Arouse a Virgo Man Sexually – 5 Tips To Fire His Passion

Last Updated on January 16, 2022

Couple in bed as woman learns how to sexually please a Virgo man

Virgo men in bed are not the easiest to please sexually. They can be a little picky and also pretty particular about their needs.

They’re also very hard on themselves, which is why they need someone who will give them some positive affirmation and encourage them to do what they want in bed.

Here are some tips that will help you understand a Virgo man sexually and help you raise your guys’ passion for you

Don’t forget foreplay! Virgos love getting teased before sex so make sure you start off with some teasing of your own.

Virgos love variety so doesn’t just stick to one position all the time! Try new positions every time and see what turns him on most.

If you are wondering how to sexually please a Virgo man in bed, and maybe a little confused, about how much input he is expecting from you? Or concerned about making the first move to show you want him or worried he might think you too forward if he is not in the mood?

Stop worrying! This article will explain more about male Virgo sexual traits so that you can be assured of being the only woman he ever wants in his life.

Questions like the above are common when dealing with one of the perfectionists of the zodiac. A Virgo man wants to be in control but also he is very considerate so it takes time to reach a balance of understanding.

The ruling planet of Mercury can create a polarity that ebbs and flows when a Virgo guy has his emotions in turmoil in a sexual relationship. However, if you take your time to understand his sexual desires you will be rewarded with a partner who is recognized as the Don Juan of love and romance.

Read on to discover the trigger that will release a Virgo man’s emotional desires and how you can become the only woman that he ever dreams about being with.

Virgo is related to the sign of the virgin making the male much more sensitive and responsive to his emotional side so much more than other zodiac signs.

If you want a lasting relationship with a Virgo man, rather than just a brief fling it is important that you understand how to create the emotional sexual satisfaction that he craves with his perfect partner.

Because of his considerate and easy-going manner, the Virgo male is one that can be most adaptable to nearly all of the female zodiac signs, so it is important to take your time to understand how his emotional side connects with his sexual drive.

A Virgo man tends to be a deep thinker and analyzes every situation that he finds himself in, so to press his sexual G-Spot and make him completely comfortable with you in a sexual embrace you need to activate his brain.

You can turn on your Virgo man by stimulating his mind with verbal suggestions. This is something if done correctly can create a fantastic lasting bond between the two of you.

Why is it that some women ignore the fact that a man’s sexual desires are aroused to a fever pitch when hearing their partner talk dirty during foreplay?

The mere mention of the phrase ” Talk dirty to me” fills some women with dread, but it is the key to drawing couples together and learning how to sexually please a Virgo man.

Understanding that a man’s desires are different from a woman’s should make her at least explore every avenue to enhance their relationship.

Leading psychology advocate Felicity Keith has developed a program to get over any embarrassment and show women the huge benefits.

Important Notice: These Next Few Words Could Suddenly Change Your Love Life For The Better

Attraction – Romance - Commitment – Lasting love

Going from Like to Love is a Sequence of stages that need to be triggered in the super-organized mind of a Virgo Man.

If you are trying to win more affection from a Virgo man for the first time, or maybe wanting to increase his passion for you in a relationship or even to repair the damage of a breakup,

You must understand how to trigger the desire principle that he craves in a relationship/ You can find out EXACTLY how to do it below.

This desire principle has been the subject of intense research by relationship expert James Bauer. He's discovered the psychological link in a man's mind which is the key to elicit strong feelings of desire, love, and incredible attraction.

If you are feeling down because your man is ignoring you, or you're worried that he may be pulling away, possibly into the arms of another woman, then this could be the key ingredient that you are missing.

Discover the desire principle, and how to create your future happiness with your Virgo man now.



Dirty talk is an excellent way of raising the sexual experience of your relationship and also one of the Virgo sex tips that will gain the respect of your lover. Felicity Keith shows you exactly how you can use it with confidence here.

Maybe women feel it is not ladylike, but the fact is, whispering the correct seductive messages during lovemaking is something your Virgo guy will love and respect you for, as well as keeping you constantly in his thoughts.

In the process, you can encourage your Virgo partner to share his deepest secret desires with you. This will not only increase the sexual experience for you both but also create a unique bond between you.

Virgo Man Sexually – Understanding His Needs

 man with a woman cuddling under a purple blanketA Virgo man is usually very intelligent and initially very reserved when meeting new people. This reservedness follows on into any sexual encounter until he is completely happy that his intentions are appreciated.

Virgo men are wary of getting into a relationship until they have made up their minds that they are not going to get emotionally hurt.

However, if you allow your Virgo crush to make the running and give him the time he has the makings of an excellent partner in bed because he loves sex.

Because a Virgo guy has such a logical outlook on life, he is sometimes not very good at sharing sexual fantasies.

This is where you need to learn the things that really turn him on, as well as avoid the things that kill his desire stone dead.

Virgo man in bed enjoys foreplay and he knows how to satisfy his woman. He is always about quality and not quantity while in between the sheets.

In this article, you are going to gain insights on how to drive a Virgo man wild in bed. However, it starts with learning about The Language of Desire in this video here, which tells you the correct words that will create an emotional bond between you.

Please keep reading to learn how to have your dream man always thinking about you – Only You!

How to Sexually Please a Virgo Man  – Secrets to Excite Him

Virgo man kissing a womanVirgo Man in Bed

To get your Virgo man in the mood for sex and make him feel wanted, a romantic environment is essential.

Paying attention to what attracts a Virgo man in bed is important.

For instance, Virgo men love making out in a well-organized and tidy bedroom.

In addition, clean white sheets, good food, natural scents, and soft music appeal to his senses.

With that in mind, you can drive his imagination wild by serving him with his favorite snack and wine in bed.

What’s more, wearing your sexy lacy lingerie and his favorite perfume will also make him have anticipation and fantasies about things to come.

Three Ways to Keep a Virgo Man Happy in Bed

The trick in keeping a Virgo man happy in bed is to become unpredictable and promote yourself as a mystery that will keep him guessing.

  • Explore his body to discover his erogenous zones by sensual stroking and gently biting sensitive areas like ears, fingers, and toes.
  • Fire up his imagination by whispering in his ear the things you would like him to do to you.
  • Oral is the foundation to a successful relationship with a Virgo man as he loves giving as much as receiving. Experience in this area will pay dividends so learning how to do it properly will help to build a strong emotional connection. This video explains exactly what to do.

Oral Sex

girl stroking a Virgo mans shoulderOral sex is a subject often ignored in print due to the intimacy involved, but this is one of the most assured ways of bringing sexual excitement to a relationship.

Usually, the most sensitive of the erogenous zones, learning how to give satisfying oral sex is the number one way to make your partner obsessed with you.

Qualified sex therapist Jack Hudson has broken down the barriers of embarrassment which have held so many women back from experiencing a complete relationship with their man by producing a step-by-step guide.

Being able to confidently administer oral sex will bring unbelievable passion to your lovemaking and create a sexual bond of love and respect. Find out if this is the key to complete sexual satisfaction with your Virgo man by watching this video here.

The Secret Of Triggering a Virgo Man’s Passion

Are you wanting to know how to ignite the flames of passion in your Virgo man and make him lust after you and only you?

Perhaps you are picking up on the little signs that are showing he is not as passionate as he used to be? Or maybe even worse, that your crush may have his interest being drawn away by another woman.

If you are having these thoughts, you need to do something about them before it is too late!

To re-kindle the flames of passion in your Virgo crush, read on for possibly the most important information you are ever likely to read.

Leading relationship expert Michael Fiore has joined Felicity Keith to produce a program that triggers the feelings of desire process inside a man’s brain. To manipulate his mental G-spot so he craves to want only you.

Don’t just drift on hoping things will get better on their own. You can take a peek preview of this unique system, and decide for yourself if this is the key to romantic bliss with your Virgo lover.

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The Importance of Foreplay Techniques?

Virgo man in bed with a smiling womanThe Virgo guy loves any form of foreplay, and so it is important that the techniques that you use create a relaxing atmosphere.

So, if you want to ignite his lust, you may want to indulge him in some hot massages, cuddling, kissing, and oral sex.

Focusing on his stomach and buttocks, which are the erogenous zones of Virgo man, will certainly make him have an erection.

Foreplay is all about raising the expectation of each other and experimenting to discover hidden desires.

The brain is the controlling factor that regulates the senses.

All the five main senses are active in lovemaking and all should be agreeably tuned to discover what works best for you both.

A hidden desire of Virgo men is hearing their woman tell them how much she is enjoying the experience. This then goes much further in hearing her ‘talking dirty’ describing acts she desires.

Dirty talk, and how to do it properly is an asset that can create a fantastic bond between you and your Virgo crush.

Relationship expert Felicity Keith has studied the effectiveness of this process and shows you exactly how you can do it with confidence here.

You can also make the intercourse fun hotter by whispering in his ears what you want him to do to you. Foreplay with your Virgo lover will not only make you feel closer, but it will also make you feel more intimate.

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Try New Things to Sexually Please a Virgo Man

smiling couple on bedVirgo guys are not familiar with different sex positions.

In addition, your Virgo boyfriend is likely to stick to a sex position he knows, which can make your lovemaking sessions quite monotonous, unless you sow the seeds of change.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that a Virgo man will want to please you if you suggest trying out new sex techniques or new experiences while in between the sheets.

So, you can slowly introduce him to new techniques that bring out his sexual prowess.

All men, especially those born under the sign of Virgo crave to have their masculinity assured by hearing how well he is performing.

You can listen to a short video by Felicity Keith here, who explains in detail the power your words have over him during sex.

What’s more, sex positions that will allow your Virgo mate to maintain eye contact will be quite impressive.

However, he prefers to have sex in a position that will make it easy for him to satisfy his sexual urges.

I recently reviewed a book by a leading astrologer and relationship expert, entitled Virgo man Sextrology which you can read here, this should give you a good background on his sexual characteristics.

Allow Him to Dominate You

Learning how to sexually please a Virgo man in bed is accepting that he wants to take charge. He wants to take care of your every wish, desire, and fantasy first.

So, if you want to win the heart of your Virgo partner, it is important that you let him dominate you in the bedroom.

Your Virgo partner wants to give you his undivided attention. Therefore, it is important that you share your sexual fantasies and desires with him.

He will read between the lines of how you are responding to his lovemaking.

Be very specific about what he is doing well, without denting his ego of things that you are not so keen on.

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Virgo Man in Bed

Virgo man in bed with a womanA Virgo man in bed is a very visual creature and uses his eyes for major arousal prior to and during lovemaking.

Leaving a small table light on will create subtle lighting that will allow him to appreciate your body.

Dispel all your fears of how you imagine your appearance to be and allow him to see and adore your body.

Being able to see every part of you is literally intoxicating for him and is an important way of learning how to sexually please a Virgo man. Allowing him to see your reactions during sex lets him see how much his prowess is working.

The desire of every Virgo guy is to satisfy the desires of his woman.

Therefore, while in between the sheets with your Virgo boyfriend, it is important that you give him positive feedback about his sexual performance.

He needs to know that he is touching you in all the right places and that you love it. Alternatively, it is important that you let him know anything that you may be averse to.

A happy relationship is built on shared experiences, not just for the gratification of one.

Understanding the techniques and the tricks that drive men wild explained by a male relationship expert will create a bond between you that can never be replicated. If you satisfy your Virgo crush in this regard why would he ever need to stray?

In addition, your Virgo boyfriend also needs to know that you love his body such as his masculine arms, his six-pack, etc.

The Virgo macho image of himself is important to him so care needs to be taken if standards do not come up to expectation sometimes.

Letting him know that you have hots for him and that you appreciate his effort to make you happy in bed will certainly help him get rid of any insecurities.

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Below is a YouTube video that I found, in which the presenter explains more about the sexual experience with a Virgo man in bed. First-hand knowledge from someone who understands the zodiac signs.

Final Thoughts

The above article contains a few tips on how to understand a Virgo man sexually, which hopefully lead you to a happier and more satisfying relationship with the guy of your dreams.

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In other words, it is important that you understand how a Virgo man thinks and reacts to everyday situations.

Understanding how to sexually please a Virgo man will create a lifetime bond and ensure he is forever happy with just one woman. You can discover more by reading my review of Virgo Man Sextrology Here.

I hope my article will help you to secure your future with the man of your dreams. There are lots more articles regarding a relationship with a Virgo guy on my website not bookmark my site for future reference?

My joy is in giving


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