Ignore a Virgo Man To Make Him Want You – 3 Sneaky Tips

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

5 Key Takeaways

1. Understand that Virgo men are typically independent and analytical, so they may not respond well to direct approaches or overt displays of affection.

2. Show your Virgo man respect and appreciation for his intelligence and accomplishments.

3. Don’t be too available; give him space to miss you and think about you.

4. Be patient; don’t expect immediate results when you ignore a Virgo man as it may take some time for him to realize what he’s missing out on.

5. Make sure you understand how to provide him with the main thing he needs in a relationship, which will let him know that you really care about him.

Should I ignore a Virgo man or play hard to get is a question that has been pondered by many women.

Will he miss me more? or will he think he is getting the brush off?

If you want to keep a Virgo man focused on you, he has to know that you understand his greatest need in a committed relationship.

The truth of the matter is that Virgo men are highly emotional and easily affected by how they feel when in a woman’s company.

They pick up on small things that play on their minds.

Rather than talk openly they tend to make assumptions in their mind and can often jump to the wrong conclusions.

Ignore a Virgo Man or Not? That is the Question!

Virgo man sitting on a couch chatting with a womanEvery relationship and situation may be different but the cure is the same for all.

A Virgo man needs a woman to understand this basic need in him that will make him fall totally in love with her.

You may be at the start of a relationship and have butterflies in your stomach every time you meet.

Or you may be in a relationship and you feel he is pulling away from you.

But a Virgo man wants this need recognized before he can completely commit himself to one woman.

A Virgo Man’s Inner Need

The problem is that he cannot put into words this inner need, so it is left to you to read the signs of how to satisfy this craving.

A Virgo guy is a renowned thinker and as such gives off an aura of disinterest to people around him. This may come across to you as if he is losing interest or ignoring you.

However, the key is not to chase him but to show subtle signs that you are there for him.

Follow through this article for tips that will put you at the forefront of his mind.

Allow him the confidence to make the first move or to say he wants to be with you forever.

Taking your time and planning will hopefully give you a happy future together.

If they’re feeling neglected or unappreciated, their emotions can spill over making them confused as to how they should be acting within the relationship.

So, before we get too far ahead of ourselves with this whole “ignore” business let’s talk about what things actually happen when you go down this path.

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What a Virgo Man Needs in a Relationship

Rather than ignore your guy to try to make him more interested in you, shouldn’t you be asking yourself Am I providing him with what he needs in a relationship?

All of us want to feel special and loved. Sometimes we do things to try to make our partner love us more, or at least show they care about us.

But what if it’s the opposite? What if your partner loves you less because you ignore him?

This is a question that has been plaguing women for years and will be answered below in this article.

When a man pulls away and appears to be less interested in you, could be caused by him not being provided the main thing he craves in a relationship.

And it is not what most women immediately think!!!

It is a deeply hidden obsession that can be the make or break of any relationship.

Before moving on, decide for yourself if this one thing is why he is not as attentive as you would like him to be.

Ignoring a Virgo man could be taken the wrong way and he could just give up on you. Whereas, providing him with the most important thing he wants is the key to a happy long-term relationship.

It turns out that Virgo men don’t really like it when their partners ignore them, which is contrary to popular belief that they appreciate space from their significant other.

It seems as though, Virgo men like stability and routine, so ignoring them causes them anxiety as well as an increase in stress levels!

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Ignore a Virgo Man at Your Peril

Pretty woman smiling at camera watched by a Virgo man.The man born under the zodiac sign Virgo can sometimes prove to be quite complicated when it comes to romantic relationships.

Ruled by the planet Mercury he tends to be intelligent and likes to be in control of everything he does.

As such he wants to feel he has won your heart, rather than you throwing yourself at him.

However, he can be a sensitive soul so if you ignore him completely he could automatically think you are not interested in him, and pull away.

When a Virgo Man Goes Silent

So be careful in how you play these games as a Virgo guy isn’t the type to push himself on to you if he feels his advances will be rejected.

When a Virgo man goes silent you can be sure that he is tussling with his emotions, so it is best to give him room.

A Virgo guy is usually slow to show his feelings until he is sure that he will not be emotionally hurt later on.

This may tempt you to pull back and ignore your Virgo man in the hope of getting him to declare his love for you.

But this could backfire, and he just walks away!

If you want your Virgo guy to pay you more love and attention, you need to ask yourself if you are providing him with everything he needs in a relationship.

Most women think that sex and physical attraction is the mainstay of a relationship, and of course, this is important, especially in the early stages.

However, a long-term partnership needs a solid foundation and a Virgo man has a special need that has to be filled before he can fall in love.

I’m sure, you like me, find a Virgo man to be distant sometimes, but this, of course, may have nothing to do with your relationship.

A Virgo Man is a Thinker

When a Virgo man ignores you he may well have pressure from work or other problems that he is trying to solve.

You have probably found that he thinks things through before bringing them up in conversation.

It is true that a Virgo man finds it hard to express his feelings, which sometimes creates uncertainty in a woman.

She immediately jumps to the conclusion that he is losing interest in her. But wanting him to miss you more by ignoring him may not be the answer.

There are certain things that a Virgo man craves from a relationship with a woman that she really needs to understand before ‘playing the ignore him card’ and possibly making the situation worse.

If you want to re-spark his attention and make him focus on you I think the following will be of interest.

Many women enter a relationship thinking that all men are basically the same and their zodiac sign bears no relation to their characteristics.

This is not the case, especially with the guy born in Virgo. Emotional turmoil can play havoc with his feelings depending on the situation.

A recent study on characteristics by relationship expert James Bauer has discovered a deep-rooted need in a Virgo man that is not understood by the majority of women.

It’s something that he craves more than money and even more than sex.

Knowing this one thing has helped 100s of women to create a relationship in which a Virgo man has eyes for her and only her.

To learn how to get your Virgo crush to focus his attention totally back on you listen to this video in which a relationship expert explains what you need to do.

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Woman facing away fro a Virgo man ignoring himanHow does a Virgo Man act when hurt?

Never try to put pressure on your Virgo crush because you will only drive him away.

When a Virgo man is emotionally hurt he usually becomes silent and thinks things through in his own private world.

A strong part of his character in this zodiac sign is requiring a degree of personal space. This does not necessarily mean he is not interested in you.

If you have hurt your Virgo man, apologize, and find a way of staying in touch, without asking for his forgiveness.

The relationship needs to develop before he reduces his time on his other interests, but once he does, you will know for sure

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Be an Independent Woman

It is important to let him see that you are independent. Also, have a life with other friends and things that interest you.

This is not ignoring him of course, it is just showing him that you can stand on your own two feet.

This may also make him realize what he is missing when away from you.

It is all about establishing trust between you. Giving him space and not appearing needy will enhance his respect for you.

This is totally different from ignoring him and hoping he will chase after you to try to discover what he has done wrong.

Respect needs to be a two-way thing though. He needs to understand from the off that your stance on giving him space should not be abused.

An independent lady is not to be taken for granted and is always at his beck and call.

Because a woman thinks differently from a man regarding romance and the permanency of a relationship, she doesn’t automatically understand a Virgo man’s hidden need.

It’s not a criticism it is just a fact. A man has a deep-rooted obsession, and when a woman triggers it for him, he will give her his undying love.

Don’t just take my word for it, decide for yourself if this is the key to his heart, and so commit himself to you, and only you.

Take a look at this video which explains all. This is what every woman must understand if she wants a happy and contented life with her Virgo guy!

Become Alluring, Rather Than Ignoring Your Virgo Man

Reflection in the eye of a woman who is thinking to ignore Virgo manApart from mixing with your own friends let him see your independence by showing him you are self-sufficient.

He will be impressed if you earn your own money and also know how to control your spending.

It is in a Virgo man’s nature to look after his partner, but he will get more pleasure in working through things together.

Try to create situations where you can talk privately, and without cross-examining him, draw out how he feels.

It might be a slow process but it will be worth it in the long run.

Your Virgo crush might just be waiting for you to say the words that will trigger his love for you.

The words he is desperate to hear will confirm your emotional connection.

Take a look at this short video by a leading relationship expert that will show you the right words to use that will trigger his need to be with you, and only you.

A needy woman is a real drag. A Virgo guy will soon get fed up if being continuously asked to help out with the same problems or situations.

Don’t get me wrong though, a Virgo man is always considerate of a partner’s problems if he also sees she is trying to help herself, rather than just relying on him to sort things out.

A Virgo man does everything to avoid pressure. He will find a woman who is independent and a pleasant fit for his life.

If you feel he has been ignoring you, have you taken an honest look at yourself to see if he might have a reason?

When you meet it is important to let him know that you have been mixing with family or friends, following up on your hobbies, or visiting the gym.

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girl texting on phoneKeep Him Interested By Text

Allow your Virgo crush to do the chasing, he likes nothing better. If it is done in the right way!

First off, wish him a wonderful day but then leave it and wait for his reply.

He may well be busy and will not like being interrupted by endless trivial messages.

It is ok to send a message first thing in the morning, along with the lines of ‘Hope you have a nice day. Only send a follow-up if he responds.

Words said in the right way can have a massive impact on a man’s brain.

If you have had a breakup with your Virgo crush, or you think he may be losing interest in you, now is the time to do something about it.

You may find it worth reading my article below which gives exact messages relating to any situation that you find yourself in.

If you have already started dating your Virgo crush, you may want to include a photo of yourself with a text message.

A suggestive pose will get his heart racing. However, make sure it is sexy but definitely not trashy.

A Virgo male will want to feel that he is setting the pace of a relationship. If you decide to text him a sexy comment, don’t make it too strong until you have had his reaction.

He really does not like vulgarity. But saucy jokes can give you an impression of how much of a prude he may be.

Any messages that you send should be open-ended allowing him to use his imagination when he responds.

Check out the attention-pulling text message’s below to discover ways of reawakening his feelings of desire for you.

So much better than attempting to make him jealous by ignoring him!!

Discover the exact words to send via text that will make a Virgo man want you.

These texts will make him feel that he is in charge of the situation and will fit well with his characteristics.

Virgo man kissing woman on the cheek in the snowWhen to Ignore a Virgo man

Trying to force a Virgo guy to do anything that he does not want to is almost impossible.

They are generally stubborn and need to be encouraged if you want them to follow a certain path.

Sometimes it is important not to be accessible or available every time he calls.

It is not a question of ignoring him completely as this will make him feel you are not interested in him.

It is, however, important to remember that he likes to take the lead.

Let him decide how the relationship takes shape, but you should try to create situations that will have you on his mind.

Sometimes when he is busy it may appear that he has lost interest in you. But if you are always in his thoughts you can work the relationship around your way.

Discover the workings of a Virgo man’s mind here.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the above tips helpful and explain why it is sometimes good when ignoring a Virgo man can raise his interest in you.

Allowing your Virgo guy to miss you and want you in a way that blends with his natural character is the way forward.

I have had many positive responses from women who have found James Bauer’s program an immense help.

If you want true love, instead of ignoring a Virgo man I recommend you listen to This Video to see if this is the key to true love for you in your perfect relationship.

I hope you draw strength from the universe and find long-term happiness with your Virgo man.

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