How To Seduce A Virgo Man Through Text

woman smiling at text she has sent Have you considered that texting may be the key to the start of a lasting romance? Did you ever think that you could learn how to seduce a Virgo man through text messaging?

Well, read on to discover how you can get your Virgo crush obsessing over you by sending carefully worded text messages.

Do you have a secret crush on a Virgo guy but are worried that making the first move may put him off?

Maybe you are in the early stages of a relationship. Do you feel he is losing a bit of interest in you as he doesn’t call as often as he used to?

Recently discovered data has proven that a person’s attitude can be influenced by specific words that are directed to the subconscious mind. Sometimes it is difficult to understand a man’s thinking especially a Virgo guy. They seem to be up and keen one minute and cool and distant another.

Proven Text Messages

Being able to send texts that are worded to create a need for you will psychologically unlock a Virgo man’s hidden desire. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are trying to get the attention of your crush or already in a relationship the effect is amazing.

Virgo men of the zodiac are highly desirable and it is likely that other women could be waiting to pursue him. Avoid the risk of his head being turned by sending him these proven text messages that will make him focus totally on you.

Everyone has a mobile phone these days but care needs to be taken in sending effective messages. A person will just delete if the headline does not take their interest.

Carefully worded messages will make the receiver keen to know more. The properly scripted wording can contain subliminal meanings. These words can make the receiver focus totally on the person who sent them.

It is a universal fact that women and men think very differently about attraction, romance, and love. A huge mistake most women make when texting a guy is wording the message it in a way she would like to receive it! A message that she would respond to but could have a disastrous effect on the guy reading it.

The truth is, it is all about understanding the psychology of a man and how he sees himself as the one who makes decisions. Fortunately, men can be quite simple to understand once you accept the macho image of how he sees himself.

When a woman knows and accepts these differences, getting a man to chase her is as simple as pushing a button on her phone.

 Text Messages That Will Turn Him On

Virgo guys are naturally competitive and are hard-wired to win at everything they do. It is doubly important to send messages that trigger his emotions to chase you rather than have him feeling trapped.

Check out my review of effective subliminal messages that will have him concentrating on only you.

Catching his attention and channeling that energy into a relationship can be achieved.  Making him feel that he has won you rather than having been chased.

If you have the hots for a Virgo guy you need to play it cool to get his attention. Rather than appearing too keen and possibly scaring him away.

Understanding that a Virgo man will want a challenge. He will be drawn to a woman who portrays a slightly mysterious character. This is the key to getting him to be interested in you.

This article will equip you with texting skills that you can use to lure Virgo man and make him fall in love with you.

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Flirt with him

Do you want to attract a Virgo man and make him fall head over heels for you? You need to proceed in a subtle way. Just sending any old text message could have a disastrous effect.

However, a text devised by a relationship expert could have him eating out of your hand.

What’s more, Virgo men like it when women communicate their interest because they fear rejection.

woman texting a virgo manHow to compliment a Virgo man

The right message will bolster his ego and give you a slightly mysterious slant. This will intrigue his senses and make him want to find out more about you.

Making sure you send the right kind of message is paramount in winning or possibly losing him for good.

You know in your heart that he is the one for you but you are scared of him rejecting you if you seem too keen? Send him a text with the words that every man desires to hear and have him chase you as the only girl in the world.

See my article here on Text Chemistry and decide for yourself.

Why use properly crafted messages? It is important that you adhere to a polite flirting style because if not you will make him pull away. You want him to be subconsciously thinking of you rather than be irritated.

A Virgo guy tends to have an image in his mind about the kind of girl that will fit in with his life. He might not respond to you if he thinks you are coming on too strong.

So, when flirting with Virgo male over text, do not send him messages that will make him feel rushed or pushed. Messages that will make him perceive you as a desperate and needy woman.

If you have any doubts in your mind regarding the messages to send it may be worth Clicking This Link to watch a quick video explaining how to get the best results.

Give him compliments

When a Virgo guy likes a woman, he tends to give her endless compliments. This, however, comes when he has had time to make up his mind. This is why your text messages need to sow the right seeds in his subconscious mind.

So, if you are head over heels for a Virgo man, you may want to give him sincere compliments using words. It is amazing the psychological effect words expressed in a certain way has on a man’s brain.

Another thing to consider? Texting can be fun, with the right subliminal messages.

On that note, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the traits of a Virgo man. so that you can be able to give genuine compliments based on his personality.

For instance, Virgo dude is very hard working, intelligent, supportive, and very good at giving advice.

So, if you want him to blush and feel proud, compliment him in a way that will arouse his feelings towards you.

For instance, you may want to compliment him for his smartness, intelligence, his hard work, or his help, if at all he has helped you in any way.

Compliments about his physique can also be very effective if you want to make Virgo man to eat from the palm of your hands.

girl seducing man by textStay mysterious

When enticing your Virgo crush through text, it is important that you give him your details sparingly.

If you divulge every little thing about you too fast, he will certainly not be interested in knowing more about you.

In other words, it is important that you make things interesting for him by creating an opportunity for him to dig for more information.

Proven techniques that raise the curiosity in a man are the key to him being attracted to you, and more importantly, wanting to be with you for good.

This short video explains the exact wording you need to send in a text to have him wanting you – Only you. Unbelievable I know but will you forgo lasting happiness for the sake of finding out?

How to text a Virgo man

Virgo men are very patient and one of the qualities that they desire in a woman is patience.

So, if you send a seductive text message to your Virgo boyfriend and he fails to respond immediately, it is important that you give him time to respond before sending him another message.

In other words, sending one text after another will certainly make you look desperate, needy and impatient, which will turn off your Virgo guy.

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Showcase your intelligence

A Virgo guy wants a woman with substance and not just beauty.

So, if you want to win the heart of your Virgo crush, you need to send him messages that show you are smart.

In other words, you need to use proper grammar and spelling because bad grammar will certainly make you appear unintelligent.

What’s more, if you want to impress your Virgo crush, you need to ask him intelligent questions and stay on top of current events.

For instance, you can ask him questions about his job just to find out what he does.

Virgo men like working and your Virgo crush will certainly like you for showing interest in his passion.

As you ask your Virgo man intelligent questions, remember to actively participate in the discussion and make your remarks witty.

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Parting Shot!

When seducing your Virgo crush through text messages, the idea is to send him words that will make him form an image of you in his mind. Also to have the anticipation to want to know more about you.

To safeguard your reputation, it is important that you avoid sending him texts with nude pictures or sexts. More so if you’re not in a relationship because that is too much too soon for the cautious and shy Virgo man.

Be that as it may, always remember that Virgo men like to feel in control, so any text messages that you send need to be phrased in the right way.

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