Top 10 Signs A Virgo Man Likes You

a couple of people talking on a sofaVirgo men are known to be shy and reserved and need to know a woman before showing signs they like her.

Some people perceive them to be very reserved but this is not always the case as some Virgo men have a natural wariness to situations that they feel unfamiliar with.

This leads a girl to be confused in deciding if a guy likes her for a good time or if there is a chance of a long-term loving relationship.

Virgo men want to feel that they are in control of any situation so if you have the hots for him you may scare him away if you chase him. So, how to bring him out of his shell and let him know you are interested in him?

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Virgo man characteristics

If you have designs on a Virgo man it is important to understand his complex characteristics. Maybe you feel this guy has the potential to be Mr. Right? You will need to learn all about his particular traits and what makes him tick.

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In this article, I am going to discuss some signs that will help you know if a Virgo man likes you.

How To Know If A Virgo Man Likes You

He is more relaxed around you

Virgo men are known to be kind of anxious and hesitant when it comes to letting go of their feelings. However, if a Virgo man likes you, he is likely to be very relaxed when around you.

One sure sign that he likes you is smiling a lot when around you. Also displaying some high level of confidence when his sense of humor is also likely to be at play.

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He will also make an effort to be lively and positive when around you just to capture your attention.

You might also notice that he makes a comment on how nice your hair looks for instance. He may even ask you about something that he thinks you may be interested in.

It is all part of the information he needs so that he can feel more relaxed around you.

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More Signs A Virgo Man Likes You

One thing that you will notice with a Virgo man who likes you is that he wants to talk to you a lot more. This is his way of breaking the ice, and you can help by encouraging this conversation.

Virgo men are known to be very cautious, but when he likes you, he can feel more relaxed. As he learns more about you he will be less cautious.

He might even start telling you things about himself such as his likes and dislikes.

Virgo man might also share with you some important aspects of his life and might also want you to share more about yourself. He will only do this when he is sure he will not be rejected.

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Constant calls and text messages

When a Virgo man wants you to know that he likes you, he will text and call you often. He is likely to call you just to hear your voice.

A Virgo also tries to figure out who you really are just to be sure he is making the right choice.

Your Virgo crush might also work out ways of calling you or accidentally bumping into you unexpectedly. As long as you don’t find it annoying, play along with his games.

So, if you are head over heels for a Virgo man and he is constantly keeping in touch with you via calls and texts, then voila! He is interested in you.

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Signs A Virgo Man Has A Crush On You

A Virgo man will shower you with gifts and will want to surprise you if he likes you. He is likely to give you chocolates, cakes, flowers, jewelry and things that are likely to make you think of him.

picture of man facing woman with a rose behind his backIf a Virgo man likes you, he will use pet names such as sweetie or dear when referring to you.

He will also try to create situations where he can do little chores for you like offering to take your dog for walks.

One other thing that a Virgo man does if he likes you is spending time with you when you are unwell.

This brings out his caring nature, but don’t play on false ailments because this could drive him away.

When he feels comfortable you are likely to get a lunch or dinner invitation. However, he will pull back if he is chased. Play it cool and let him make the running.

You can also expect him to make an opportunity to touch your hair or to hold your hand.

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He is honest

A Virgo man who has an interest in you tends to be very sincere about what is going on in his life.

He tends to be very open when talking to you about his family, career, as well as his feelings.

Although he likes to take his time and is very cautious, when he likes you he will not hesitate to let you know about it.

In addition, he will want to find out if you are as loyal and honest as he is.

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Signs A Virgo Man Is Interested In You

Virgo men are known to pay attention to even the smallest things. It is important to note that he is likely to pay attention to every little thing that you say and how you behave when around him.

For instance, he is likely to focus on your smile and might even take a picture of you smiling.

He might want to examine your intellectual abilities by finding out what books you love reading.

In other words, he generally wants to examine every little thing about you. The music you love, your hobbies, and among many other things, what interests you in life.

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He will be a good listener and helper

A Virgo man is known to be a guy who likes helping other people. Therefore, when he likes you, he tends to go out of his way to help you in your day to day endeavors.

He always wants to make sure that he meets your expectations.

A Virgo is also known to be a very good listener, and you might notice that he pays attention to what you have to say.

What’s more, he tends to pick out or notice things that other people are likely to miss out. In addition, he is likely to give you some sensible advice.

When a Virgo man likes you, you can rest assured that he will always offer you a shoulder to lean on.

Displays some level of shyness

A Virgo man is likely to be extremely shy when around you, more so if he likes you. One thing you are likely to notice is that he tends to avoid eye contact and is normally very self-conscious in your presence.

Therefore, if that guy you have feelings for has been avoiding eye contact, it is because he has not yet made up his mind.

However, when he does then it is a sure sign that he really likes you and wouldn’t mind having you in his life.

When a man likes you he will want you all to himself

When a Virgo man likes you, you can rest assured that you will be the only lady in his life. He will give you his undivided attention and will be devoted to only you.

What’s more, he will expect you to treat him the same way. In other words, he will respect you and will expect some respect from you in return by not giving your love to any other man.

Compliments you

Virgo men are known as people who rarely give compliments. Therefore, if the Virgo guy you interact with keeps praising you just about everything, it is a sure sign that he definitely likes you.

Final Thought

Virgo men are quite unpredictable, but when he has made up his mind he will do anything to have your undivided attention. This is how to know if a Virgo man likes you. To hold his love forever listen to this short video His Secret Obsession.

So long as he is certain that you are the right woman for him. He will openly share how he feels about you through actions and words.

Understanding his characteristics is vital to creating a long-term relationship. You may find it helpful to read my review of a book by a leading expert astrologer and relationship adviser.

Entitled Virgo Man Secrets. It gives you the low down on how a Virgo guy thinks and reacts to every situation.

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope this article has been of help in learning more about a Virgo guy. A loving relationship is something to be cherished, so the more you know about your Virgo crush the more you can be sure of future happiness.

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