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Last Updated on October 23, 2021

couple kissing with sun behind as she has discovered the love of a Venus in Virgo manPlanets revolve around the sun at varying speeds and it is this positioning that is the basis of an astrological assessment.

The Venus in Virgo man expression means the placement of the planet Venus in relation to the sun at the time of birth, Aug 23rd – Sept 22nd.

Although Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, the position of Venus at a man’s birth can influence his characteristics and his connection with his ideal partner.

A guy born under this astrological setup can have quirky characteristics that take some understanding, but when you do you can connect with one of the most reliable and desirable of all zodiac signs. This article explains everything you need to know about love with a Venus in Virgo male.

The planet of Venus is recognized as the planet of love and can also be a controlling factor in the male born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.

The influence of the planet Venus on a Virgo man usually makes him more cautious regarding falling in love and affairs of the heart. Understanding these characteristics is the key to lasting love.

The Virgo man is more often than not a little naïve when it comes to romance, and as such, it sometimes makes it difficult for a woman to know if her crush is really falling in love with her.

You, like me, and many other women can find a Virgo man with this placement, to have a detached air, almost of being an island.

However, more than any other zodiac sign you may have an uncanny feeling of connection that is drawing you together! A Virgo man has to experience a special something with a woman to make him fall in love. If this is missing he will feel like a ship without a rudder.

It seems to be a kind of signal that you can read from his tone of voice, body language, or even his facial expression when he looks at you. You have the feeling that you know this person the moment you met but are unsure if he feels the same.

If you would like to understand why these emotional hidden signals seem to be drawing you together, you can find out more in this video, recorded by a leading relationship expert that has helped many women fi understand a Venus in Virgo man in love.

Whether you have just started dating or looking for ways to re-excite the passion in your Virgo guy, this article will help you understand how to find the answer.

A Virgo man tends to keep his feelings under tight control and looks for proof of love, before opening up and expressing his inner thoughts. Once he does the Venus in Virgo man shows his affection by doing considerate things, to show how he feels for that person.

Generally, the Virgo male has an intelligent and analytical outlook on life, which also has a tendency to make him critical of his partner. The more he cares for someone the more he wants the relationship to blend with the high standards he sets himself.

These actions can sometimes lead a woman to think that he is losing interest in her, but it could be that he is unconsciously trying to mold the relationship by over-thinking the situation. To truly understand what a Virgo man wants and needs in a lasting relationship is explained in this video here.

Secrets of Venus in Virgo Man

Positive Traits

  • Intelligent
  • Practical
  • Considerate
  • Sensitive

Negative Traits

  • Insecure
  • Emotional
  • Judgemental
  • Obsessive

Understanding how a Virgo man thinks and acts, will show a woman exactly how to get him to chase her, and also what she needs to do to make him fall in love with her.

His complicated characteristics are sometimes difficult to balance when thinking of romance, and affairs of the heart.

I recently discovered an excellent book by a leading astrologer and relationship coach, which gives much more information into a Virgo man’s traits and characteristics.

Understanding how he thinks and reacts in romantic situations will help you find happiness. You can read my review of Virgo Man Secrets which includes Sextrology here.

Venus in Virgo Man in Love & Compatibility

woman heart shaped fingersA major attraction to the male who was born with Venus in Virgo is a woman who is modest, as well as being meticulous about her appearance, and also, well-organized.

The Virgo man, with this astrological placement, is attracted to someone with good manners, as well as being able to hold a conversation on topical issues.

The male born under the sign of Virgo with Venus has a rare sense of distinction and usually a gentle nature.

But why is Virgo man slow to commit to me? Find out here!

They tend to prefer inspiration above technology and can become world-beaters in expressing and sharing an appreciation of the beauty of being in love.

A Virgo man is particular about his position in life, being hardworking and conscientious, and very aware of how he looks to his peers.

This characteristic is fundamental in choosing a partner, who he sees as having the same high standards.

Many Virgo men have elaborate mental images that assist in helping them to feel in control of chaotic situations as they arise.

They gain their taste for emotional and social values during a routine of studying defects and overriding them.

Generally for them, straightforward is best, and this is what he expects from a partner. He will respect you for being honest and upfront.

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Virgo man smiling with a woman standing by a tree

Love Signs of  Venus in Virgo

A Virgo male is emotionally sensitive and has a natural ability to pick up on situations, that have developed from unspoken words.

The Venus in Virgo man needs his own space to be able to think clearly before a situation develops.

He is very perceptive and will shy away if chased, or concludes that he may be being used in some way.

He is a survivor and wants to make sure he is not going to be hurt emotionally in the future.

The natural characteristics of a Virgo guy vary in the way they show affection.

He may be deeply in love with a woman, but he would certainly not broadcast the fact until he is sure that he will not be rejected.

A woman’s idea of how a man shows love may be totally different from a guy’s, especially a Venus in Virgo man, who has a seemingly unusual take on how a relationship will evolve.

It takes a clever woman to realize that advice is needed to make sure love blossoms.

You, like me, have the hots for a Virgo guy but are possibly cautious of losing his attention. If you feel that he is slow to commit then I recommend you take special note of the paragraph below.  

Hundreds of women have been helped to catch the man of their dreams by relationship expert James Bauer. James has developed a program that focuses on commitment from the Virgo man.

If you want to know the type of woman a Venus in Virgo man is attracted to this unique method in a short video here, explains it all.

Venus in Virgo Man Compatibility

Understanding the Venus in Virgo compatibility relies upon the female picking up on the signs a Virgo man shows when he is interested in her.

He may ‘accidentally on purpose’ appear in places where you are not expecting him. This is his way of checking your reaction, to decide if he will be rejected if he asked you for a date.

He may well contact you by phone or text regarding your help in answering a question. Again this is to gauge your reaction.

In these circumstances, it is advisable to play it cool but let him know you are pleased he contacted you, but leave the ball in his court to follow up.

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Usually, the Venus in Virgo man is action-oriented. He requires you to fit in with his thinking, by getting him to do things for you.

They tend to have a picture in their minds of how their masculinity fits into a relationship and want you to bring it out by needing him.

If your Virgo crush is not showing interest in you, or still acting shy, you may need to prompt the situation with a cool approach that triggers the romance.

Important Notice: These Next Few Words Could Suddenly Change Your Love Life For The Better

Attraction – Romance - Commitment – Lasting love

Going from Like to Love is a Sequence of stages that need to be triggered in the super-organized mind of a Virgo Man.

If you are trying to win more affection from a Virgo man for the first time, or maybe wanting to increase his passion for you in a relationship or even to repair the damage of a breakup,

You must understand how to trigger the desire principle that he craves in a relationship/ You can find out EXACTLY how to do it below.

This desire principle has been the subject of intense research by relationship expert James Bauer. He's discovered the psychological link in a man's mind which is the key to elicit strong feelings of desire, love, and incredible attraction.

If you are feeling down because your man is ignoring you, or you're worried that he may be pulling away, possibly into the arms of another woman, then this could be the key ingredient that you are missing.

Discover the desire principle, and how to create your future happiness with your Virgo man now.



I have written an article on a program that has helped scores of women, and which also delves into the subconscious mind of a Virgo man.

It explains how carefully worded texts, can have a massive impact on a man’s attitude to the person who sent them. See below.

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couple sitting holding handsVirgo Man Best Match

Once a woman overcomes Virgo guys reserved, and maybe shy character, she will find him to be a devoted and loyal companion.

As long as she makes sure he also sees her in the same way and trusts that he will not be let down by her.

A Virgo man’s best match star sign will vary depending on the relevance of the sun or moon. Read more here.

This Venus in Virgo man will want to do everything he can to please the love of his life. His organized mind will make sure that any everyday problems are overcome. He will want to show that he cares by relieving you of mundane chores, that tend to accumulate on a ‘to-do’ list.

Your Virgo crush thrives when he sees the person he loves show gratitude, and appreciation, for the things he does for her.

His biggest buzz is being your hero. Being considerate, keeping yourself smart, and presentable will fit his dream of a perfect partnership.

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I found this YouTube video that I hope you find of interest. It relates to first-hand experiences from an astrologer who comes under the Venus in Virgo influence.

Final Thoughts

Venus in Virgo is an earth sign that matches well to other earth signs as well as water signs. Loyalty and honesty are two of the most important features in his relationship.

Bringing him out of his shell and letting him take control is the first step. Allowing him to do things for you, without coming across as needy or dependant, will lead to long-term romance and happiness.

Discover how to make your guy crazy for you by watching this short video by relationship expert James Bauer, which explains the Venus in Virgo love connection.

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope you found this Venus in Virgo man article of help in achieving a relationship with your Virgo crush. There are lots more relating to different situations on my website

Please feel free to contact me via comments, at the bottom of this page, if you need to chat or further advice.

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