How to Talk Dirty to a Virgo Man

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Virgo man and smiling woman in bedIf a gorgeous Virgo man has come into your life, you are probably, feeling the butterflies of anticipation in your stomach.

Wondering how to keep his attention as the relationship develops?

It is important to understand what excites your guy so that you can maintain his interest in you.

These flirting techniques do not need to be reserved for the bedroom.

Knowing how to talk dirty to a Virgo man, can ramp up his desire so that you can control the pace and build his interest and anticipation.

If a guy, born with this zodiac sign is attracted to a woman his mind, initially will be focused on sex.

Learning how to talk dirty or pillow talk as it is also known, is his greatest turn-on, and the biggest draw for a woman on holding his attention.

You can use these subtle techniques to get to know more about him or you can raise his pulse rate if you want to move things forward.

Virgo, which is the sign of the virgin, is known to be cautious and reserved, but also one of the most sexually adventurous when connecting with the right partner.

Using the right words, along with body language, will raise his interest.

If done in the right way, will make you the focus of his desire, so that you can develop the relationship at your pace.

It is generally accepted that body language and intimate talk create the foundation for a long-term lasting relationship.

Learning how to relax and communicate during sex has the potential to make your Virgo guy perceive you as his dream partner.

However, it is vital not to come across as false or controlling. Knowing the right words and when and where to use them matters…

couple making love and the woman learning how to talk dirty to a Virgo manIt is natural for a woman to be reserved and a little shy when talking to a Virgo man in bed.

If you are unsure of what to say and when to say it, the following has helped many women just like you.

Felicity Keith is a respected relationship coach and teaches women how to use these techniques, without any embarrassment.

If you would like to learn how to make your man hot for you Felicity explains how she does it here.

The rest of this article covers my top tips for talking dirty to a Virgo man.

Tips On How to Talk Dirty to a Virgo Man

You must appear confident and natural when you talk dirty to a Virgo man.

The combination of confidence and using the correct phrases will increase his attraction to you and raise his anticipation of things to come.

The Virgo man and sexual intimacy go hand in hand, so dirty phrases that turn him on have a lasting effect on him.

There are also a few important tips to be aware of: So let’s get to it.

Understanding What Turns Him On

The first step is understanding the type of sex talk that turns him on.

If you would like to know more about Virgo male Sextrology you can find out in an article I wrote entitled Virgo Man Sextrology.

couple drinking champagneEvery man will be slightly different in his approach to sex. Depending on how relaxed you make him feel, will control how quickly you can turn him on.

A Virgo guy can be extremely passionate if he feels his partner understands his needs, but also very considerate of the desires of his partner.

When you have achieved intimacy together it will come naturally to you to talk about his fantasies.

Once you have his confidence you can use dirty talk and naughty phrases to activate the pleasure spots in his brain that will make him crazy for you.

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Avoid Rushing Things

When you first meet a guy that you really fancy, emotions well up. It is all too easy to become a little silly and try too hard to make a good impression.

You must remember that a Virgo man will want to imagine he is in charge of the situation. So it is good to let him think he has won your affections, rather than throwing yourself at him.

Stimulate His Mind

Virgo men generally have very active enquiring minds and can sometimes get bogged down in work issues or other things that can divert their attention away from you.

It’s not that he thinks any the less of you but he does have to have a clear mind to really lose himself in your affections.

girl talking dirty to a Virgo man by textText messages that have been carefully framed, for example, can be a great way to make him think about you when you are apart.

Using phrases in a text that you know excited him in the bedroom will automatically trigger memories of the great experiences you shared.

This will also help him to get to know more about you and how the relationship is unfolding.

Relationship guru Felicity Keith has produced a step-by-step guide on how to talk dirty to a Virgo man, which also includes texting your guy which you can find out about here.

Compliment Him

A Virgo male is usually a very proud independent guy and thrives on compliments during sexual activity.

Be careful though, as he is a perceptive guy and will pick up on any attempts of fakery.

Always be prepared to tell him what you think about his performance but do it in an understanding way, so he does not lose his confidence.

By complimenting him on the things that excite you, he will be more likely to open up about his true desires.

Talking dirty during sex opens the floodgates of desire and openness to discuss what really turns him on.

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Final Thoughts

Learning how to talk dirty to a Virgo man is a valuable skill, that if learned properly will pay dividends in creating a long-term trusting relationship.

It shows that each person is confident enough to speak openly about their sometimes-hidden desires. To do it right, make sure you understand the techniques described by an expert.

When you hear the words “Talk dirty to me darling” be sure you are ready to know what to say by listening to Felicity explain Dirty talk here.

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I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to get the most from a relationship with your Virgo guy. For more interesting articles click here to go to my home page.

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