How to Seduce a Virgo Man

a woman trying to seduce a manSeducing a Virgo guy can seem like a daunting task if you don’t understand his character and if flirting and seduction is not your strong point.

However, anyone can easily learn both seduction and the intimate details of a Virgo man with the right info and a little time devoted.

So, in order to seduce a Virgo guy, it is important that you first understand his traits and characteristics so that you can get to know what kind of a person he is on the inside.

Take a look at Virgo Man Secrets here. Once you are clear about what he loves and hates, and what kinds of people he loves to be around, then you can rest assured that seducing a Virgo will get a hell of a lot easier.

In this article, I’m going to share some important tips and info to help you seduce a Virgo man by adopting behaviors that resonate with him and define his personality.

Seducing a Virgo Man – What You Need To Know

Stimulate him intellectually

When dating a Virgo man, it is important to note that they are intelligent beings and as such, they really appreciate intelligent women.

Therefore, in order to seduce a Virgo guy that you have fallen head over heels for, you must stimulate him intellectually by showing him that you can be witty and a good conversationalist. Texting messages that register in his brain can create the desires that you want him to feel.

girl texting a messageText psychology: Trigger the hidden desires in a Virgo man

Making a mental connection with a Virgo guy will definitely earn you some marks. Even as you stimulate his mind, it is important to note that you do not need to have a university degree to win his love and attraction. Texting, done the right way will have him thinking of you and only you.

When dating a Virgo guy, it is important that you remain mentally interesting and intriguing to him.

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Ask him out

A Virgo guy will not necessarily ask you to go out with him. If you really want to seduce him, it is important that you make the first move and ask him out.

However, before you ask him out, it is important that you focus on being good friends with him for starters because he is not the kind of guy who easily gives in to love at first sight.

Be particular about your appearance

A Virgo man can be very particular about his personal appearance. For instance, you might notice that his clothing is likely to be creaseless and very clean rather than ragged. You might also notice his neatly styled hair, and considering his attention to detail, he may also be wearing some accessories.

Based on the characteristics of a Virgo man’s grooming style, it is important that you ensure that your personal appearance meets his standards in order to seduce him. When going out with him, some classy shoes, a nice bag, and some jewelry should do the trick to get his attention.

Align with his passion

When dating a Virgo man, it is important that you pay attention to his passions and beliefs because they tend to determine the kind of interactions he is likely to have with you.

For instance, if your Virgo guy is passionate about ecological or environmental causes, he is likely to make some critical comments if you show up for a date driving a car that he would consider a gas guzzler.

On the other hand, aligning your beliefs and passions to his would help to ensure that you two have a solid relationship.

To make this a reality, it is important that you hold conversations that target a cause he is passionate about and also share your passions with him to help him connect with you also.

Show interest and passion for the topics that captivate him and he will appreciate it.

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Be patient

When it comes to love and commitment, a Virgo man prefers to take it slow. Therefore, avoid pushing him into a commitment or showering him with too much love.

For starters, it is important that you focus on winning his trust and respect, and above all be his friend.

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Once he starts considering you as a friend, you will be surprised how fast he might start opening up about his life.

Give him space to pursue his own work

Virgos can be very passionate about their work. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to give him space and to do things independently.

Give him time to do his work without interference. Remember that your Virgo guy is likely to take his hobbies very seriously and the more you support his passions, the more he is likely to be attracted to you.


In order to seduce a Virgo man, it is important that you learn how to be patient because he is not the kind of man that will be quick to rush into love. Learn more about his characteristics here in Virgo Man Secrets. Before he can make a decision that you are the one, a Virgo man needs to be sure that his feelings for you are real.

To learn more about Virgo men in relationships, please see our homepage here or you can also visit our G+ page for more Virgo men in relationships info.

How to Seduce a Virgo Man
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