Gemini Woman Virgo Man Compatibility

The Gemini and Virgo zodiac signsThe combination of a Gemini woman and Virgo man has some differences, but they also have some similarities.

They are generally both big thinkers, good problem solvers, and expert communicators which makes them a compatible combination.

What’s more, they are both driven by a passion for making new discoveries. This trait in both of them means they are more prepared to learn about how they react to each other in a new relationship. This flexibility allows a deeper understanding to develop.

However, the Gemini woman needs to be prepared to lead initially in lovemaking with the shy and reserved Virgo. Although the Virgo male comes across as confident in everyday life, he will not want to show his hidden desires for fear of offending his Gemini partner.

A Virgo man is very intelligent and his mind is always active. This is why his sexual desires are released when his partner whispers in his ear. If you want to bring your sexual relationship with a Virgo man to its peak, you need to understand the phrases that will really turn him on.

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How Compatible Is The Gemini Woman And Virgo Man Combo?

woman smiling at man who has his arms around herGemini Woman And Virgo Man Compatibility

The combination of a Virgo man and Gemini woman is somewhat odd because they tend to clash in various areas.

This makes it difficult for them to commit to each other on a long-term basis. However, if the attraction is strong enough a Gemini female can easily learn how to bring the reserved Virgo male out of himself.

Gemini woman is very spontaneous and constantly wants to keep things changing. This might make it difficult for her Virgo partner to keep up with her kind of lifestyle.

However, Gemini woman and Virgo man tend to click at an intelligence level. What’s more, Virgo man is always drawn to the intelligence and conversational skills of his Gemini woman of which he never gets bored.

Gemini woman, on the other hand, is able to stimulate the mind of her Virgo partner. She has the ability to keep him on his toes with new ideas. A clever Gemini female can learn to press the hot buttons in her Virgo crush by understanding his hidden characteristics.

The Virgo man can at times be very serious and grounded. This side of his personality tends to rub his Gemini woman the wrong way.

In order to have a loving relationship, it is important that the Virgo man avoids pushing Gemini woman into committing herself.

She should be given the freedom and independence to decide whether she wants to commit to the relationship.

If you are in such a relationship, your ability to communicate with each other can really make your love life easy.

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Smiling couple laying in bedSexual Compatibility

Sexual compatibility of the Virgo man and Gemini woman is quite unique. For starters, the Gemini woman is a very passionate and spontaneous lover. She tends to be the one who dominates their lovemaking sessions.

On the other hand, the Virgo guy is quite reserved. He tends to assume a passive role while in the bedroom with his Gemini lover.

It is important that the Gemini woman understands the sexual orientation of the Virgo guy. A book that covers this subject is Virgo Man Sextrology, which you may find helpful.

Virgo man is constantly turned on by the imagination and explorative nature of his Gemini woman. However, he can be very sensual given some sense of security and appreciation from his Gemini woman. Gemini ladies tend to admire the perceptiveness of Virgo guys.

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It is imperative that you learn to communicate your needs and desires. So many relationships fall apart by being too reserved. Understanding exactly what you and your partner are wanting and needing in your sex life will cement your love.

Virgo man Gemini woman

For instance, the Virgo man is a grounded sign who is all about order, perfection, and practicality. Gemini woman is a spontaneous and unbiased sign and loves to explore and have fun.

Gemini woman may find the grounded nature of the Virgo man somewhat boring or conservative. She will need to learn about how he thinks and reacts to situations. Knowing a Virgo guy’s complex characteristics will help to develop a strong long-term bond.

Without this knowledge, the Virgo man may perceive his Gemini woman as someone he wouldn’t be able to rely on. A solid foundation in a relationship is paramount to a Virgo man’s thinking.

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Virgo man and Gemini woman are known to be generally on the studious side. While Virgo man admires stability and commitment, Gemini woman, on the other hand, is an independent woman who likes to enjoy her freedom.

Perhaps you are in such a match, and you are wondering how compatible you are. Well, this article will help you gain insights into your compatibility relating to love and romance, sex, marriage, as well as emotionally.

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Emotional Compatibility

Gemini woman Virgo man drinking red wine after an emotional discussionVirgo man and Gemini woman are known to be not only emotional but also very sensitive. Virgo man never feels comfortable when it comes to sharing how he feels, but he also never lets his emotions put him down.

What’s more, he tends to be very secretive about his feelings so as to protect himself from being hurt by other people.

On the other hand, Gemini woman tends to have trouble expressing her emotions. She is not the kind of girl that will normally yell or scream.

This is a big plus in the relationship as a Virgo guy finds it difficult to comprehend someone who is not logical in their thinking.

In addition, it is sometimes not easy to form an emotional bond with the Gemini woman. She can be aggressive and needs to control this tendency if she wants long-term stability with a Virgo male.

From the information above, it is evident that neither the Virgo man nor Gemini woman is willing to share what they are going through. This can cause turbulence in their relationship. It will be up to the Gemini woman to take the lead in understanding how a Virgo guy thinks and acts in situations.

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Therefore, if you are in such a match, it is imperative that you learn to understand each other’s imperfections. Respect the fact that each of you will once in a while need some time alone. This will help to ensure that your relationship is harmonious.

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Virgo man with brideMarriage Compatibility

Marriage between Virgo man and Gemini woman can have it’s up’s and down’s like any relationship. However, the key to success is tolerance and acceptance that we are all unique beings.

Although a Gemini female tends to be easily bored by the stability of her Virgo man, she can learn how to cultivate his undying love for her.

On the other hand, Virgo man can have a tendency to be very critical. When things are not going his way, he tends to find fault and criticize his Gemini woman whom he sees as irresponsible.

If you are in such a combination, it is important to note that you two can get on each other’s nerves quite easily. If you are not prepared to give and take it could make your marriage quite tricky.

Therefore, you might want to exercise some level of flexibility and communicate effectively in order to have a sustainable marriage.

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I found this YouTube video that I think you may be interested in as it explains more about Gemini woman Virgo man compatibility.

Final Thoughts

It is possible for a Virgo man and a Gemini woman to have a harmonious and long-term relationship. Provided they learn how to compromise and adjust according to their partner’s traits.

To gain a deeper understanding you might like to read the recent review I did? This really gives a girl everything she needs to know regarding a Virgo man click here.

For instance, it is important for the Gemini woman to understand that stability and security are Virgo man’s top desires.

On the other hand, Virgo man needs to understand that the Gemini woman likes to enjoy her freedom and independence. He should avoid constantly criticizing her because of her actions.

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