Signs a Virgo Man Is Done With You – How to re-spark His Interest

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

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Do you ever catch yourself wondering what your man is thinking?

Or maybe find yourself constantly trying to figure out if he’s happy, what he needs from you, or worried that he is thinking about breaking up with you? You are not alone!

It can be really upsetting sometimes coming to terms with this zodiac sign moods and feeling inadequate and thinking these are signs a Virgo man is done with you.

But don’t be too hasty and jump to unfounded conclusions because I am going to explain in this article why a Virgo man sometimes acts this way, and also some proven tips to help you re-establish a strong relationship.

A man born under Virgo, which is the sign of the virgin, is more susceptible to emotional mood swings than other zodiac signs. On the face of it, he is outgoing and confident but inside he sometimes struggles to put into words what he is feeling.

The Virgo man has his own set of moods and emotions that can often leave a woman feeling anxious and insecure about their relationship. Read on for some insight into how this sign thinks so that you don’t have to wonder anymore!

If he has been distant or standoffish, it’s possible that he’s just not ready for the commitment that he feels you are pushing for.

Once a Virgo man has made up his mind about something, it’s done! Nothing can change it. If you have been with a Virgo man for some time but things are starting to get rocky it might be because of your behavior or treatment towards him, maybe this article can help save what was once so great between the two of you!

A Virgo man can love fiercely and intensely. He is a bit of the “old school” type, preferring to keep his feelings under wraps, but if you are lucky enough to capture his heart he will be devoted for life.

If you are wondering if your Virgo man has lost interest in you or not, here’s what to look out for: One sign that your Virgo man might be done with you is if he starts to act like a jerk.

He will suddenly become more dismissive and rude, while also not listening to what you say. If this happens, it’s time for some tough love because it could mean the end of the relationship!

A remedy that has helped many women just like you is explained in this video that will make your Virgo guy re-focus his interest back on you.

Your feminine intuition has picked up on signals from him that things are different? He is not so attentive, he sometimes seems lost in his own thoughts?

This is not the time to automatically think your Virgo crush has lost interest in you, and there is nothing you can do!

This article explains why he may be acting this way and also has proven tips that will help you stop him from walking away before things get too bad!

It is a normal characteristic for a Virgo man to sometimes be quiet and withdrawn when he has things on his mind, almost as though he has drifted off to some distant place and in a world of his own.

When a Virgo man is done with you, there will be changes in the way he acts towards you, so it is important to understand the meaning of the different subtle signals he is inadvertently sending out.

You, like me, may find these mixed signals frustrating and really confusing, but with patience and understanding, a woman can learn how to treat these moods as imposters. Read on to discover techniques that you can use to make him re-focus his attention back on you.

But first, find out if you are pushing him away by not providing the thing he craves the most! This video explains vital ingredients that may be missing from your relationship!

Knowing how a man, born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, thinks in relationship situations, will open a gate to a man who is trustworthy, and who will generally make a passionate, and trustworthy, long-term partner.

A Virgo man is ruled by the planet Mercury giving him characteristics that make him want to be in control of everything he does, including his emotions.

This zodiac sign in a male is one that draws attraction from many other women, but he is only content with a woman who really understands him.

A Virgo man has a built-in desire for something that is “greater” than even his natural need for love or sex. It’s the reason why some men who seem to have everything are still not really happy.

A woman understanding this greater need is in a unique position to satisfy this burning desire, and when she does she will create the foundation for a happy lasting relationship.

If you want your Virgo crush to start paying serious attention to you, or you need to re-spark the passion in your relationship you need to take action before his head is turned towards another.

This video explains how to provide the main thing that your Virgo guy craves in a relationship, and how to become the only woman he ever wants in his life.

A Virgo guy is a deep thinker so a woman sometimes needs to change her thinking to get him to re-focus on her. Read on to learn more proven techniques that you can use on your Virgo crush to re-direct his interest totally on you.

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When A Virgo Man Seems He is Not Interested in You

sad girl sitting on a beach looking out to sea trying to understand when a Virgo man is done with you The reason a Virgo man is showing signs of not being interested is not necessarily that he has fallen out of love with you, but more to do with the way you may have been reacting towards him.

Has the relationship become too samey? Or possibly you are pressuring him with wanting to do things your way?

Because of the complex characteristics of a Virgo man sometimes a woman does not notice his disinterest until it is too late. When a Virgo man is done with you it will be for a good reason.

Building a bond with him in the early stages will ensure that he remains content with you, and you alone! However, this bond can still be created even though your Virgo man seems preoccupied and seemingly not interested in you.

A Virgo guy is one that yearns for a stable long-term relationship rather than one-night stands. However, he would be put off by a woman who tried to take the lead and push herself on him, so a more subtle way forward is usually called for.

A Virgo man has a deeply hidden desire that drives his emotions harder than his need for money and even sex. This desire is bordering on obsession and is linked to his hero instinct.

It is something that when understood by a woman can create an unbreakable bond in the relationship. Studies have found that a Virgo man has a craving to be with a woman who understands this hidden need.

Each situation is different so you have to discover the trigger that will unlock his inner desire which will give you the information you need to get him to commit to you.

The link in the paragraph below may give you, as it did me, the answer that you have been looking for.

Relationship expert James Bauer has years of experience and has developed a unique method that has helped 100s of women to master this hidden desire.

It is also a stupidly simple technique, that you can easily put into place, to have your Virgo guy, completely besotted with you.

James has prepared a short video in which he explains a man’s hidden desire, and also how you can use his method to get your Virgo crush to focus totally on you. Discover here for yourself, how you can provide the one thing that he feels makes him a man.

How to Spot the Signs a Virgo Man is Done With You

Virgo man and a woman drinking wine as she tries to understand if he is done with herWhy a Virgo man in love acts distant is something that can be quite baffling, but I will try to explain here.

The main reason is he sometimes has a very difficult time verbally expressing how he feels.

Rather than trying to explain what is on his mind, he tends to let emotions build up.

This is because he is very analytical in his outlook on life and needs assurances that will avoid mistakes in the future.

With such character traits, it is difficult sometimes to pick up on the signs a Virgo man is interested in you or distracted by problems that he has difficulty in explaining.

A Virgo man can be solitary if he has things playing on his mind to do with work for instance. Or alternatively, inner personal problems that he is struggling with.

Time to Move On?

In all my articles I try to give a balanced view and sometimes have to advise that some relationships are too one-sided and whatever you do just seems to create more heartache.

I know how a breakup or a stop-start relationship can leave you feeling miserable and alone, but sometimes you need to face facts and move on with your life.

All the tips in this article can help to save a relationship, but the truth is in some situations the spark has died and you need to come to terms with it.

It is important to look at things objectively, and if you know in your heart of hearts things are not working then you need to strengthen your future by learning how to best get over a breakup so that you can move on.

Giving a Virgo Man His Own Space

girl looking over mans shoulderThis is not a time for you to get emotional, imagining that you may have lost him to another woman.

It is just that sometimes it is best to take a step back and not crowd a Virgo man in love who might just need his own space.

Avoid trying to get his attention by being full-on, this could have the reverse result of what you are looking for.

The zodiac sign a person is born under gives an indication of his characteristics and traits. You may be surprised to learn that leading astrologers believe that Cosmic compatibility plays a large part in a successful relationship.

This is based on the energies of the two individuals. Men and women think differently about emotion and relationships which is a point so overlooked by a lot of women.

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Virgo Man’s Complex Male Traits And Characteristics

I recently came across a program that has had very favorable results for scores of women in getting a Virgo guy to fall in love with them, as well as re-uniting couples after a breakup.

The secret lies in a system that can influence a Virgo man’s thinking patterns. So if you are trying to get a relationship going with someone you fancy, or trying to re-light the fires of passion with your current crush, this may well be for you.

The program has been devised by relationship expert Amy North and uses a technique of carefully crafted words with subliminal meaning sent by text message. Wording phrased in a subtle way can have a magical effect on a man’s brain.

If you prefer to get right into it, you can listen to Amy as she explains how to connect emotionally by texting, in a short video here.

Texting is now the modern-day way to communicate and saves any embarrassing face-to-face rejections.

I was so impressed with Amy’s program that I wrote a review so that you can see if it is something that will regain the interest of your Virgo crush in you?

Text messages sent with the right words can make a man desire and want you. Find out more by reading my review of this exciting technique.

So, don’t give up, this article will suggest ways of getting him to focus his attention on you.

A Virgo man has characteristics that make him slow in showing his feelings. He needs to know as much as he can about a woman to avoid possibly being hurt emotionally later on.

He needs to feel that he has made the decision to progress a relationship rather than feeling he has been pushed into it.

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The Hidden Signs a Virgo Man Is Done With You

couple arguing on a park benchIf you have the hots for a Virgo guy you need to be able to subtlely bring him out of his shell so that he feels comfortable.

You must get him to lead the relationship rather than chase him. A Virgo man is usually slow to make up his mind about a person.

This may seem as though he is ignoring you but he could also be wondering how to move things forward without losing you.

So, how to get him interested in you without coming on too strong? How to win a Virgo man back.

Carry on reading this article and discover other subtle ways to bring out the caring characteristics that will make him fall head over heels in love with you. Understanding how a Virgo guy thinks will help you build a trustworthy relationship.

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Understanding a Virgo Man – Including Sextrology

girl touching mans shoulderI recently reviewed a method called Virgo Man Secrets by a leading astrologer and relationship expert Amy North.

In her well-researched work, Amy explains a Virgo man’s complex characteristics, as well as how a Virgo guy thinks and acts in situations regarding romance and relationships.

Learning about his thought patterns will put you in the driver’s seat in finding that magic ingredient that will spark love between you.

It will help you build your relationship making him want you and only you.

Startling facts are revealed in my review which may help you to see if it is just shyness holding him back. This also includes everything you need to know about a Virgo man’s Sextrology here.

You can find out more about the traits and characteristics in my review of Virgo man secrets here.

Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore

There are certain things that a Virgo man will do when he is interested or in love with you. Being punctual, putting you first, and calling when he says he will. As well as being there for you in your good and bad times.

However, he only does these things for the woman he loves. Therefore, if he used to do these things and has suddenly stopped, it could be a sign that he is no longer finding you attractive.

Alternatively, he has other problems on his mind that he needs to sort out. This is where you need to be patient in comprehending the subtle signals that he is throwing off.

Once you learn how to read these signals you will be able to adjust to the situation.

In this article, I am going to delve deeper into some signs that can help you figure out when a Virgo man is done with you or if he just needs his own space to think things through.

I’m sure, you like me, learned early on that some people are naturally attracted to each other like magnets.

While others have to grow to like each other by uncovering their hidden shyness to develop a relationship. It is all about a learning curve and getting used to each other.

There is a distinct difference in how women think about a relationship compared to men. This then leads a woman to overlook something that can be easily rectified.

I recently wrote this article. What a woman needs to know about a Virgo man, following discussions with several women regarding a Virgo guy’s interest levels.

You may find it follows a pattern to your situation?

Tips To Focus a Virgo Man’s Interest Back On You

Virgo man kissing a woman he is interested inIf you have the hots for a Virgo guy, there are two things that you need to do.

Understand his characteristics and establish a plan of action to have him focus on you.

Every relationship is different and it can be confusing trying to find an answer to your particular situation.

I have tried to make it as easy as possible by breaking this article into two sections.

You can then decide which would help most with your particular situation.

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Understanding how he thinks and reacts in different situations will help you know the real person.

Having a plan to move forward will keep you focused rather than in the dumps emotionally.

Because a woman naturally thinks from a female perspective she can overlook the most obvious thing that is holding a relationship back.

An Experts View

One crucial factor that is missed by most women wanting a commitment from a Virgo guy has been the subject of a study by relationship expert James Bauer.

James has created this program to help women get a Virgo man to idolize them. He explains his method in a short video which can be discovered here.

The traits of a Virgo male generally have some complex characteristics which need to be appreciated to avoid misunderstandings and upsets.

It is not a case of you changing who you are or doing everything to please him. It is just being aware so that you can avoid possible flare-ups that could cause a break.

If however, you are looking for ways to get his attention or concerned that he may be losing interest in you have a look at the links under ‘Have him focus on you’.

By clicking on the blue links below you will be taken to an article or video concerning that particular topic.

I have set the links so that you can read the article and when you click off will return to this page. This will give you the chance of deciding if the topic is really for your situation.

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Have Him Focus On You

Woman smiling with a man leaning against a couchThere are two programs that I think you will find that may give you a route to a plan of action.

Both are by leading relationship experts who have not only had a personal experience but also helped 100’s of women in the same situation.

The first is Text Psychology and the second is an article explaining how a man’s attention can easily be focused to love just one woman and is called How to be irresistible to a Virgo guy.

I wrote a separate article on Amy’s program called Text Psychology which explains how messages sent with the correct wording can have a profound effect on the subconscious mind of the person reading them.

If you are trying to get more attention from your Virgo crush or want to re-light the flames of passion after a breakup, this could do the trick. A simple unique method that has the power to change how a man thinks about a situation. Find out for yourself if this can spark your guy’s interest in you!

Messages sent with the correct wording can have a profound subliminal effect to sway a person’s focus.

Physical attraction may be the initial ingredient but maintaining a romantic and contented relationship sometimes requires understanding.

How to become irresistible to a Virgo man is an article I have written to help women re-evaluate themselves.

How To Know If A Virgo Man Is Not Interested

Is Virgo Man Interested Or Not?

woman listening to mans heart on a stethoscopeWhen a Virgo man is interested in you, he will make time for you even when his days are overly busy.

He will somehow plan his schedule in a way that enables him to spend some time with his woman.

In other words, he will be very efficient with a woman he loves.

If you feel he is losing interest in you, it is important not to overreact.

Try and pick up on the subtle signs that he is giving off, in case he has other pressing problems on his mind.

Don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that he is losing interest in you. He may well have other things on his mind that he is finding difficult to share with you.

All my articles relate to situations regarding Virgo men so you may want to bookmark them for future reference?

I also welcome your feedback or questions if I can be of help in the comments at the bottom of each article.

How To Tell If a Virgo Man Is Into You

There are however some subtle things that you can do to get him thinking about you.

One of those is subliminal messages, which can be sent by text, which creates thought patterns that are directed at you.

It can be particularly handy if you feel your relationship needs a boost. Or alternatively, if you are trying to attract attention for the first time.

This may well be the hidden gem that you need to create your perfect partnership. Have a look at my article below.

You may be surprised at the effect this can have on your Virgo crush.

Trigger a Virgo man’s interest: How to flirt with a Virgo man via text

Another thing that a Virgo man will do if he is not interested in you is to start making excuses for visiting you.

Your focus needs to be directed towards finding out if there are genuine reasons he can’t see you.

A Virgo man is slow to talk about things on his mind because he naturally assumes that other people are not going to be interested.

Without coming across as though you are cross-examining him, you need to ask pertinent questions to discover what is on his mind.

Posing the right questions will help you discover if he is losing interest in you.

A more in-depth character assessment can be found at Virgo man secrets, by renowned astrologer Anna Kovach, Virgo man secrets which includes a section on Sextrology.

Why Virgo Man Ignores Your Text

One thing that you might notice with a Virgo man who’s no longer interested in you is a decrease in communication.

This may be that he is starting to take you for granted and at this stage, it may well be worth playing a little hard to get.

If he is not interested and you find you are doing all the chasing you will need to consider changing your appearance for instance!

Or possibly look at yourself objectively to see if you have become too boring and predictable.

He may well be looking at another woman. If you want him you need to be honest with yourself.

If things are not the same you need to do something about it. Don’t sit and mope and be emotional as this could make things worse.

A great way of staying in touch, without coming on too strong is via text. As long as it is used properly.

Dating and relationship expert Amy North will advise you on the correct way to liaise, and also the most effective messages for your particular situation.

Have a look at my review article on Text Psychology to see how to bring his thoughts back to you and only you.

On the other hand, if called by a woman he is not interested in anymore, he tends not to be as enthusiastic about the phone call.

The reason he responds is just that he is trying to be courteous and considerate.

Text messages may also become less, and in some cases, you might not receive any messages from him.

This can be infuriating as it may also mean that he is testing you and playing a little hard to get.

Signs a Virgo Man Is Losing Interest In You

A good sign that a Virgo man is not interested in you is if he does not want to have a second date with you.

Virgo men can be very picky and if he realizes that you are not a good match for him, he will definitely not go past the first date with you.

girl looking at her phone to textHowever, you also need to be honest with yourself and ask ‘Did I do anything that may have put him off me?’

If you are really keen on him you need to develop a very subtle approach to finding ways to contact or casually bump into him.

Try to establish why he does not want a second date.

A subtle way of doing this is via text messages that contain subliminal signals that can spike his interest. Discover the easy way to get him to focus his attention, or repair your relationship after a disagreement or breakup.

He Won’t Pay Attention To You

If your Virgo man seems like he is not paying attention when you talk to him, he is clearly not interested in you.

It is important also to note that a guy who is interested in you will maintain eye contact. When talking to him notice if he is looking away and showing little interest.

Are you talking too much about yourself rather than finding out the topics that he may be interested in?

If your Virgo man has not been paying you the attention you deserve then you will want to change this immediately.

Drifting on, hoping that things will turn around may only lead to losing him for good.

If the above tips do not fit your particular situation you may want to check out the link below

Relationship expert, James Bauer has created a system that shows a woman exactly what she needs to do and say to get his attention.

Using these messages will excite his senses and make him obsessed with you. James tells you exactly how here.

He Criticizes You a Lot

One thing you are likely to notice when a Virgo man is done with you is his constant criticism.

This may well be about your imperfections and weaknesses.

You might even notice that he compares you with other women. This is probably a habit he never had before.

Maybe this is certainly a sign that he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you.

Is there any way you can open up the conversation to get him to talk about why he is criticizing you?

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Final Thoughts

Virgo men are known to make very loving partners as long as they are understood. When they are interested in a woman, they can put up with a lot of things.

If you think you are noticing signs a Virgo man is done with you, act quickly, you need to explore a couple of the tips above to regain his attention.

Taking action could produce the perfect relationship that you deserve.

Picture of Charlene smilingTo learn how to revive his interest in you and bring back the magic.

Check out my review of Virgo man secrets which includes a guide to his Sextrology by a world-renowned astrologer and relationship expert.

I hope the above tips have given you new ideas to re-ignite the interest of your Virgo guy.

There are lots more articles on my website if you would like to take a look.

My joy is in giving


Disclaimer: Some of the links in this content may be affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and then make a purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

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