How to Make a Virgo Man Chase You

a man chasing after a woman on the sofaA Virgo man is known to be very selective as he doesn’t just go out with anybody.

He is normally very particular about things and tends to have specific qualities and characteristics that he is looking for in a partner.

Virgo’s consider themselves needing to be with what he considers ‘the best partner’, therefore, he is not the type that will lower his considerably high standards for anyone.

Therefore, if you really want to make a Virgo man chase you, there are some qualities and behaviors that he must see in you in order to peak his interest.

This article will help you learn how to make a Virgo man chase you by giving you insights on some of the qualities that appeal to him.

Tips on How to Make a Virgo Man Chase You

Give Him Space

A Virgo man is considered to be a person who is very zealous about this work and hobbies.

Therefore, if you are looking to have a successful relationship with him, it is important that you let him have some time to do his work without interference.

In fact, it would really please him if you supported his efforts in fulfilling his passion, and by showing an interest in his hobbies for instance. This will help him to see you as an asset in his life.

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Avoid Chasing Him

If you have the hots for a Virgo guy, maybe in the work environment or someone you fancy in the gym, care should be taken on how you start to approach him.

The last thing you want to do is to give the impression that you are an easy touch.

A Virgo characteristic is that they like to be in charge of any situation that they find themselves in, so you have to create opportunities for him to make the first move.

Do not think that if a Virgo man has not approached you he is not interested in you.

If you are together at work, you have to accept that he is very conscientious and similarly in the gym he will be focused on his training.

Choose a quiet moment then ask him if he would not mind showing you how to print both sides of paper on a photocopy machine if you are in the office.

Alternatively how to increase the speed on the run racer when he is resting between exercises.

This and other subtle approach’s will lower barriers and allow him to feel in control.

You need to create subtle situations whereby a Virgo guy imagines that he is doing the chasing, so understanding his characteristics will allow the relationship to blossom naturally.

If you want a Virgo man to chase you, do not chase him. It is important to note that Virgo men do not like being pressurized into committing to a relationship.

On the contrary, a Virgo man would feel more at ease if he is the one who made the decision to be with you.

What’s more, they hate feeling as though a woman is forcing love on them. If you chase a Virgo guy or force him to be with you, the relationship might not last for long because after sometime, he is likely to become resentful.

A Virgo man needs to know that you are stable and grounded, and if you chase him, you will just scare him away.

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confident young womanBe Self Confident

If you really would want a Virgo man to chase you, it is important that you prove to him you are a confident woman.

Apart from looks and appearance, a Virgo man tends to be highly attracted to a woman who is self-confident.

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It is also important to note that a Virgo man is very intelligent and is highly attracted to women who are intelligent and witty.

Therefore, to make that Virgo man you are attracted to chase you, you have to be able to hold conversations that are mentally captivating on just about any topic.

Rest assured that he will never marry or chase after you if you do not prove to him that you have the ability to be on par with his level of intelligence.

In addition, always ensure that your life and work are highly organized because a Virgo man is highly structured and orderly.

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Do not Criticize Him

If you want a Virgo guy to chase after you, avoid the temptation to criticize him. A Virgo man is known to be overcritical, but he is not the type that will take criticism well.

It is important to note that the Virgo guy you have a crush on might criticize you on some aspects of your life, and you must be ready to take criticism from him.

In addition, supporting him in his pursuits rather than criticizing him back would really help in gaining his respect.

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girl smiling at manShow respect to others when you are around him

Virgo men are known to be very respectful, and to make him chase you, it is important that you learn how to be respectful, particularly to those around you.

You can rest assured that simple etiquette like saying thank you, please, or excuse me would really make him gravitate towards you.

If you are used to throwing tantrums unnecessarily, it is important that you work on your manners because that is the only way you will win over a Virgo’s love and admiration.


If you really want to have a future with a Virgo man, it is important that you understand how he looks at things.

A Virgo guy has a tendency of paying very close attention to every small detail about a woman before he can make up his mind on whether you are worth chasing after.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to make a Virgo man chase you, the key secret is to keep portraying qualities he admires in women.

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How to Make a Virgo Man Chase You
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