Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman in Bed – A Confident Combination

Virgo man kissing Aquarius woman in bedVirgo Man in Bed With Aquarius Woman

Virgo man and Aquarius woman are known to be an unpredictable combination. They are likely to bring the worst or the best to their relationship.

What’s more, they are a couple that is considered to be not very romantic together.

Nonetheless, Virgo guy and Aquarius girl are a very intelligent, sociable and a straight couple.

Virgo guy generally looks for a lady who is stable and reliable. However, an Aquarius lady has a personality that is changeable, unpredictable and very unconventional.

What’s more, she is normally very emotional, yet Virgo guy wants a woman who is emotionally mature.

The Aquarius girl wants freedom, but her Virgo guy is rather unadventurous. They still find each other fascinating despite the fact that they never find the qualities they are looking for in each other.

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Virgo guy is considered to be sensual, but he needs to feel comfortable around his partner. The experimental Aquarius lady needs to give him time before he can be able to display his sensuality.

Sex is not a priority for Virgo male and Aquarius female.

girl being cuddled by manHow Compatible Are Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman in Bed?

Aquarius woman is very irresistible to the Virgo man. The sexual relationship between a Virgo man and his Aquarius woman is not only hot, but also unforgettable and full of surprises.

In bed, the Aquarius woman is comfortable doing things that are out of the ordinary. She does not mind trying things that other zodiac signs would shy away from.

She is a very confident woman while in between the sheets, which can make sex with her Virgo man almost mind-blowing.

On the other hand, Virgo man is very patient and he tends to take quite some time before he gets intimate with his Aquarius woman.

This is so even when he is deeply in love with her. However, once he unleashes his passion for her, things can get really steamy in between the sheets.

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Pillow talk

Both the Virgo man and his Aquarius woman understand the benefits of communication during sex. They tend to tell each other about their wishes and desires.

This is especially important for their sexual relationship because Virgo guy never reads between the lines.

What’s more, Virgo guy likes talking while in bed with his Aquarius woman. He wants to be able to first bond with her at an intellectual level before they can bond physically.

Stimulating his mind

To turn Virgo man on, Aquarius lady needs to first stimulate his mind. Telling him a story about something he may be interested in, a poem or even watching a documentary together.

This may seem strange but understanding the Sextrology of a Virgo man is key to creating an intimate fulfilling relationship.

Aquarius woman needs to also be stimulated mentally in order to keep her in the mood for sex.

In bed, Virgo guy likes trying new things more so when he becomes comfortable with his woman. His desire is to find new ways of satisfying his Aquarius woman.

Luckily, the Aquarius girl is far from boring while in bed. She also likes experimenting with new and notorious moves and sex toys.

Sexual fantasies

Virgo guy and his Aquarius girlfriend are very open-minded while in between the sheets, which enables them to fulfill each other’s fantasies.

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In other words, their sexual encounters are about, give and take. They expect to receive the same kind of pleasure and favor.

Aquarius lady and her Virgo guy love taking both the leading and submissive role while in between the sheets.

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However, Virgo man wants to please his Aquarius woman above all else.

He is more likely to enjoy sex if he knows that his Aquarius girl is fully satisfied and has had her best sexual experience.

So, the Aquarius woman needs to turn on Virgo boyfriend by reassuring him that he is doing a good job on her.

What’s more, Aquarius girl needs to be very frank with her Virgo guy about what she likes and what she does not like because he wants sex to be perfect.

Any verbal feedback is to be encouraged and would definitely help to ensure that their moments in between the sheets are explosive.

She also needs to give him time to fulfill his purpose of pleasing her, and she shouldn’t rush him nor interfere.

Honest Feedback

On the other hand, Aquarius woman also wants to receive feedback from her Virgo guy. What he likes and what he doesn’t like while in between the sheets.

This helps to ensure that she is not doing guesswork while pleasing her man.

In addition, unlike a Virgo man who prefers to have sex in a comfortable bed with clean sheets and a romantic setting.

Aquarius girl doesn’t mind teasing and having sex with her Virgo guy in public places or places other than the bedroom.

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Virgo male and Aquarius female love engaging in cuddling, kissing and foreplay prior to their lovemaking activities.

The best sex position of Aquarius woman is her mind and her most erogenous zones are her wrists, ankles, and cheekbone.

On the other hand, the best sex position of Virgo man is the face to face standing up position, while his most erogenous zone is his abdomen.

Parting Shot!

In bed, the Virgo man and Aquarius woman need to feel secure and comfortable with each other so that they can get to enjoy sex.

The more knowledge they have about each other’s sexual preferences the better, like this, in turn, will lead to a deep and loving relationship. Find out more by Clicking Here.

What’s more, they both regard communication to be very important during sex because it helps them understand and full-fill each other’s fantasies. Not having to do guesswork on whether one is enjoying or not is a plus.

Their sex life is likely to be unpredictable and incredibly hot because they are both very open-minded in bed.

However, the Aquarius woman can at times be very moody in bed, which is likely to hurt the ego of her Virgo partner.

So, she needs to be able to control her moods and express herself without throwing tantrums while in between the sheets.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman in Bed – A Confident Combination
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