Tips on Dating a Shy Virgo Man

girl smiling up at manAre you eyeing or dating a shy yet charming Virgo guy? Well, Virgo men tend to get attracted to confident women, but some of them are very timid.

In addition, it is very easy to notice a Virgo guy in a crowd, in your college or even among your friends because of his detached and calm nature.

A Virgo man may be shy, but he is very loving, helpful and supportive of his partner and the people that he cares for.

Dating a shy Virgo male can be quite challenging more so if you are an extrovert type of woman. However a little understanding on your part at the beginning will produce a great relationship for the future.

Therefore, you need to understand that there are things that a shy Virgo partner may not be good at. For instance, he may not be good at starting a conversation with you, and it is very easy to pick such a behavior as disinterest.

However, when you do start a conversation, you are likely to notice the enthusiasm with which he contributes, more so if he likes you and is attracted to you.

With that said, this article will give you insights into how to date a shy Virgo male. Please keep reading.

woman looking lovingly at man7 Ways to Date a Shy Virgo Man

If you are looking to date a Virgo guy, understanding his personality is very important. Virgo men are very honest, trustworthy, patient, practical, humble, hardworking, intelligent, sensitive, critical, observant, and dependable.

They just need to be coaxed out of their shells to show these qualities to a special person.

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Therefore, if you want to attract a shy Virgo man and keep him forever, it is important that you put into consideration the above personality traits during your courtship period. Below are some tips on how to court a shy Virgo crush.

Do not rush him

Virgo men love to take their time before committing themselves to a long-term relationship.

Your introverted Virgo crush needs to see traits such as confidence, honesty, intelligence, calmness, among others before he is truly convinced that you are his best match.

Therefore, after expressing your romantic interest, it is important that you give him time to make up his mind about you. Pushing him to commit to you may make him walk out on you.

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Build trust

Virgo men can be very guarded and secretive, and they will rarely share their secrets with someone they do not trust.

Therefore, it is important that you show him that you are a trustworthy woman by creating a safe environment.

Making your Virgo crush feel at home will create trust and it is only then that he will start opening up to you.

Your actions must also be consistent. What’s more, you should not disclose his secrets to your family and friends without his knowledge.

To create a comfort zone, you need to show him that you are not a gossip pretending to be someone you are not.

girl flirtingFlirt to gain his interest

Grand displays of affection aren’t common with Virgo men, particularly during the initial days. This is because they are reserved and prefer to take a step at a time.

However, though shy, a Virgo man can be very mysterious. Be that as it may, you can win the attention of your Virgo crush by flirting with him using body language such as continuous eye contact.

Subtlety is key when wooing the introverted and critical Virgo male.

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In addition, avoid making him uncomfortable by, for instance, staring at him. Another way you can flirt with the reserved Virgo crush is to show up in his personal space without acting needy or clingy.

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Show your vulnerability

Virgo men, both introverted and extroverted, are very protective of their partners, family, and friends. So, if you want to have a happy and fulfilling relationship with your Virgo male, it is important that you show him your vulnerable side.

With that said, asking him to help you fix something or for advice regarding a problem is a good way of communicating that you appreciate his strengths and protection.

Showing him that you also have weaknesses will certainly make him feel less weird about his weaknesses, particularly his shyness.

Avoid criticizing him

Virgo men are very observant and analytical, but they never take criticism lightly more so because they are perfectionists. What’s more, they can be very sensitive.

Therefore, if you want your Virgo crush to fall in love with you, it is important that you avoid threatening his ego with criticisms.

Telling him what you like and do not like about his social anxiety, for instance, is a turn-off and will make him cut off all communication.

In other words, if you want to attract your Virgo crush and keep him forever, you need to make him feel like the perfect mate. The Virgo guy needs to feel secure in your presence.

girl smiling at manEmotionally stable

Virgo men do not know how to cope with emotional or dramatic women. Therefore, if you’re courting a Virgo man, it is important that you learn to control your anger.

A Virgo guy wants a simple life and he will certainly feel overwhelmed by your mood swings and anger.

So, it is important that you express your feelings in a calm, logical and rational manner, without coming across as needy and clinging.

Honesty is the best policy

To keep a strong connection with your Virgo crush, it is important that you make it a habit to speak the truth. Virgo men are highly intuitive and he will be able to sense if you are lying to him.

With that said, your Virgo man wants you to tell it like it is regardless of the consequences, negative or positive. In other words, Virgo men dislike mind games.

Parting Shot!

The secret of dating a shy Virgo guy is to make him feel comfortable in your presence. What’s more, making the first move is acceptable, but one thing you must avoid is criticizing his shyness.

Rushing him to make decisions regarding the direction your relationship should take needs to be left until he has become very familiar with you.

Understanding what makes him tick is the secret of a long and happy partnership. If you want to make a Virgo man want you, and only you, read my review here, which tells you how you easily can make it happen.

If you pay key attention to the tips above, the question of how to date a shy guy, particularly a Virgo man will no longer bother you.

Tips on Dating a Shy Virgo Man
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