How to Make a Virgo Man Regret Losing You – Tips to Get Him Back

Last Updated on July 25, 2022

Virgo man covering his face with his hand regretting losing his woman

Virgos are known for being stubborn, independent, and loyal. But how do you make a man regret losing you? Here are three ways to turn him into a hopeless romantic, and make a Virgo man regret losing you.

1. Be his best friend. If he wants to win you over, he’ll want to spend time with you. So plan dates, take him out to dinner, go shopping together, or play video games.

He’ll feel like he’s getting to know you better, and it won’t seem like work.

2. Show off what makes you unique. A lot of people try to fit themselves into a mold. They think that if they act a certain way, behave a certain way, look a certain way, and dress a certain way, they’ll appeal to men.

Don’t fall prey to this trap. Men are attracted to women who stand out from the crowd. Do something different — wear a skirt one day, put some makeup on, or say “yes.”

3. Give him space. When you’re trying to win a guy over, don’t try to force yourself onto him. Let him come to you. If he doesn’t call you, text him, email him, or even show up somewhere, let him know that you’re busy. Then you’ll both be free to pursue each other without feeling obligated.

How To Make a Virgo Man Regret Losing You

Keep in His Mind Through Text

girl laying on bed text messaging with a phoneTexting can be a great way of staying in touch and sowing the seeds of regret.

This can avoid the need for a meeting and awkward silences where feelings can be misunderstood.

Texting gives time to formulate the words you want to say and time for the other person to really think about what has been lost in the relationship.

Therefore, it is important to send carefully constructed phrases rather than annoying trivialities.

A Virgo man is a deep thinker, so you need to send words that are absorbed into his subconscious mind so that he thinks of you.

If you would like a little help with crafting the words and phrases that will have the most impact on getting him to focus on you, this video explains.

Remind him of the Good Times

Something must have drawn you together when you first met. You clicked when you started enjoying each other’s company, and you must have created fun experiences together.

The trick is sowing the seeds in his mind of how he is going to miss everything that you shared and how with a little understanding the good times can be re-created.

You need to make him regret losing you but also make it his idea that he wants you back in his life. Words like these, sent by text, will trigger his emotions to want to be with you.

Allow Him Some Space to Miss You

A Virgo man can be a bit of an island when he has thoughts to sort out.

He needs time to work things through in his own way, so the last thing you want to do is to pressure him and start a row looking for answers.

If you have had an argument, pull back and give him some space so that he can think through what has happened.

If you think he’s losing his affection for you, it is better to prepare what you want to say to him and pick your moment to bring it up.

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Show Off Your Favorite Looks

Virgos are attracted to someone who takes pride in his or her personal appearance. This includes dressing well and looking good. If you’re feeling frumpy, try putting some effort into getting dressed up.

For example, maybe you’ve been wanting to wear those cute jeans you bought a while ago, but haven’t had the chance. Now’s the perfect opportunity to break them out and make yourself feel better.

Or maybe you want to go shopping because you know you’re going to love whatever outfit you find. Go ahead and treat yourself. After all, you deserve it!

Show Him You Are in Control of Your Emotions

It can sometimes be difficult in finding a balance between being cold and detached and overexcited and emotional.

You obviously want to know why he is pulling away.

The logical Virgo man always comes back to explain his side of the story if he is allowed to, but will only do so in a calm atmosphere.

Let Him See You Can Do Without Him

Girl Smiling resting on a gym machineA Virgo man will regret losing you if you show you are independent and can move on with your life without relying on him.

I don’t mean disregarding him completely and showing you don’t care, but more showing you can stand on your own without his support.

Create a Cloak of Mystery

Although a Virgo man is generally regarded as being the steady, reliable Joe, type of guy, he is also the type that is drawn to unraveling mysteries.

He usually makes assessments of people and situations and is thrown when a person is mysterious which becomes intriguing to him.

Show him a different side to you by possibly changing your hairstyle and make-up or dressing in a different way that may draw the attention of other guys.

Be careful not to make him too jealous, just enough to make him think of you in a new light.

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Increase Your Circle of Friends

There are lots of opportunities these days of getting involved with new interests where you can explore new hobbies or pastimes which you have previously been unable or restricted in making time for.

You may well be surprised at how many other people, in a similar situation to yourself there are!

New interests increase your chances of increasing your circle of friends and taking your mind off your Virgo ex.

This will allow you to keep things in perspective and keep your guy guessing at how well you are doing without him.

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Do Virgo Men Come Back?

Virgo man on one knee proposing to a woman who is sitting on a benchThis of course will depend on the circumstances.

Virgo men especially are home guys, and it takes a lot to shift them out of their comfort zone.

Getting your man to come back will depend on changing the things that caused the split.

When you hurt a Virgo man it will take time to heal, before he starts to regret losing you.

This zodiac sign in a male is very sensitive so it is important to find a way of keeping the door open, possibly with these text messages, so he has a way of contacting you.

Final Thoughts

Never say never with a Virgo man. If you had something going between you in the first place, he will be dwelling on it and regretting things have gone wrong.

Find a way of staying in touch in a friendly way without any dramas, if you want to make a Virgo man regret losing you.

If things are meant to be, you can both learn from this experience which will make your relationship stronger in the future.

I hope this article has been a help in giving you some pointers to enhancing your relationship with your Virgo man.

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