Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

a Virgo man with a woman he likesIf you’ve currently got your eye on a certain Virgo man then it is natural to wonder if he also likes you.

Maybe you have been friends with a Virgo guy for some time, or you have been interacting with him at work or on social media?

You suddenly realize that you are feeling very attracted to him.

So, what are some of the signs you need to look out for in order to know if he feels the same way about you?

Eye Contact: Sure signs a Virgo man is into you

One of the keys to discovering if a Virgo man likes you is to understand the characteristics of the Virgo guy.

If you want to know more about this then you can read my article on the Virgo man traits here.

In this article, I am going to give you insights into some of the key things. The signs you need to look out for when it comes to figuring out if a Virgo man likes you.

How To Know If a Virgo Man Likes You – 7 Signs

There are a number of important signs to watch for when trying to decipher if he’s into you too. Here are my top seven signs when it comes to Virgo men.

He compliments you and notices things that others will not

A Virgo guy is known to be very observant and critical by nature of situations and people he is interested in.

If what you have been getting from him recently are genuine compliments then it is definitely a sign that he’s been paying attention to you. This could be a sign that he has started to get the hots for you!

In addition, if he has let you see that he is noticing things about you, this is the start of him opening up. It is highly possible that you have a Virgo admirer.

However, Virgo men are known to be very observant by nature, so this is not a guaranteed sign by itself.

man and woman playing chessHe wants you to know more about his talents and accomplishments

Virgo men are known to be very humble and somewhat private in spite of often being very talented people.

When a Virgo man likes you, he will be very eager to let you know more about his many talents and accomplishments.

He will be more open when he is sure of you in an attempt to try to impress and connect with you.

If he does this, rest assured that he is doing it because he likes you and probably would like you to know more about him.

If you pay attention to him and are interested in his accomplishments then he’ll definitely love you for it.

He is willing to go the extra mile for you

Virgo men are known to be very helpful. If you notice that he is keen on extending his help to you, then it could mean that he really likes you.

A Virgo guy can be quite a complex character. This is because he takes a long time to get to know someone new. He may have feelings for you but will not show them until he is sure he will not be rebuffed.

If you have the hots for a Virgo guy you need to make sure he does not feel chased or hemmed in. He has a destinct image of himself being in control of his life.

It would be wise to discover more about his character and how you can get him to make the first move.

If you want to find out more about his characteristics click here to see our review of Virgo Man Secrets.

a man and woman who like each other smiling

Bumps into you often

If you seemingly and somewhat “coincidentally” keep bumping into a certain Virgo guy. Possibly in places that you just don’t expect to see him.  Then this may be his way of letting you know he wants to know more about you.

In fact, if he always wants to find out what your plans are, then it is possible he likes you and wants to be part of your big plans.

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He is always Cheerful

Virgo men are not known to be always cheerful. If you notice that he is acting very jolly and cheery in your presence, then take it as a sign that he likes you. He is likely trying to make a good impression on you. Either that or he’s just won the lottery.

If a Virgo man likes you he will do his utmost to put his best foot forward. He will show you his good side, hoping that the two of you will be able to connect. Remember though, this is only likely to happen when he is sure he will not be rejected.

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He buys you gifts

Virgo men are known to show their affection by buying their lady nice little gifts. However, it is important to note that he is not likely to try to mesmerize you by giving gifts. This is not his way in trying to get a date.

To a Virgo man, gifts are not really meant to spoil you, but to show you that he cares about you.

Therefore, if later, you have been receiving thoughtful gifts from a Virgo guy, it is a sure sign that he likes you.

He opens up to you

A Virgo guy is known to not easily share his feelings, especially with strangers or people he doesn’t know all that well.

If he decides to freely express his feelings and share some personal info about himself, then rest assured that he likes you.

Here are some more great signs that a Virgo man is attracted to you.


Don’t expect a Virgo guy to display his feelings towards you almost immediately. It might take him time to really open up about how he feels about you.

If he suddenly starts bringing you gifts and compliments you on tiny details then he’s most likely got a thing for you.

You can take this as a sign he has accepted you and happy for you to make more of the running.

It is important to discover everything you can about him, click here for a solution to help you.

Remember that seeing any one of these signs by themselves does not necessarily mean that he likes you.

However, if you start seeing a few of these signs from him over time then your Virgo man probably likes you too.

For more info on Virgo men in love, attraction and relationships please see our homepage here or visit us on our Virgo Man Google+ page.

Signs a Virgo Man Likes You
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