Should I give up on my Virgo Man?

woman with her back to manMany women ask the question, ‘should I give up on my Virgo man?’ because the male born under the sign of Virgo can sometimes be an infuriating partner to be with.

The nature of this star sign is to bottle up his feelings rather than discuss which leads to a woman having to work out if her Virgo man is really hurt.

Having said that, his character of being honest and shy makes a Virgo guy the dream lover of most women looking for romance and a permanent relationship.

The part of a Virgo man’s hidden character that infuriates a woman the most is down to the time he takes to make up his mind before allowing her to see the true person.

A Virgo man can blow hot and cold seemingly at any time which makes a woman question whether he has the potential of being a serious long-term prospect. Even after being together for a long period a Virgo man can come across as being disinterested leaving his partner thinking she must have done something wrong.

Will a Virgo man test you?

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Why you should not give up on your Virgo man.

pretty woman smiling at cameraVirgo men are generally intelligent hard-working and conscientious. They tend to have a direct and planned outlook on life and like to keep up to date with current affairs and topics that may affect their future.

This can lead him into thinking that he is always right, so a relationship with a Virgo man will require a woman ‘To be on the Ball’ and ready to debate her point of view.

The good thing is a Virgo man has great respect for a woman if she remains unemotional in getting her point across.

Although a relationship with a Virgo man may have its up’s and down’s the upside prevails in getting someone who is honest and fiercely loyal. Once understanding and acceptance are reached on a Virgo guy’s characteristics harmony and romance will blossom.

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The caring side of a Virgo

Every woman seeking a relationship with a guy wants him to be caring and devoted. I’m sure you like me has had our share of uncaring men in our lives. Men are usually very different from women who get devoted quickly in any relationship she starts.

One of the very first things a woman may notice in a relationship with a Virgo man is that he cares. He comes across as wanting things to work out and starts by delving into finding the things that make you happy.

You may have noticed during the first few dates his caring nature coming to the surface. You may well be delighted but a Virgo man can sometimes tend to care too much in the early stages.

This then leads a woman to be confused when later he pulls back because he is one that needs his own space occasionally.

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woman ignoring man on couchWhen to ignore a Virgo man

From a woman’s perspective, I’m sure you like me had the opinion that most single men seem to be carefree with life.

Most men have a kind of confidence about them of ‘Take it on the Chin’ and ‘Whatever happens’ is meant to happen’ Type of attitude.

This is generally not the case with a Virgo man who has a much more structured outlook on how his life will pan out. He is known to be fussy about everything being in its place.

You may initially be bowled over and find it a refreshing change but sometimes he can take things too far.

A Virgo man tends to have an opinion on everything and can be fussy about things that fall out of his line of reasoning. Learning when to ignore him and just step back and let him work it out himself rather than get irritated is key to harmony.

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Can Virgo men be controlling?

A Virgo man is a definite person to go to for advice on most subjects. They tend to be someone who is prepared to give an opinion and often wise words on most subjects. This is something that will adhere them to women who tend to love them for it.

However, this advice thing can be a two-edged proposition. On the one hand, a Virgo man is willing to offer advice but does have a tendency to sometimes go overboard with its delivery. A Virgo man is keen to help which can lead to pushing their opinion too hard.

The difference between inspiring and motivating a person who needs advice or being over-controlling is a fine line which sometimes a Virgo man misses.

For them, because of the high standards they set themselves, they tend to get close to controlling the situation rather than allowing a person to accept their advice.

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couple arguingWill a Virgo man test you?

A Virgo man has a straightforward way of how things should be in his life and because of this he does not enjoy mind games.

In fact, he views this kind of behavior as underhand and deceitful. He will not get involved in it and he will expect his partner to do the same.

Any woman wanting a relationship with a Virgo guy should stay well clear of trying to get his attention by instigating a situation to try to make him jealous for instance. In his mind, there is no room for underhand deception and beating around the bush.

A male born under the sign of Virgo respects a person more for saying it how it is rather than trying to flower the words to avoid an argument. If you are not happy with something it is far better to broach the subject and get it in the open rather than ignore it and let it fester.

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Will a Virgo man want me back?

This is where so many factors need to be taken into account and considered. A Virgo man’s response will depend a lot on how much he feels let down by the break-in trust that you once shared. If he feels you have not been honest with him and try to cover it up, there is probably no way back.

A Virgo guy is usually very perceptive and his intuition tells him when to walk away. To pick up the threads of a broken relationship your Virgo man will need a compelling reason.

Depending on the reason the relationship has turned sour will depend on how much energy you will need to put in to turn things around.

If you feel you have made a mistake it is best to come clean and admit you were wrong. A Virgo man hates needy and groveling but does respect humility. When trauma happens in a Virgo man’s life he usually withdraws inside his shell and thinks deeply before moving on.

This is where you need to give him some space to evaluate the good times you had between you before things started to go wrong. If you are serious about wanting him back take this time to examine yourself.

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Ask yourself if you had been taking him for granted and maybe starting to let yourself down without realizing it. You need to explore different avenues of letting him know you still care for him but without coming across as crowding him.

I came across a youtube video that you might like to watch which gives more information about the good and bad traits of a Virgo man. All I can say is that a Virgo guy is one of the most attractive star signs of the zodiac so try if you can to work out how to keep the flame alive.

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For more on a Virgo man

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