How To Make a Virgo Man Miss You

a Virgo man with his womanA Virgo guy can be slow to show his true feelings until he is sure, and it can be quite hard for a woman who has the hots for him to sometimes figure him out.

He tends to hate to be pressured so maybe if you are trying to make a Virgo man miss you, it’s possible that you are moving too fast?

It is understandable that you are attracted to a guy with this star sign as the male is one of the most desirable in the zodiac.

But to make a Virgo man miss you it may mean giving him some space.

This possibly creates a situation of uncertainty, but you don’t need to fret!

I am going to give you some tips that will help you to create a longing in your Virgo crush that will make him constantly think of you and miss being with you.

Virgo men are generally reserved by nature which can cause anxiety for a woman who is trying to gauge their true feelings.

Understanding how a Virgo man thinks in romantic situations will show you how to bring out his true feelings.

Ways to Make a Virgo Man Miss You

If you have had a breakup, I’m sure you will be looking for ways to make a Virgo man miss you without making it obvious. If you are desperate to get him back you must create a need in him.

By getting him to remember all the good times you shared when you were together.

This article will also help in getting the attention of a Virgo guy for the first time.

Whatever the reason for breaking up, there must have been a fire of desire in the beginning.

I’m sure, you like me, realize that you can’t just chase a Virgo man, because if you lose his respect there is no way back.

You have to be subtle and allow him to want to win you back.

It is important to remember that a Virgo guy sees himself as making his own decisions so you have to create situations for him to miss you.

When attempting to get a Virgo man to ask you out, or trying to re-start a relationship, you have to sow the seeds in his mind that it is his idea.

I recently discovered a program that fits well with the characteristics of a Virgo guy.

Relationship expert Amy North has produced a system that works on the basis of text messages.

Amy has proven that carefully crafted words, with subliminal meanings sent by text, can create a desire in the mind of a Virgo man for the woman who sent them.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, it is not possible to talk things over face to face.

Sending your Virgo crush a text, with words written by an expert, like this one, will open the avenue for communication that will lead him to miss you.

The program is called Text Chemistry. I have written a separate article reviewing this product which I know has helped scores of women recreate a lasting relationship with a Virgo man.

I hope this can also help you to create a loving union and you can read my review here.

Understanding the characteristics of a Virgo guy is paramount in being able to bring out his true nature.

Once you give him space to miss you he will become a person you can rely on.

A lot of women make the mistake of assuming that men think and feel the same as them.

This then causes doubt in their minds when their crush does not react in the way they think he should.

If you are wanting to, or have been dating a Virgo man, and you are wondering if he ever thinks about you whenever you are not together. Then this article is for you.

Create The Need To Make Your Virgo Man Miss You

In this article, you are going to gain insights into some of the things that you can do to make him want you.

Also some tips on how to make sure that your Virgo man misses you.

The subtle things you say and do have a major impact on how a Virgo guy responds to you.

He has a habit of storing this information and analyzing the meanings later.

You may feel that everything is going great, but a Virgo man allows things to build up without talking about them.

Suddenly you feel him pulling away from you. The spark of excitement is slowly dying.

If this reminds you of your current position, you may want to listen to a short video.

It is by a relationship coach with 12 years of experience who has helped 100’s of women who have similar situations with Virgo men.

In the video, James describes the one obsession that men crave more than money or even sex.

He explains why any woman knowing this information has the key to a man’s heart.

This short 5-minute video could give you the knowledge to ensure that your guy always misses you and the answer to your dream relationship.

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These tips can be used without him realizing or without you making a great effort. I would be interested to hear what you think in the comments below.

Remember, one of a Virgo man’s traits is being in control so you have to take your time and play it cool.

By understanding how your crush reacts to different situations will put you in the driving seat with him once again.

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Be unavailable to make a Virgo man miss you

If you know the adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” then you know what I am talking about.

To really make him miss you, it is important that you ensure you are not always around him all of the time. More so if you are regularly dating.

A Virgo man is very independent and will buck against being smothered by your love.

In fact, your Virgo guy will admire you even more if you have your own interests which will make conversation even easier when you meet.

A Virgo guy is generally very intelligent and enjoys stimulating conversation.

The main attraction for him is a relationship with a partner who can converse on a variety of topics.

Wanting him to miss you, is making him look forward to seeing you.

This can only be done with a Virgo man if you make yourself interesting.

An occasional time when you make yourself a little ‘hard to get’  may pay dividends with your Virgo Crush.

Now don’t make the mistake of trying to make him jealous with another guy. Just have other interests that he can be part of if he wants.

If you want to ensure your Virgo guy will miss you, you need to show him that you have the ability to survive or be happy even when he is not around.

Spending some of that time with your family and friends for instance.

You can rest assured he will miss you even more because he knows you are having quality time with other people other than him.

Care must be taken not to overdo it, and have him thinking you have lost interest in him.

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Show him your intelligent side

Virgo men are known to be attracted to women who are intelligent.

Therefore, to really make your Virgo man miss you, it is important that you stimulate his mind.

To be able to hold smart and intelligent conversations will make him respect you.

It is important that you keep yourself updated on various topics that will keep him interested in you.

Make phone sessions interesting

Virgo men love to talk on the phone as well as send and receive texts.

As long as they are relevant, and not a continuous flow, he will find the attention appealing.

Therefore, it is important that you make phone and text sessions as interesting as possible.

Be sure to make those phone sessions unforgettable because that way, he will always be looking forward to talking to you.

However, texting can be really useful. When your guy is tied up at work or you just want to send a message letting him know you are missing him.

Care must be taken with this because texting too much when he is busy, will drive him nuts. Alternatively,  the wrongly worded messages could have an adverse effect.

You may find this article helpful: How to flirt with a Virgo guy via text

This can really work for you if you want him to keep you in his thoughts.

When he calls you, ensure that you capture his attention by talking about topics and issues that appeal to him.

However, do not talk too much about yourself because that is likely to put him off.

The secret is to make your phone conversations count. You need to know the one thing that flatters his psyche and retains his macho image.

You can rest assured that he will definitely miss you and look forward to seeing you. Learn about His Secret Obsession Here.

Make a Virgo man happy in himself and He Will Miss You

A Virgo man will always miss you if you take it upon yourself to make his life better.

For instance, he is likely to miss you if you’re the one person who always brings order in times of turmoil.

He is also likely to miss you if you make him believe in himself.

He is very practical and will have the confidence to handle any situation no matter how devastating it is.

What’s more, your Virgo man will miss you even more if you make things in his life run smoothly. In other words, be sure to add value to his life.

Of course, every relationship and situation is different so you may well want to delve deeper by reading my review below.

I recently wrote a review of a book by a leading astrologer and relationship coach which you may find interesting.

The book explains in detail how to get a Virgo man to chase you even if he seems aloof and disinterested. It is entitled  Virgo Man Secrets to decide for yourself.

girl laying on bed with phoneSeduce him through text

If you want to keep your Virgo guy interested in as far as romance and intimacy is concerned, send him suggestive texts and photos.

A sexy photo of you would definitely do the trick.

However, the photo should not be an indecent photo such as one where you are nude. Subtle is sexy to a Virgo guy.

On the other hand, you could send him sexy messages, but be sure to keep them decent.

Simple messages such as “Have a good day or good morning, thinking of you” would definitely do the trick.

Always remember that vulgarity never appeals to Virgo men. Text messages with subliminal meanings work.

These carefully worded texts stimulate his imagination making him crave the woman who sent them.

Read my article on Text Chemistry to see if this may be the key to your future happiness with your Virgo crush.

Even as you send him the photos and messages, it is important to keep in mind that he could be busy and he might not respond immediately.

By sending him the correct messages you can be sure that he is constantly thinking about you.

So, do not pester him if he does not get back to you immediately. The secret is always to give him space as you make him use his imagination.

If your Virgo guy is busy at work, the last thing he needs is to answer several long texts from you.

Occasional texts that are short and sweet lets him know you are thinking of him but also giving him his own space.

Make him chase after you

One secret of how to make a man miss you is to allow him to do the chasing.

Giving him the opportunity to decide when you two should meet, talk, or how the relationship should progress will definitely make him obsess over you.

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Final Thoughts

The list above is not exhaustive, but you can rest assured that if you adhere to what you have just read, your Virgo guy will definitely miss you on his own accord.

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