make your ex-Virgo crush feel more comfortable around you. He will be tempted to rekindle the flames of desire once he realizes he can talk openly to you.

This, in turn, might be the key that will blossom into a long-lasting relationship once again.

Once you have got your Virgo crush wanting to be with you, it is time to start thinking of how you can get him to commit to you.

Dating expert James Bauer has discovered a craving in most men that is overlooked by women.

If you are looking for ways to get a Virgo man thinking about you again after a breakup, you may find that James has the simple answer!

Years of study have identified an important fact that is overlooked by most women but holds the key to a lasting relationship with a Virgo Man.

Woman facing away from a Virgo man How Do You Get a Virgo Man to Miss You Badly

To make your ex-Virgo man desire you again, you need to show him that you can be happy and independent without him. Not so much that he thinks you are not interested in him but just enough to make him wonder.

You could do this by doing what you like and opening up doors for new opportunities.

Ensure that you pamper yourself until you feel great about who you are as a person.

This is a crucial step, especially if your boyfriend had made you feel worthless and undervalued. A Virgo guy is likely to respect you for being able to stand on your own two feet.

You can rest assured that redefining yourself and finding new meaning in your life would definitely make your ex-Virgo man jealous.

Your ex-boyfriend will actually be surprised that you are going places without him, and he might want to pursue you once again. Getting him to think about the good times you shared will make him realize what he has lost.

Sending carefully worded texts at the correct intervals will let him know you care without seeming desperate.

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Reasons Why Virgo Man May Want to Breakup

 Woman with Virgo man drinking red wine.It would be imperative that I touch on some of the reasons why a relationship with a Virgo man is likely to end.

For starters, Virgo men love nit-picking over small details and they can be very obsessed with details. Sometimes they can get confused by small things that make no sense to them.

Secondly, they can have a tendency to be a little paranoid about their health and prefer to exist in clean environments.

Traits like this may seem small and minor to you but examples like this have a bearing on how a Virgo guy lives his life.

A Virgo man may have broken up with you because you were unwilling or not able to live up to his expectations. It may well have been something that had been playing on his mind that he could not bring himself to discuss with you.

Perhaps he broke up with you because of poor work ethics. Could this be due to your inability to accommodate his carefully ordered way of doing things or routine?

In addition, the Virgo man could have broken up with you because of his jealous streak. He may well have interpreted something that happened completely innocently to have had more foundation.

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It All Stems From a Lack Of Understanding

Woman with arm on his shoulder to encourage a man to talk of his feelingsThere could be so many reasons why you have broken up, but all stem from a lack of understanding.

A Virgo guy is very private with his feelings and it will take a clever woman to get him to open up.

He is driven by a need to be proved right, so it is difficult sometimes to get to grips with the real reasons for the split.

To get him to want you back, you need to understand why he is so rigid in his thought patterns.

This article cannot explain everything, but there are simple ways of changing his thinking, which is explained in a book I reviewed recently.

So if you are looking for ways of getting your man back this may explain the way forward to allow you insights into exactly how a Virgo man’s characteristics are molded by astrology and his time of birth

It has been written by a female who is recognized as an expert in relationships with a Virgo man.

It is called Virgo man secrets. This is easy to read and understand the in-depth assessment of his characteristics.

It could well contain the key to your reconciliation.

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Parting Words

If you have broken up with a Virgo man, it is important that you understand that he is more than likely to give you a second chance.

He tends to be able to deal with disappointments if he knows exactly what has caused them.

To really understand how to make a Virgo man want you back, you may like to check out Virgo Man Secrets.  This is a study by an astrology and relationship expert that explains his traits and characteristics.

However, once a Virgo man makes his final decision about ending the relationship once and for all, he will seldom look back. This is why it is worth playing it cool to try to judge his reactions.

Understanding how he reacts to the points above will show you how to make him want you back.

An initial break is not necessarily a final break.  For a Virgo man, when a relationship is over, it is indeed over. He will only want to rekindle the relationship if he has understood what went wrong and how things can be remedied in the future.

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I hope this article has been of help.

There are lots more involving situations with a Virgo man on my homepage website here. Bookmark my site for future reference.

p.s. Always happy to try and help if you want to message me in the comments section below.

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