How To Text a Virgo Man To Make Him Want You

Last Updated on March 18, 2023

If you’re looking to win the heart of a Virgo man, then you’ll need to know how to text him in a way that will make him want you.

Texting can be an effective way to connect with a Virgo man and build chemistry. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to text a Virgo man so that he’s hooked on you.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create meaningful conversations and make him feel special. Keep reading to find out more!


Key Takeaways

  1. Your text has a clear meaning: Long, rambling texts are boring.
  2. Your words are understandable: Imagine him reading your text.
  3. Your message is drafted with emotion: Words with feeling have the biggest impact.
  4. The best way to get a Virgo man’s attention: Step-by-Step Guide Here.

We live in a world of technology, and texting has become an accepted form of communication in our busy lives.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way of understanding how to text a Virgo man, which this video explains.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This means they communicate well when they understand other people’s feelings.

Any Text needs to be drafted in a way that makes him want to read it, so he doesn’t just press the delete button.

Also in a way that does not make you look desperate or needy. Your words need to play on his mind so that he can’t stop thinking about you.

How to Text a Virgo Man to Get His Attention

Girl sending text message on her mobile phoneBy learning what to say to a guy to get his attention, you will understand more about how he thinks so that he focuses his mind on you.

If you are dating a Virgo guy or you are hot for one and would like to become a couple, this article is for you.

Below are tips that will give you some pointers for texting a Virgo guy to make his pulse race rather than turn him off.

Show Confidence

My guess is that you’ve probably heard the adage that says confidence is sexy. Well, a Virgo man is the type of guy who adores confident women.

So, if you’re still wondering if you should start the conversation, do not be afraid of making the first move.

When you interact with a Virgo, think clearly and know what to say before triggering the keypad.

Starting a conversation with your Virgo guy is highly important because it helps to show your crush that you are a confident woman. Just don’t be too pushy

Having the courage to flirt and put yourself out there is a bold move that can really make him gravitate toward you.

But it must be done in a subtle way to avoid scaring him away.

It is letting him know you are interested in him. But at the end of the day, he will want to do the chasing.

Your confidence needs to be seen in your text messages. This can be done without undermining him and making him feel that he is not in control.

Virgo men are slow to make up their minds about a person. He first wants to make sure they will fit in with how he views his world.

If you want to know how to seduce a Virgo man over text the following will be of interest.

I was skeptical when I first heard about it so I reviewed the product.

You can read my review of Text Chemistry here and see if this may be the answer to him obsessing over you.

Texting Rules

Some people have developed some texting habits that need to be sidestepped.

  • Double texting is best avoided as it creates the impression of neediness.
  • Drunk texts are so named because they come across as incoherent.
  • A seemingly secret text message that is so complicated the reader just switches off.

Definitely, the best way of texting a Virgo man is by using phrases that will create a romantic connection in his subconscious mind when he reads them.

The wrong way to text is by sending short and quick messages which are impersonal.

Long meaningless messages can be misinterpreted and make him switch off his feelings completely.

Unlike a telephone call which will pick up emotions in the voice, a text message is much more direct.

Using the right words can be more effective in him being able to re-read them as many times as necessary.

If you want to repair your relationship after a row or a breakup, then texting the right phrases is a way of arousing his emotions, so you are always on his mind.

Relationship expert Amy North has developed a sure-fire technique that can be used to make a Virgo man fantasize about you as a woman. this video will explain all.

The Virgo Man Texting style

girl texting a messageThe Virgo man’s texting style is based on his character, which is generally laid back and relaxed.

He is not the type to be continually texting back and forth with messages that are irrelevant.

When he has something to say it has some importance rather than chit-chat and gossip.

If you are a woman who is continually keeping up to date with friends and social media channels via text, you may find a Virgo guy to seem standoffish.

However, this is not the case. A Virgo guy will prefer to talk face-to-face rather than by text.

So it is best to use intriguing texts to keep his attention rather than getting concerned if he doesn’t reply as quickly as you would like.

Should I Text a Man First?

The zodiac sign of Virgo in a male can make him a bit of a dreamer, always interested in things going on around him.

He can be distracted easily and slow to pick up on the signals that a woman likes him.

If you decide to text a man first, make sure it is not too direct and specific.

He likes the thrill of the chase but must feel that it is his idea, so any messages you send must not make you look too easy a catch.

Give Him Space, To Make Him Think of You

woman laying on couch with laptopAvoid bombarding your guy with one text after another because it will make you look needy and just push him further away from you.

You need to understand why your man stopped texting you, and work on a plan of action to re-create his interest in you.

Learning how to flirt with a Virgo man over text will lay the ground rules for the relationship.

If your guy does not respond to you immediately, it is important that you give him time to finish whatever he is doing so that he can respond to you.

What’s more, texting your Virgo guy will have more lasting meaning when the conversation is interactive and two-way.

Take a look at this short video, that shows how these text messages can trigger subliminal thoughts that will make him desperate to be with you, and only you.

Virgo guys detest needy and clingy women.

So, ensure that you do not look desperate and needy by constantly sending your Virgo boyfriend a string of words that have no foundation.

A man born under the zodiac sign Virgo is usually very conscientious and is likely to get overwhelmed if you keep interrupting his work unnecessarily with meaningless messages.

What’s more, do not push him or rush him into responding to you.

Whatever the stage of your relationship, words that excite his mental G Spot will make him long to be with you.

He needs to be sure in his own mind that it is indeed a good move to possibly begin a romantic liaison with you.

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Girl sitting resting her arm on a box waiting for a text on her cell phone.Be Yourself When You Text

The desire of most Virgo males is to be in a relationship with a woman who is not afraid to be herself.

In other words, a sincere and honest woman.

So, when learning about texting a man, do not hide behind your phone and make him perceive you as someone you are not.

Once a Virgo guy has decided that he wants to return your messages you know he has an interest in you.

From time to time you need to play it cool and allow him to increase the regularity of the messages.

At this point, he wants to find out more about you. It is important that you don’t give a false impression.

How to Get a Virgo Man Back After a Breakup

Don’t Mention Ex-Boyfriends

Texting your Virgo crush about your exes or other men is a big turn-off.

You should avoid it like the plague because he has no time for the competition. Or especially someone trying to make him jealous.

It is important to note that what such messages do is bring negativity into your promising partnership. More so if you’re getting to know each other.

He wants to know that you are his and he does not want to date you if you are still attached to another man.

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Avoid Sending Him Texts About The Future

To avoid scaring away your Virgo interest, do not make your text discussions about the future.

As I mentioned earlier, Virgo guys do not like being pushed or rushed to commit.

Virgo guys can sometimes seem distant. This is not because they are not interested in you.

More likely being distracted by a work project for example.

They do not like being crowded when they are in this sort of mood. Care must be taken not to aggravate and possibly cause a row.

Getting to understand how a guy thinks and reacts to situations will help in creating a firm foundation for the future.

A review I did recently on a book by a leading astrologer uncovers the complex characteristics of a man with this zodiac sign.

You may find the specific answer you are looking for in Virgo man’s secrets which include his Sextrology.

So, it is important that you avoid asking him questions about the future. Avoid asking how many children he would like, or his future financial plans, for example.

Asking him such questions will make him flee. More so if he wrongly interprets your texts to mean you want him to be serious with you when he is not yet ready.

Having said that, try as much as possible to focus on discussions that will make your guy interested in you.

Show him you are interested in current affairs for instance, as this will show your confidence.

Remember, it is in his nature to do the chasing and he will if you make yourself intriguing and attractive to him.

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woman sitting in front of a computer with hands clasped to her face waiting for a reply to her text messageShow Him You Are Your Own Person

If you want to keep your man interested in you, do not be co-dependent.

Co-dependency can be seen in texting your Virgo crush throughout the day even when he does not respond.

So, even if you’re head over heels for a man, sending him texts whenever you feel like it and as often as you want is not advisable.

Virgo men do not like women who are needy and clingy, and doing this could make you come across as desperate.

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Building attraction with a Virgo guy you like needs to be done carefully. It is important that you step back and avoid chasing him with your texts.

Any messages need to have a meaning and a purpose that he understands.

Constantly texting will drive your man crazy and annoy him incessantly. It will certainly make him wonder if you never have anything to do apart from texting him.

Learn how to capture his attention and have him wanting you and only you.

Take a look at my review of text chemistry and how subliminal messages can make him think just of you.

Follow this link to see how easy it is to have the man of your dreams chasing after you.

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Final Thoughts

Learning how to text a Virgo man is a skill that if used effectively can make him gravitate toward you.

So, if you want to attract your man through text, it is important that you understand his personality.

To really find out what makes a man with this zodiac sign tick follow this link in understanding his characteristics and Sextrology here.

Learn the things he likes and those that he does not like. It will certainly help you to get the response you want from a Virgo guy.

I hope this article has been of help to you. I wish you luck in building a relationship with your special guy. For more tips on Virgo, men see my website Homepage

My joy is in giving

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