Does a Virgo Man Play Mind Games When Dating?

Dating a Virgo man
woman scratching her head in confusion

Virgo man mind games can sometimes be confused by the way he seems to be playing a little hard to get or holding back on dating?

Or maybe you are in the early stages of dating and finding it difficult to understand why he seems to be playing mind games?

Does your Virgo guy seem to be asking you a lot of questions, maybe the same one more than once, and you feel that he is testing you to see if you may be lying?

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Virgo Man Mind Games When Dating

Virgo men are generally not interested in playing mind games with a woman he is becoming fond of. His natural characteristic is being open and upfront and he expects the same in return from a partner.

However, sometimes this can be confusing because he does have a tendency to ask a lot of questions. This should be taken as a positive sign that he is interested in you and wants to know more.

The star sign of Virgo for a man especially tends to make them extremely analytical. They seem to have a built-in protection mechanism that they use to question things that will avoid them being hurt in the future.

A Virgo guy has a straight forward character and hates the idea of anyone taking him for a fool. This leads to his quest to find out all he can about a person before he lets them get too close.

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If a Virgo guy likes you it should be taken as a compliment from him if he asks a lot of questions of you. Alternatively, if he has already made up his mind that he is not interested in you he will definitely not waste his time in asking you questions.

Sometimes he could ask you the same question more than once while checking your reaction.

Because of his analytical mind, he may even be watching your eyes or other body languages for reactions. His biggest fear is possibly being taken for a fool or an idiot.

This is not to cause a row or suspect you of lying it is just his way of assuring himself that he has an honest partner.

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girl with hands apart in handcuffsStill, confused about dating a Virgo man?

I know how frustrating this can be, but it is just their way of finding out about you rather than actually playing mind games.

Virgo men tend to want to understand everything about you including your ambitions in life.

A Virgo also generally wants you to see his intellectual side while talking to you. He wants you to see that he is leading the way and knows what he is doing.

Sometimes this behavior can come across as arrogant and even cocky. However, this is just his way of establishing how consistent you may be in a future relationship.

It’s all about consistency with a Virgo guy so it is important that you show him how focused you are with how you think.

A Virgo man’s character cannot put up with continual changes in his life.

It may seem sometimes that he is playing mind games but doesn’t initially jump to this conclusion. Try to keep your cool and discover what is at the bottom of his questions.

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If your Virgo man is playing mind games

Although it is not very common for a Virgo male to play mind games he may as a test, be worried you have been doing something that you shouldn’t. There is a possibility that he is looking for an excuse to step back or let you go.

As I have already said, a Virgo guy is usually very intelligent he will know how to turn you off.

If this is the case you may not be aware of it straight away. You may even be quite surprised at how manipulative he can be at getting what he wants.

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Virgo men will go all around the houses to avoid a head-on confrontation. If you feel he is being evasive it is important that you don’t fall for his way of thinking.

He will avoid telling you that he is not interested but create a situation where you make the decision to finish it.

If you think he may be playing mind games you need to find the reason. Remember, he puts a lot of store in being truthful.

He is also totally against anyone playing mind games with him. If he felt this was happening he would completely cut off rather than compromise.

smiling woman with manBe open and upfront

When a Virgo guy is looking for his ideal partner he will want someone who will be honest with what they are feeling and thinking.

He does not want someone who is false and trying to be someone they are not.

Honesty is a major thing that a Virgo man looks for in a woman. He will respect anyone who appreciates him enough to tell him like it is.

Holding back with thoughts and feelings will lower his opinion of you.

Bear in mind that he is not into mind games, there is usually something more than his intelligent mind needs to establish.

If you have had relationships with guys of other star signs, I understand why you may be thinking a Virgo also does the same. This is generally not the case. Try giving him the benefit of the doubt and trust he is not being underhand.

Some of his questions are directed at finding out more about you and how you react to situations. In a way, this could be viewed as very positive because it shows he is interested in you.

I hope this article has given you a little comfort that when dating a Virgo man he is unlikely to be playing mind games with you. In fact, it may well be the opposite as he will have a strong tendency to help a woman that he cares for.

man with hand across his faceHow to link into the subconscious mind of a Virgo guy

The easiest way to link into the subconscious mind of a Virgo guy is through text messages.

Everyone has a cell or mobile phone these days and text messaging has become a favorite way to communicate.

However, sending messages with words that have a specific meaning can go direct to a guy’s subconscious mind and change the way he thinks.

Sometimes all a Virgo guy needs is a bit of change to his thought patterns, and this can easily be achieved by following a simple strategy. Getting him to think of you will make him want to know more about you.

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Final thoughts

A good relationship is built on communication. A Virgo guy will generally be open with you if he feels he is getting the same in return. Being able to talk openly is the best way of gaining each other’s respect which will lead to love.

Getting him to communicate with you can easily be achieved by following the steps in my article Text Psychology – How and why does it work?

Picture of Charlene smilingDating a Virgo man can have its ups and down’s but if you can find a good one it is well worth the journey.

I have written lots more articles related to situations with a Virgo man and you can view them on my website Why not bookmark for future reference?

I hope you find love and contentment with your Virgo crush.

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