How to Win the Heart of a Virgo Man – What a Woman Must Know

Last Updated on September 24, 2021

Woman dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief and asking herself if my Virgo man will come back after a breakup.

Even if you have been dating for a long period of time you may notice that sometimes your Virgo guy withdraws within himself and seems to switch off.

I know how easily the thoughts of losing him rush through a woman’s mind which can be confused by romantic emotions. You must not automatically jump to the conclusion he is losing interest in you!

It is the same if you have had a row or an argument that has led to a breakup. There are always things playing on the mind with the intelligent Virgo but it does not always mean he is done with you.

When you, like me, ask yourself the question, How to win the heart of a Virgo man? and does he still really love me?’ will depend on how you react to his change in mood.

Jumping to conclusions is not a good thing, because it is a well-recognized trait in a Virgo male that he sometimes just needs his own space.

The guy born under this zodiac sign is usually focused on his ambitions in life and may well have other things on his mind that is absorbing his attention.

If you two have had a row, and things have been said in anger it may be because of other pressing problems.

Now is the time to think things through calmly and logically and recreate situations of memories of good times you shared together. Try to remind your Virgo guy of the magic that existed between you when you first met.

A guy born under this zodiac sign has a tendency to be reserved until he feels he knows a woman well enough to discuss problems that are worrying him. You may think you know him but a Virgo will only reveal everything about him to the woman he truly loves.

This can be disconcerting for a woman who is deeply attracted to a Virgo man with his charming character and easy-going manner.

A relationship with a Virgo guy can have its ups and downs. A date that has been exciting and filled with promise can be followed by one with slight tensions and long pauses in conversation.

This is all part of the process of him finding out what he needs to know about you.

Relationship expert James Bauer has developed a unique method that has helped lots of women focus a Virgo man’s attention back totally on them. It is a program that explains what a man really needs in a relationship and how a woman can use this to win his heart.

If you need some advice from an expert relationship coach to learn how to make a Virgo guy want you? Listen to this short video in which James explains his simple technique.

I’m sure, You, like me, will be amazed how simple changes you make can have him totally focused back on you, and willing to give you total commitment.

How to Win the Heart of a Virgo Man

You need to take a step back if your Virgo man seems suddenly distant and try not to jump to any emotional conclusions that he may be losing interest in you.

A Virgo man is known to have the characteristic to be very conscientious in everything that he is involved with. He tends to have a clear view of how he wants his life to proceed as far as his job and income will permit.

If this view is upset regarding problems at work, for instance, it will dwell on his mind and cause him to lose focus on everything else.

Challenging him with remarks that he is paying you less attention will only drive him deeper into his shell and possibly cause a break-up.

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Getting a Virgo Man To Talk About Feelings

When a Virgo man draws away or is being reserved with his attention, it must not be immediately thought that he is not interested in you.

Whether it be getting his attention or getting him to focus back on you, the intelligent Virgo will have lots of other thoughts on his mind from time to time.

I don’t want to offend anyone and be accused of sexism but my view is that a man’s brain tends to be more controlled by logic and a woman’s more from emotion. Understanding why a Virgo man seems suddenly distant is the key to a happy relationship.

When dealing with the complex characteristics of the Virgo male, a woman must not jump to the conclusion that a guy has lost interest in her. He could well have other things on his mind that he feels need priority.

However, she will need to tread carefully to find a way of getting him to be comfortable in discussing his feelings. A Virgo guy is one that hates to be chased. If you want to learn the simple truth behind retaining true love, then this short video holds the key.

A Virgo male tends to take his own sweet time when it comes to making decisions. A Virgo man will also find it very difficult, if not impossible, to talk through his problems until he has had time to analyze them himself.

Woman smiling up at a manHow To Keep a Virgo Man Interested In You

To make yourself more appealing to a Virgo guy, you must understand that it is more than just a physical attraction that turns him on.

A Virgo guy, like most men, is interested in a female’s looks initially but this particular star sign is more interested in a woman’s inner beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, a Virgo man is very particular in that his woman looks after herself and is not slovenly or flashy.

He would be concerned to be seen by his friends with a woman who did not care about her hygiene or looks.

A major plus for a Virgo man is a woman who has lots of interests and can hold a conversation on topical issues. Now don’t get paranoid about this! You don’t need a university education just keep up with topical news reports on current affairs.

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A Subtle Approach To Get His Attention

As I said above there could be lots of reasons why a Virgo guy is suddenly distant. To make sure you don’t do anything to make matters worse you need to find out the reason he is acting this way.

The way to do this is to get him thinking of you so that he will contact you. Once he comes out of his shell, the conversation will follow allowing you to discover why he has drawn away.

So, how to get him thinking about you without him imagining that you are chasing him???

The answer lies in a unique method that has been researched and proven to have helped 100’s of women in the same situation.

A leading relationship expert has developed a program of carefully worded phrases that can be sent by text.

These subliminal messages have an effect on a man’s subconscious mind making him think constantly of the person who sent them.

If your Virgo man is acting distant or you have the hots for a Virgo and you want to get his attention this could solve your problem.

I was skeptical when I first heard of this system but decided to write a review on the product when I realized how effective it has been.

The proven technique was developed by relationship expert Amy North and you can read my review here.

Do You Compare Yourself With Your Other Girlfriends?

Are you like a lot of women who yearn to be wanted and treated well by the guy who you fancy above all others? Why is it that whenever you are out with your friends they seem to always have their man swooning over them?

A guy who goes out of their way to get a drink makes sure they are comfortable, generally being attentive to them.

Do you consider them to be prettier than you? Do you think that maybe you should try to change yourself in some way to be more like them?

This is something you should never try to do because a Virgo man is very perceptive and will discover very soon your false front.

To get the attention of a Virgo guy and keep it you need to discover the irresistible qualities that you have hidden in yourself that will make him desire you.

It is simple really: You just need to learn how to make him want to be with you because of how you treat him.

The good news is that the qualities in a Virgo man are those that are looked for by most women.

Once he makes up his mind that you have the qualities that he wants in a woman he will prove to be honest and reliable, as well as being romantic and a considerate lover.

Important Notice: These Next Few Words Could Suddenly Change Your Love Life For The Better

Attraction – Romance - Commitment – Lasting love

Going from Like to Love is a Sequence of stages that need to be triggered in the super-organized mind of a Virgo Man.

If you are trying to win more affection from a Virgo man for the first time, or maybe wanting to increase his passion for you in a relationship or even to repair the damage of a breakup,

You must understand how to trigger the desire principle that he craves in a relationship/ You can find out EXACTLY how to do it below.

This desire principle has been the subject of intense research by relationship expert James Bauer. He's discovered the psychological link in a man's mind which is the key to elicit strong feelings of desire, love, and incredible attraction.

If you are feeling down because your man is ignoring you, or you're worried that he may be pulling away, possibly into the arms of another woman, then this could be the key ingredient that you are missing.

Discover the desire principle, and how to create your future happiness with your Virgo man now.



Having been asked this same question several times I decided to write a separate article entitled ‘How to make yourself irresistible to a Virgo man.

In this article I highlight some important areas to concentrate on and also take a view from a relationship expert. You can read my article here.

When a Virgo Man Wants You Back

A Virgo man is his own guy and very much in charge of his own feelings.

Provided you have not gone behind his back and abused his trust he will always be open to reconciliation.

A Virgo understands he has a complex character which sometimes makes it hard for him to climb down and admit his actions may have contributed to the break-up.

If in a fit of temper you decided to leave him he will wait for things to cool down and settle before thinking of moving on. He will be analyzing the reasons as to why you guys split and remembering the good times you shared.

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The YouTube video below will give you further tips that will tell you if your Virgo guy is over you. Every relationship will vary, but always remember, True Love Will Find A Way. Good Luck.

Slowly Re-entering Your Life Again

Whatever the cause of the break-up you should try to focus on the enjoyable relationship you shared at the start. A Virgo man might be slow to show his feelings but deep down he will harbor loving thoughts of your memorable moments together.

Getting my Virgo man back may take time but at the end of the day, you know this zodiac sign has all the qualities you are looking for. Don’t hold grudges, and when you start talking try not to score points on who was right and who may have been at fault.

Learning how to win the heart of a Virgo man can sometimes be a traumatic experience, but don’t give up! Try to find ways of reminding him of the good times you shared, and recreate those happy memories.

When a Virgo man wants you back, he will find ways of putting memories of how you were back in your mind. Allow him to approach you once you have let him know that you might want to talk.

Don’t Push him too hard or chase him as this will only make him pull away. An article I wrote recently entitled ‘Tips on how to make him want you back’ may give you further ideas if you need it.

Picture of Charlene smilingGood luck, I hope this has helped. For other articles regarding situations involving Virgo men in relationships see my website

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