Virgo Man and Cancer Woman In Bed – 3 Tips For Sexual Magic

Last Updated on January 26, 2023

5 Key Takeaways

1. A Virgo man and Cancer woman in bed can have a passionate and fulfilling physical relationship, as they both value emotional connection and intimacy.

2. Both signs are sensitive to the needs of their partner, so communication is key to ensure that both partners feel comfortable and safe in the bedroom.

3. The Virgo man’s analytical nature can be balanced by the Cancer woman’s nurturing qualities, creating a harmonious dynamic between them.

4. The Virgo man should take care to be gentle with his Cancer partner, as she may be easily overwhelmed by intense emotions or sensations.

5. With patience and understanding, this couple can create an intimate bond that will deepen over time and bring them closer together in all aspects of their relationship.

The Virgo Man and Cancer Woman in Bed – 3 Ideas That Work

virgo man laying in bed with cancer womanSex between Virgo men and Cancer women in bed is very reserved initially, but also very romantic and emotional.

Their relationship is usually very harmonious because of the caring nature of the Cancer woman and the humility of the Virgo man.

The zodiac signs of Virgo and Cancer are both usually very sensitive, loving, and devoted, but also possessive.

They both tend to desire security and stability in their relationship with each other.

What’s more, the Virgo guy has a very deep, innocent, and sensual side to him which is waiting to be released by a Cancer woman who can be naturally very wild in bed.

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Raising the Passion in the Bedroom

Both are emotional beings and it is easy for them to connect with one another. As long as there is no tension, they enjoy being together.

However, once the tensions start rising, the relationship becomes difficult for them to handle.

The male Virgo is fascinated by the feminine charm of the female Cancer. She is soft-spoken and gentle and he likes to be around her. He adores her innocence and kindness.

But sometimes, he gets irritated by her stubbornness. He finds her too clingy and wants to distance himself from her.

Many Virgo men and Cancer women are quite compatible, but they do have some differences in their approach to sex.

The Virgo man is more analytical and wants his partner to be responsive while the Cancer woman prefers a slower pace with lots of touching.

Both enjoy having sex when it’s spontaneous, but Virgos like to plan it out beforehand while Cancers prefer spontaneity.

If you’re curious about how these two signs might get along in bed, read on for more info!

A Virgo man tends to also be very analytical, but very thoughtful and kind and open to suggestions of taking things slowly.

However, when the time is right, the Cancer woman needs to understand the main thing that excites and stimulates her Virgo man.

A Virgo man goes crazy when his hearing senses are stimulated by his woman whispering in his ear. Not just any whispering of course but words that tantalize and excite.

To bring out the true Virgo man in the bedroom a woman needs to understand this hidden desire.

Moving forward, if you would like to know more about your sexual compatibility with a Virgo guy please continue reading.

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Sex Between Virgo Man and Cancer Woman In Bed

Cancer woman being cuddled by Virgo man under a blanket

A Virgo man and a Cancer woman in bed are a unique couple when it comes to their sex life.

Virgo man enjoys making love although his libido is not always very high.

In addition, he tends not to be eager because he needs to first know his Cancer woman well.

He needs to feel comfortable with her before he can jump into bed with her.

He is the kind of man who always struggles to find intimacy even when he is with a woman he loves.

On the other hand, the romantic and sensual Cancer woman likes making love.

In order to savor the lovemaking moments, there needs to be an emotional connection between her and her Virgo fella.

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Virgo Man and Cancer Woman In Bed Sexually

In bed, the Virgo guy is very gentle, considerate, and eager to satisfy his Cancer woman.

What’s more, he is a perfectionist and if he realizes that his Cancer girlfriend is not yet satisfied, he always keeps trying until he is sure she is happy and satisfied.

So, he is never really into quickies because he likes taking his time to give pleasure to his Cancer lady.

What’s more Virgo man prefers making love to his Cancer girl in a place he is familiar with. Preferably his house, or somewhere similar where they will not be disturbed.

In addition, he likes having sex with his Cancer girlfriend in specific positions that he is comfortable with.

You can find out more about the Sextrology of a Virgo male here.

On the other hand, the Cancer lady does not mind having sex in any position.

She is always able to respond to the movements of her Virgo partner and is willing to experiment.

To learn more about Virgo man’s erogenous zones Click Here For This Article.

 Virgo man and Cancer woman smiling as they lay in bed

Between The Sheets

A cancer woman can be a very imaginative lady while in between the sheets and she tends to like engaging in seductive games.

This also makes her particularly attractive because she is always willing to try new things with her Virgo man.

However, the Virgo man is always willing to try new things with his Cancer girl so long as she does not force him to do what he does not want.

So creating new experiences needs to be taken slowly.

A Virgo man always likes to feel in charge of any situation he finds himself in. This can make it difficult for his Cancer playmate who is always ready to be more adventurous.

Taking things slowly and whispering in his ear will lead him to understand what you want and how he can satisfy you.

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Virgo man Cancer woman problems may arise because the guy wants to be stimulated consistently because he is not a very sexual person. His imagination needs to be fired up because his mind is always so active.

So long as his Cancer woman is in a place where she feels secure, she is always able to seduce him and respond to his sexual desires.

The Cancer woman makes love to her Virgo boyfriend in a sensitive yet, intense manner.

She’s the type of woman who takes lovemaking activities quite seriously and she doesn’t expect her Virgo guy to tease her.

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couple making loveA Virgo man and a Cancer woman in bed tend to enjoy oral sex and long foreplay.

In fact, the Cancer woman can use blowjobs and handjobs to stimulate her Virgo partner which is something he is likely to really enjoy.

Oral sex is one of the most stimulating and exciting acts that can be performed on a partner, but it is sometimes sidestepped due to embarrassment or lack of confidence.

To learn how to be confident with oral sex, you might like to read what a leading relationship expert has to say on the subject.

Take a peek preview of this oral sex guide for women here.

On the other hand, the Cancer woman will definitely enjoy foreplay and lovemaking more if her Virgo guy compliments her while kissing her neck.

Foreplay is an important feature of lovemaking with these two-star signs.

Both are considerate of each other’s feelings and as the relationship progresses learn the little things that give each other maximum pleasure.

Keeping the fires of passion burning will stem from the consideration of each other’s feelings.

Love can only start to blossom once an understanding can be reached in satisfying their partners’ needs.

Foreplay is where this understanding starts and develops into complete satisfaction.

Virgo Man and Cancer woman in bed do not mind playing the submissive or domineering role while in bed together, once an understanding has been reached.

Oral Sex

The one form of foreplay that can be the foundation of lasting love and respect is good oral sex.

This allows both parties in an intimate relationship, to be mutually satisfied sexually which leads them to want more over time.

The beauty being it doesn’t have anything like performance Anxiety at play here!

The emotional connection created via stellar oral skills could potentially keep any two people together even if they’re having other issues.

If you happen to have amazing skill sets when performing oral acts, emotional connection is enhanced. This video explains the techniques for good oral sex.

Apart from foreplay and oral sex, hygiene is also very important to the Virgo guy.

He wants his Cancer girl to smell clean and fresh and the bedding must also be very fresh and clean.

The room they are in needs to also smell amazing as this adds to the erotic environment. Scented candles and low lighting stimulate an air of excitement and anticipation.

Add to this the ability to raise your Virgo crush’s passion for you by whispering your intentions with the help of The Language of Desire here.

The best sex position of the Cancer woman is sitting up cowgirl style, but she doesn’t mind spooning, missionary, and 69 styles. Her most erogenous zone is her breasts, particularly the nipples.

On the other hand, a Virgo man likes the face-to-face standing-up sex style, which enables him to analyze the emotions of his Cancer lady.

His most erogenous zone is the stomach and he is likely to become aroused if his Cancer lady kisses and strokes his tummy with her fingers.

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Below is a YouTube video that I found which explains more about how a Virgo man’s heart is ruled by his head rather than by his libido.

Final Thoughts

The sex life of the Virgo man and Cancer woman in bed is quite unique but interesting.

To understand more about creating a long-term loving union you need to understand Virgo Man Sextrology and see how you can make sure he has no need to look elsewhere for his sexual pleasures.

A Virgo guy needs to feel physically comfortable with his Cancer lady, while the Cancer woman needs to be able to trust her Virgo boyfriend.

However, the combination of these two-star signs indicates that they are both givers in between the sheets, which enables them to be able to satisfy the needs of each other.

Understanding the sexual likes and dislikes of your guy can be the making or breaking of the relationship.

The way to do this is by opening his mind to release his hidden passions.

Learning how to talk to him during lovemaking will show you what a great lover he can be. The Language of Desire here.

I hope you found some help with this article and given you confidence that a Virgo man Cancer woman in bed can create a long-lasting relationship.

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