How To Win A Virgo Man Back And Keep His Love

girl holding her head crying as she tries to work out how to win a Virgo man back after a breakupI’m sure, you like me, realize that it may be hard to understand how to win a Virgo man back and keep him after a breakup.

Having been in a relationship with a man born under this star sign you will know that he has a stubborn streak and can be hard to win around once he has made up his mind on anything.

A Virgo man can have a tendency to think of himself as blameless in any situation, so you need to maintain your self-respect and try to get to a position of discussing things in a logical manner.

However, if you happen to be in such a situation, the main question will be how you make him forgive you, because he may well see himself as the offended party.

How To Win A Virgo Man Back

To win a Virgo man back after a breakup has to be done in a way that does not make you look desperate. You must maintain your self-esteem and remember the good times you shared when first getting together.

Your guy was attracted to you, not just on your looks, but because of your great personality and your general outlook on life. It is important that you maintain your dignity so he has the challenge of wanting to win you back.

I know how you feel when someone you love seems to have gone from your life, but you cannot give in to accepting that it is forever. Sometimes, outside pressures related to finance or career prospects may be playing on his mind.

Things said in an argument spiral out of control leaving each party saying things they don’t really mean. If you can keep your confidence, allow time for things to settle down, the initial attraction you had for each other will give you a chance to repair bridges.

There are some basic tips that you need to observe when settling things down. In this article, I will take you through some of the tips that you can follow to win back the heart of a Virgo man.

Have Patience To Win His Affection

virgo man with woman eating ice creamAfter separating from a Virgo man, it is good you learn how to be patient with the way things are working out.

It is important that you let him know you still care for him, but that you are not going to be continually criticized in a future relationship.

Virgo men do not like to be chased or feel pressured, so sending a text message to let him know you still care may do the trick.

But avoid coming across as needy or desperate, and never inundate him with messages because he will probably just switch off.

Text Messages That Work In Winning His Love

If you want to know how to send messages to your Virgo crush that will make him regret breaking up with you, it needs to be done carefully.

A Virgo man’s subconscious mind can be stimulated to obsess over a woman who has texted proven words to get him back.

This is a system of carefully worded messages that have a direct connection to a man’s subconscious mind. Words that instill in his brain a sense of loss of you.

If you need some help with text messages that have been proven to work you can read my review on Text Message Psychology here.

If you accept that you are at fault with the breakup. Make sure that you come up with a well-planned layout of events that lead to the breakup and try to keep everything logical rather than emotional.

Virgo men are naturally always suspicious and have a knack for discovering the truth. The problem is that sometimes they get hold of the wrong end of the stick and it may be a sit-down meeting is called for to clarify the situation.

Once they realize that they have enough evidence against you, they will always detach from a relationship.

Your way of doing things should not be suspicious in any way. If you feel you have made a mistake it is far better to admit it outright rather than lie about it.

There must have been some chemistry between you in the beginning so you need to find a way of making him focus on you again.

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How To Win Over a Virgo Man

Woman smiling with a Virgo manThe Virgo sign belongs to the element earth which makes people born under this sign very emotional.

If you can arrange a date to discuss your relationship try and arrange the right venue.

Discussing your problems with a Virgo man in a romantic place when the moon appears will be of great help.

The Virgo characteristic is influenced by the moon and in this setting will ease the emotional tension.

You may find it helpful to read a recent review I did on a book about a Virgo man’s complex characteristics.

It is written by a devoted astrologer who has done an in-depth assessment and is called Virgo Man Secrets including Sextrology.

Multiple sudden appearances

Sending continuous messages is another form of chasing and he will rebel against this.

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Everyone these days has a mobile phone which they can choose to answer or not. This gives a chance for someone to send a text message that the receiver can think about.

It gives them time to absorb the content and meaning of the message.

A Virgo man being bombarded with messages that seem desperate will just switch off. However, it has been proven that sending a properly crafted text can have a significant impact on a man’s subconscious.

It makes him think of the person who sent it and gives him time to analyze its true meaning.

You may find this simple system of properly framed sentences is the answer to getting him back and keeping him.

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The Secret To Winning a Virgo Man Back

If you are able to act casually and not get emotional around him you could try ‘to accidentally on purpose’ think of a venue to bump into him.

If this can be arranged act casually and surprised. Ask him how he is and then leave it that. You can follow up with the text later if he has not contacted you.

You may well need to arrange these surprise meetings on several occasions.

However wear something casually sexy, not cheap and flashy, and keep strong eye contact to keep him intrigued.

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How To Win The Heart Of a Virgo Man

couple kissing with sun behind themIt is important to try to get him talking. A Virgo man is very analytical and will have formed his own opinion on the relationship.

If you want him back this conversation needs to be informing him of how much better the two of you are together rather than apart.

Choosing a quiet café or better still a secluded location where you will not be disturbed is paramount.

If your choice of location could be accompanied by a clear night sky which will add a romantic mood to the occasion, this is all the better.

In order to make yourself feel at ease and comfortable, make sure that you arrive ahead of time and be the one to wait for him.

After his arrival, make sure that you do nothing more than a friendly talk.

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Control The Pace

Make sure that you are the last one to talk, and always let him take the lead. A Virgo man has a complex character that needs understanding.

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This way, you will allow him to ask whichever questions he wants. After a short while, you will find him turn in to question your love for each other.

Answer Every Question Honestly

It is important to make sure that you are honest with him if you want to retain his trust. Make sure that you give him honest answers.

Finally, make a close observation of his behaviors after answering all his questions.

A Virgo man is considered to be very emotional, and once he realizes that you are telling the truth, he will sympathize with you.

Of course, Virgo men have got a lot of pride. Do not expect him to make a move before you do.

If you get the clear indication that he needs a kiss, do not wait for it, go for it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are in a relationship with a Virgo man, make sure that it is preserved by getting him to open up. When he does be considerate even if you think he is exaggerating the situation.

Discuss whatever is on his mind in a logical way and you will earn his love and respect.

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In case you are already separated and want to know how to win over a Virgo man you want to consider putting into practice the above-discussed tips.

Picture of Charlene smilingEvery relationship is different so if your situation has not been covered in this article please go to my website for more tips.

If you think I can be of further help please contact me in the comments and I will do my best to help.

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