The Secret A Woman Must Know In Understanding A Virgo Man

girl looking into the distance while sitting on a beach watching the waves hit the shoreAre you spending long hours wondering how to be a Virgo man’s, ideal woman?

Maybe you are constantly thinking of new ways to impress or get the attention of your Virgo crush?

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Most women in a relationship or thinking about getting into a relationship with a Virgo guy is doing the same thing.

But the secret of being the center of his focus is understanding a Virgo man and why he thinks the way he does.

There is the widespread belief that a woman must constantly be thinking of ways to make herself interesting as well as worldly and fun to be with. Also, keeping in mind that she does not want to come across as wanting or needy.

All this time wasted, thinking how to be perfect for him… An image in your mind of how proud he might look in the future, with you on his arm as the girl of his dreams.

But most women don’t realize that a Virgo man just doesn’t want perfect.

A study by a leading relationship expert has discovered the one thing that a Virgo man obsesses about and it is the one thing overlooked by most women.

Professional relationship expert James Bauer has developed a unique method that has helped hundreds of women get the man of their dreams and make them commit.

James explains the one overriding obsession that a man is desperate for a woman to discover.

If you are wanting true love from your Virgo man, it will be worth listening to James as he explains in this short video Virgo Man Secret Obsession here.

What Is The Secret Of Understanding a Virgo Man?

man standing behind woman looking at her

The secret of understanding a Virgo man is in fact not a secret at all.

It is just that a woman can look at a situation regarding a relationship only from her perspective rather than from his as well.

The more a woman tries to impress the more distant a Virgo man becomes.

Unfortunately, this approach of always trying to please him does not work… It will never work.

You may have convinced yourself that he is attracted to you because of your caring nature.

So why then, is he taking you more and more for granted and seemingly losing interest?

You may be so focused on your Virgo crush that you have been making excuses for him? Possibly convincing yourself that he is just not ready for settling down.

Alternatively, you have convinced yourself that he will suddenly change and pledge his undying love for you? Or maybe…

The real reason is that you have left him nothing to do by taking over the courting process!!

If you don’t have time to read the rest of this article at the moment, you can listen to this short video by James Bauer a renowned relationship coach who reveals the answer here.

Virgo men in relationships

A Virgo man will show no value in a relationship unless he has contributed to making it happen. Unless a Virgo man has worked hard to achieve something he will not value it.

As an example, a strong characteristic of a Virgo man is his need to strive to achieve everything he does in life. His philosophy is ‘ If it is not worth fighting for, it is not worth having’.

This philosophy follows through with his relationships. Present the Virgo guy with a perfect girlfriend and he will feel there is something wrong.

There was no challenge, it came too easily. He would feel that he did not deserve her because he had not chased her, and won her himself.

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smiling woman with man who is looking sheepishThe challenge of playing hard to get

Playing hard to get is all very well, but it is also a dangerous strategy. If you pull away too far your Virgo crush may not respond.

Also, the magic in the relationship expires if you are too casual and he knows he has got you.

There is something that is latent in the Virgo character that is triggered in his mind when he knows he has won you.

It’s a little voice in the head that says ‘Game Over’ I have fought and won, what’s next’?

So what is the answer to making a Virgo guy interested in you and making sure your relationship lasts and becomes the main focus of his attention?

Some women have tried to work out the answers for themselves but are looking at the query from a female perspective.

Some have just hoped things would improve on their own and unfortunately, their chances of happiness have evaporated.

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Getting help from an expert

Some of the women have sought advice from a leading relationship coach, which has now resulted in an answer to their problem.

By not being afraid to ask for help from an expert, relationship coach James Bauer has managed to discover the Virgo man’s secret obsession that has been so elusive until now.

This is the complex question that 100’s of women have been confounded by. Until now!

This video explains how easily you can have your Virgo guy obsessed with you!

James started sifting through the many questions he gets from his female clients and established this particular pattern with Virgo men in relationships.

Women were posing the same question asking for help to keep the romance alive.

Women were constantly asking why a Virgo guy seems keen at the start but then seem to lose interest and become distant. Relationships would be going well then for no apparent reason things seemed to change overnight.

Time and again the same pattern was forming with a Virgo guy originally interested in romantic intentions and then suddenly becoming distant. His attention would seem to shift and he would be focusing on everything but her.

The same story was repeated by different women in a relationship with a Virgo guy. Their crushes began to be brusque and uncaring, there was no more eye contact or intimate touches.

It just seemed as though a switch had been triggered that turned off all interest in the woman. James realized he needed to investigate if there was any chance of helping these women.

Couple looking into each other eyes while holding hands across a polished tabe topEverything starts to make sense

Everything started to fall into place as James discovered what was causing the lack of interest and the reason Virgo men were distancing themselves.

After much research and cross-referencing he discovered what these men were not getting.

The in-depth research that James had instigated had uncovered that the problem was of no fault of the woman involved.

There was nothing wrong with these women, but he proved there was something lacking in the relationship which he calls ‘The Hero Instinct’.

Without realizing it, these women are actually driving their Virgo man away.

James had discovered that it was the naturally caring nature of the female that was depriving their Virgo crush of the challenge of winning them over.

As the challenge was removed there was no interest in striving for her attention. This is what was causing the distancing and indifference.

James personally explains his research here in this video.

Take a quick look for yourself and see if this reminds you of your situation. Do you see yourself as always available and doing all you can to look your best for him?

Are you always prepared to drop everything for him? Always have a burning desire to do anything for him?

This is, of course, natural for most women. But it does not work for the Virgo guy. The caring nature that was at the forefront of your relationship was, in fact, depriving your Virgo guy of his purpose.

Virgo man Ideal Woman

A Virgo man is no exception when it comes to their love of superheroes. Most grown men are captivated by the idea of a hero that always wins out in the endless chains of movies.

Men generally are brought up from childhood thinking they are developing into a hero that might save the world – and also rescue the girl before carrying her away to safety.

There are thousands of men trapped in their day to day mundane jobs. Imagine a Virgo in that environment who is always looking for a challenge and who never gets the opportunity to be a hero.

In this situation, there is no chance to challenge themselves – But they can still get the girl.

It takes a lot of confidence to win the girl if you are an ordinary guy with the heart of a hero. Immunity to pain with superhuman charm. All a Virgo man wants is to find a girl that is looking for a hero.

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couple kissing in a field of bright yellow flowersBring out the hero in your Virgo guy

A girl that needs a hero! Are you that woman? A girl that needs a hero as a boyfriend? Guess what! I don’t think this is you, is it?

You are probably a person who can take care of herself, being industrious, and a hard worker.

I imagine you are very capable and able to complete tasks without assistance.

Is this ringing any bells with you on how you may have been taking the challenge away from your Virgo crush?

You may even be the type of girl who doesn’t need a man to feel complete. Maybe, I would guess you are the type of woman who has a lot to offer a Virgo man?

Probably loving and very kind with a natural instinct to be generous to a great degree towards someone you see as being an ideal partner in life.

Could this be the reason you are not coming into contact with heroes? More than likely you have attracted the wrong type of guy, one that is a taker rather than someone who would make an ideal fit.

There will always be takers in life but you need to be aware of how to tell the difference between the takers and the heroes. Here’s How!

Three Ways To Understanding A Virgo Man – Starting Today!

woman scratching her head in confusion at a sum scribbled on a wall behind herAsk him for his help

A Virgo guy loves to help, so ask his opinion on what computer or gadget to buy.

Ask for his assistance in tracking down a rattle that has annoyingly appeared in your car.

Or even something as simple as passing a product from a high shelf that you cannot reach.

Remember to thank him with a warm smile but not be too gushing. Also, think of things to ask him that will not make you look needy.

These sorts of requests trigger the hero in him and will help to focus his attention on you.

Enjoy male interests

Virgo guys are generally down to earth and appreciate women who feel the same. Men are men, so what does it matter if his apartment is a shrine to his favorite football club? Does it matter that his dress code is not color-coordinated?

He’s a man and to try to change him too early in a relationship will only have him backing away.

Things like this in his world are fine. Trying to make him like you is not good as you have the female side well covered.

Let him earn your respect

The Virgo man loves a challenge, and this is what brings out the hero in him. He wants to be praised for doing something constructive rather than being patted on the back for something insignificant.

He does not want love just to be given him, he wants to know he has earned it.

A Virgo guy has an internal craving to know that he has been challenged and won the love of the woman he has chosen.

All a girl needs to do is create opportunities, that bring out the hero within him. So relax and ease back and allow him to win your admiration while showing you what he is made of.

Keep Learning

Learning how you can easily use this relationship enhancement tool will give you everything you need to ensure your Virgo crush has a lasting burning desire for only you.

Knowing about your guy’s secret obsession will allow you to gain his attention or even re-light the fire of desire after a break-up.

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to relationship expert James as he personally explains how his program has helped 100’s of women. You can hear James explain in a short video  HERE

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope you found this article helpful, I know that James’s program has helped scores of women in the same situation as you.

I would like to get feedback on this method so please message me in the comments below this page.

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I wish you well and I hope you find true love with your Virgo guy.

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