10 Signs A Virgo Man Cares About You

Picture of woman holding her hand up to manHow to Tell if Your Virgo Man Cares About You

Are you in love with a Virgo man and you feel confused because you do not know how he feels about you? Well, if your answer is yes, it is important to note that Virgo men are not very good at verbalizing their deepest feelings.

However, they are very effective, sensitive, as well as very good lovers. So, your Virgo crush might not tell you how much he cares about you, but he will show it through subtle actions.

If you’re wondering if your Virgo boyfriend is really serious and has your best interest at heart, it is important that you get to understand his personality and how he communicates his love.

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That being said, this article will help you gain insights into subtle ways your Virgo man will show you he cares without having to use words. You just need to be able to read the subtle signs and you will have him eating out of your hand. Please keep reading.

He always has a desire to communicate with you regularly

A major personality trait of the Virgo man is that he is not very talkative. What’s more, Virgo guy is often very careful about the kind of woman he dates, and he never rushes when it comes to selecting a woman.

So, if your Virgo crush has been sending you text messages, replying to your messages or calling you often, he certainly has your best interest at heart. If this is not happening you need to find out ‘The One Thing’ that most men are attracted to in a woman.

In other words, if your Virgo man cares about you, he is likely to check in on you at different hours of the day so that he can hear your voice or just to ensure you are okay.

That being said, if your Virgo crush has eased off sending you texts or calls, it may just mean he has a lot on his mind or is busy at work.

You need to tread carefully as you don’t want to come across as needy, but you do have to try and establish if he is losing interest in you or not.

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picture of couple drinking champagneHe goes out of his way to impress you

If your Virgo boyfriend likes you, he will show you using subtle actions. For instance, Virgo guys are known to be very messy, and they rarely have time to clean up their houses because they are always working hard.

However, if your Virgo crush likes you, he will take his time to clean up his messy home, particularly when you are going to visit him.

What’s more, he may invite you to dinner to cook your favorite meal, cater to your financial needs or be prepared to run errands for you, just to mention, but a few. So, if your Virgo boyfriend has been doing any of the above things, he is certainly interested in you.

He is brutally honest

Virgo guy understands that honesty is the best policy, and he will always tell you the truth no matter how hurtful it will be. So, if your Virgo partner adores you, he will be open and honest with you, and he will not hesitate to tell you about each and every aspect of his life.

In other words, if a Virgo guy is really into you, he is likely to be more open than you, and he will not hesitate to tell you how he spent his day, or things about his family.

He will often talk to you about anything, and he will not find it necessary to keep secrets from you. What’s more, you will always get straight answers to all your questions, and he will not beat around the bush.

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He criticizes your annoying behaviors

Another sure sign that the analytical and observant Virgo guy is concerned about you is that he will always be very critical of your annoying habits. It is important to note that Virgo men tend to show their love by criticizing, helping or serving others.

What’s more, they are known to be very attentive to details. So, if your Virgo crush always finds it necessary to correct you and call out your faulty behaviors, he certainly loves you and he wants you to be perfect just like he is.

That being said, you should be happy that your Virgo boyfriend is criticizing minor things because it shows he cares about you. However, get him to draw a line if his criticism becomes irritating because he also respects a strong woman. If he stops noticing little things about you, he really doesn’t care about you.

He is loyal

Virgo men are considered to be very loyal and affectionate lovers. Therefore, if your Virgo man is into you, he will commit to you wholeheartedly. In other words, your Virgo boyfriend will be faithful to you no matter what, and he will certainly expect you to be faithful. What’s more, Virgo guy will show his dedication to you without being clingy.

He never forgets little details

When a Virgo man has your best interest at heart, he will certainly pay attention to you. What’s more, he is likely not to forget things about you such as what makes you happy, what you love, or what makes you tick.

In other words, a Virgo guy who cherishes you will demonstrate his love for you by remembering everything about you and putting every little detail about you in his mind.

He keeps telling you how special you are

If a Virgo guy loves you, he will let you know how special and unique you are. He will compliment your looks, your shape, and he will treat you differently from how he treats other women.

What’s more, he may also tell his family, co-workers, and friends how special you are to him. So, if a Virgo guy you are head over heels for has been behaving this way, he certainly adores you.

He helps you solve problems

Virgo men love helping people. So, if your Virgo crush always comes to your rescue whenever you have issues that need to be resolved or questions that need answers, he certainly has strong feelings for you.

In other words, Virgo man is not the kind of guy that will abandon you when you need his assistance. He will be there for you through thick and thin more so when he is attracted to you.

picture of man facing woman with a rose behind his backHe spoils you with gifts

If your Virgo crush likes you, he will show his adoration and demonstrate how much he cares for you by buying you little items.

What’s more, a Virgo man who cherishes you will be sensitive to your intimate needs, and he will show how much he values you by buying you things that make you smile.

In addition, he is likely to get you fun things that remind you of him.

He always wants to spend time with you

When a Virgo man cherishes you, he will want to spend ample time with you. He will take time off his busy schedule so that he can spend his free time with you. In other words, your Virgo crush will enjoy being around you, and he will not want to be separated from you.

What’s more, your Virgo boyfriend will prefer to spend more time with you than with someone he does not feel close to. Having said that, if your Virgo friend always seems to have reasons on why both of you need to meet, he cherishes you.

Parting Shot!

Virgo men tend to take their time in analyzing a woman, and they never get into a relationship before they are sure of their feelings. So, if you are in a relationship with a Virgo man who does not constantly tell you how much he loves you, it is important that you pay attention to his actions.

What I mean is that Virgo men use subtle actions to demonstrate their affection, and the above signs will certainly be useful in helping you determine how your Virgo crush feels about you. However, if you are trying to get a Virgo guy to ask you out, or in a relationship that is not quite working Read This Review for the answers.

10 Signs A Virgo Man Cares About You
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