Pisces Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Last Updated on November 4, 2021

Virgo and Pisces zodiac signsVirgo man and Pisces woman compatibility in a relationship are generally known to be very successful.

This is because attraction is often instant and they also tend to complement each other quite well.

However, for their relationship to thrive, they must be willing to compromise or accept each other’s different traits and beliefs.

A Virgo man is known to be laid back and protective of his feelings before opening up to anyone new.

This trait is magnified when getting involved in any romantic encounters and needs to be understood by a Piscean that wants to bring out the magic in a relationship.

Many Pisces women that I have spoken to all seem to suffer a similar reluctance by their Virgo guy in shaking off shyness/reservedness when with them.

Sometimes this characteristic can create a hidden barrier that slows true romance from surfacing.

A Virgo guy has a very active mind and is always thinking, and as such is stimulated by conversation and talk. This also extends to his sexual encounters which are excited by a woman whispering in his ear during sex.

A program that I discovered recently called The Language of Desire explains how a woman can create a rising passion in her man that will make him obsess over her.

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The firm and sensitive nature of the Virgo man, and the relaxed nature of the Pisces woman help to ensure that you both have something to offer to each other.

In addition, the Virgo man is able to help his Pisces woman to get out of her dream world into reality. While the Pisces woman will need to take it on herself to help her Virgo crush to express his feelings.

Our star signs have a direct impact on our relationships. A particularly helpful reference can come from Cosmic Numerology, which can give an indication of future romantic harmony.

If you are unsure of the outcome of a relationship or wondering if a certain man is right for you, a reading could give you guidance.

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Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

couple sitting holding handsVirgo man and Pisces woman are known to be very charismatic towards each other, which makes their intimacy quite strong.

The Virgo man and his Pisces woman can be very passionate and sensitive.

When involved in a romantic relationship, the Virgo man tends to be shy and concerned about how he behaves towards his Pisces woman.

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However, though he is not as spontaneous towards his Pisces woman, he is very submissive to her. On the other hand, the Pisces woman can be aggressive in the bedroom.

This might overwhelm her submissive Virgo man unless she has learned about his characteristics.

To be able to enjoy lasting love and intimate sex, the Virgo man needs to be more daring in the bedroom.

In addition, it is imperative that they both exercise sexual submissiveness so as to ensure that they satisfy each other and enjoy sexual intercourse.

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Pisces Woman And Virgo Man Trust Compatibility

Virgo man is known to have a myriad of trust issues that his Pisces woman would probably not be able to help him solve.

The two need to give each other a sense of security and confidence, and for honesty to thrive.

What’s more, the Virgo man and his Pisces woman despise lies and they both do not like being lied to.

If you are in such a relationship, it is important that you both are very honest with each other. Once trust is broken, especially for the Virgo man he will find it hard to forgive and forget.

To have a healthy and harmonious relationship, honesty needs to be the byword.

A Pisces woman who has the hots for a Virgo guy needs to understand his complex characteristics in order to make the relationship work.

I recently reviewed a study by leading astrologer and relationship coach Anna Kovach entitled Virgo Man Secrets. You may like to read my review for pointers to your long-term happiness.

couple talking togetherIntellectual Compatibility

Virgo man and Pisces woman are known to have great intellectual compatibility. They tend to both really enjoy having stimulating conversations.

They have unique intellectual abilities whereby Virgo man is very analytical and Pisces woman very creative.

This makes them enjoy listening to what the other has to say or thinks about their topic of discussion.

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Friendship Compatibility

Virgo man and Pisces woman can have a very compatible friendship because they are able to complement each other.

Not only do they form a lasting friendship, but they also tend to have great admiration for each other. This helps them to remain dedicated, kind, and caring to each other.

It is these great characteristics or practices that enable them to sustain a strong and solid friendship with each other. As a couple, they will also develop strong friendships in a social circle.

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Marriage Compatibility

These two signs have the ability to have a very strong and long-lasting relationship. They tend to complement each other quite well, but it will be the Pisces woman who will take the lead.

The Pisces woman will need to learn about the introverted side of her Virgo partner. He does not like being chased and will do things at his own pace. If he feels his partner does not understand him he could pull back into his shell of isolation.

Any woman contemplating a long-term relationship with a Virgo guy needs to know his characteristics. This will enable her to defuse any potential future problems.

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The pairing of these two-star signs has the ability to form a union that is filled with love, romance, as well as passion. So long as they are able to trust each other, and be continuously empathetic.

The Virgo man helps the Pisces woman to remain grounded. While the Pisces woman teaches him how to loosen up and enjoy what life has to offer.

In other words, their relationship is often governed by mutual love and support, which makes them enviable parents.

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man giving flowers to a womanEmotional Compatibility

The way the Virgo man and his Pisces woman handle emotions is quite unique. The Virgo man is often very logical and practical.

However, his Pisces partner tends to handle her emotions based on intuition, and hopes.

A solution that may help you find the answers to the complex characteristics of a Virgo man may be held in a book.

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It is important to note that you are likely to experience a very strong emotional attraction due to your differences in how you handle emotions. As a Pisces woman, you have the capability to stimulate the emotional intensity of your Virgo man.

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Shared Values Compatibility

In terms of values, a Virgo man admires a Pisces woman who is not only loyal but also stable.

He also tends to value qualities from his Pisces woman that can complement his deficiencies.

What’s more, she is very sensitive and compassionate toward her Virgo man. In addition, the Virgo man and Pisces woman have shared values of dedication to each other. These two values are the ones that keep their union harmonious.

Relationship expert James Bauer has studied this characteristic in a Virgo male and has developed a program that has helped 100s of women to get their Virgo man to commit. James has produced a short video in which he explains His Secret Obsession Here.

Final Thoughts

The Virgo man and Pisces woman have very different personalities and characteristics. With a lot of hard work and compromise, they can have a very long-lasting and harmonious union.

Picture of Charlene smilingI have reviewed a book by astrology and relationship expert Anna Kovach called Virgo Man Sextrology, This delves deeper into the complex characteristics that you may experience in your Virgo crush.

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