Virgo Man Online Attraction – 5 Tips To Win His Heart

Last Updated on February 3, 2022

Are you eyeing a Virgo man online? Or maybe you want to win the attention of a Virgo man and maintain his interest in you?

Perhaps you know that your zodiac signs are a good love match.

Well, as you have probably realized, the online dating scene has become very competitive.

However, attracting a Virgo man using these online dating tips should not be difficult if you know the type of woman a Virgo man wants.

If you have discovered your zodiac star sign is even remotely compatible with a Virgo guy, you need to know how to bring out your best qualities to him.

Online dating is now the most successful way of finding a partner, but taking it to the next stage needs understanding.

girl holding a red telephone away from her ear as she pretends to be unavailable to her Virgo man.

What is Virgo Man Online Attraction?

To attract a Virgo man online you sometimes need to get the help of an expert. The answer to this lies in the online profile you are projecting to the world.

If you have discovered that you are compatible with a Virgo you need to use the tips in the video below to capture his heart.

Learn from an expert by listening to this short video about Online Allure.

The old saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder has never been truer than with a Virgo man. He is attracted to the inner qualities of a woman rather than the sometimes shallow exterior.

For instance, Virgo male is attracted to a beautiful woman but values intelligence, and honesty more.

So don’t be put off if you consider yourself not to be a girl with model looks. A Virgo man values personality and dependability above all else. On the other hand, Virgo men dislike clingy, emotionally unstable, and untidy women.

Apart from that, understanding the characteristics of the Virgo man will give you an incredible advantage in winning his affections.

You can have a read of my review of Virgo Man Secrets here which tells you everything about the Virgo man characteristics in detail. You may be surprised by some of his natural traits.

For instance, Virgo men like to take their time before they decide whether they should date a woman. Secondly, a Virgo man is often very reluctant to make the first move.

He first wants to know that you are interested in him but care must be taken as he does not like to be chased.

With that in mind, this article will give you insights on how to win the heart of a Virgo man online.

Dating Tips For Virgo Man Online Attraction

girl texting a messageInitiate the Conversation

As mentioned above, Virgo men never make a move on a woman before they are sure that a woman could be interested in them.

They tend to have insecurities that protect them from being hurt emotionally.

To get the attention of a Virgo guy online, it is important that you express your interest via well-thought-out messages.

Obviously, care needs to be taken with these initial messages as you don’t want to frighten him away.

However, inquiries about his job or hobbies are a great starting point to establish a joint interest that can be expanded upon later.

In other words, you need to let your Virgo crush know that it is okay to approach you.

Once you have expressed your interest, he will certainly take the next move if he feels some chemistry towards you.

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Choose the Best Photo for Your Online Profile

smiling woman profile pictureFirst visual impressions are high on a Virgo man’s radar.

The chance of winning the attention of your Virgo crush online will depend on your profile picture.

Virgo men tend to gravitate towards women who have feminine charm and also dress to impress.

So, put a profile picture that unleashes your feminine energy. In essence, you need to look neat and trendy.

You should wear clothes that bring out your best features with a nice hairstyle, simple makeup and without looking ‘tarty’. In addition, your profile pictures should try to portray your sense of humor, and possibly interest or hobby.

In other words, if you want to attract the masculine Virgo male, you need to be the type of woman he wants. Your pictures should expose the excellent aspects of your personality.

The best advice I can give you regarding online dating is to take care when speaking to people you don’t really know.

I don’t say this to frighten you because I know lots of women who have been successful. It is just that some unscrupulous men have been known to use another man’s photo or another ruse.

Just take care, enjoy the excitement, but if you decide to meet up do your checks first. I would always suggest a Skype session first for instance so that you can be sure of who you are going to meet.

Another article that I recently wrote that you may be interested in is  Tips on how to date a Virgo man. Hope this helps you find lasting romance.

Be yourself

Virgo men are honest and they want to spend their life with an honest woman. Therefore, you should be very honest when writing your online dating profile.

You should avoid playing mind games by lying about your career, age, height, or weight. Your Virgo crush will eventually pull back if he realizes you’re lying.

Sharing honest, worthwhile, and meaningful information about who you are is important. You should also be open about the kind of man you want.

Your Virgo crush needs to perceive you as someone who is comfortable in her own skin. You should not push him away by pretending to be a person you are not. He is very cautious about the kind of woman he wants to date.

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girl smiling confidentlyCompliment Him

Another way of showing a Virgo man that you are interested in dating him is to flirt.

Flirting with a Virgo guy online is the same as flirting with him in person.

With that in mind, complimenting your Virgo crush is a good way of connecting with him.

You need to let the Virgo male you are eyeing know that you admire his intelligence, nice eyes, and sense of humor, for instance.

When you are online, you need to single out something that stands out to you, which other women may not.

Men rarely receive compliments, particularly from women. So, he is likely to notice you when you do. However, when giving compliments to the Virgo fella, you need to be sincere.

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Stimulate his mind

Virgo men admire intelligent women. So, if you want to attract an intelligent Virgo man, you need to enchant him with your online conversations.

To stimulate Virgo’s mind, you need to be knowledgeable about the subjects that keep him motivated.

When you find out about something he is interested in, you could Google to find out more and surprise him in the next conversation. In other words, you need to be able to keep him on his toes throughout your conversations.

In addition, if you want to make the Virgo male think about you forever, the secret is to remember the little stuff he tells you.

You need to take a genuine interest in everything he tells you. Sharing your achievements, passion, and goals with your Virgo crush is also a good way of proving your smartness.

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Parting Shot!

No matter your age, your success in winning the attention of a Virgo man online attraction will largely depend on appearance, profile information, flirting skills, and how you interact with him after you make the first move.

How to make a Virgo man fall in love is covered in other articles on my website.

I have written many articles concerning a Virgo man, with information gathered personally and from many women who have written to me.

A question I get asked a lot is, Does a Virgo man play mind games? So I wrote this article with links to pages that may help with your relationship.

If you need any more help handling a Virgo guy you may well find it here Good luck.

Please message me in the comments if you need any further advice.

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