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Last Updated on September 18, 2021

Virgo man and Virgo woman in bed kissing

Virgo man Virgo woman in bed can be explosive due to the similar characteristics depicted by their star sign.

If you have the hots for a Virgo guy you should not be put off by thinking your temperament might be a problem in the future.

Although you may both have the same star sign, astrology depends very much on the alignment of planets at your exact time of birth.

So, put all your fears behind you as I am going to explain how compatibility comes from understanding and tolerance more so than the zodiac sign you were born under.

This couple tends to search for sensitivity, safety, and dependability. They are a match that is able to care for and understand each other. They are also able to be patient with each other.

Similar personalities are a plus for the Virgo guy and his Virgo lady because they enable them to strike a balance. These two-star signs share some similar characteristics.

However, making allowances for each other can sometimes cause a problem.

Although they tend to agree on almost all aspects of their relationship both can be very stubborn if one is making a particular point.

Virgo Man Virgo Woman in Bed

Virgo Man and Virgo woman making loveHowever, when it comes to sex, the Virgo man and Virgo woman in bed can be a powerful combination when they allow their inhibitions to disappear.

Both have shy tendencies but these can be easily overcome with plenty of foreplay to build confidence.

It will fall more on the Virgo woman to coax the shy and reserved guy out of his shell when it comes to a romantic encounter.

Initially, a Virgo guy may hold back because he wants to know a woman and is also possibly concerned with offending her.

To help with this tricky situation you may find it helpful to take a look at a program I found that explains a step-by-step process in relaxing your Virgo guy and raising his passion.

Leading relationship expert Felicity Keith has developed a program that stimulates the imagination of a Virgo man. Understanding the effect of words and phrases on your crush’s inhibitions will make a powerful connection between you.

Felicity explains her program in a short video called The Language of Desire. It is something that has helped many women discover and release the true desires of their Virgo crush without anxiety or embarrassment.

The Virgo man has a particular image of how he sees himself in his world. He is sensitive to being chased and pushed into anything so a subtle approach is needed in the early stages of romance.

His macho image of himself can easily be dented and undermined if a partner starts coming on too strong.

The Virgo man very much sees himself making the decisions in the early stages of a relationship but this will mellow as he learns to trust his partner.

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo man or you’re considering getting into one you need to fully understand his characteristics and his deepest desires.

If you would like to know more about how sex between a Virgo man and a Virgo woman is likely to turn out, then keep reading.

Virgo Man Virgo Woman Sexually

Sex between Virgo man and Virgo woman is a match that has the potential for outstanding creativity once they have released their inhibitions.

However, they are not the kind of people to show interest in sex in the initial days.

They want to get to know and feel comfortable with each other before they can engage in sex.

Nonetheless, as days go by, their sexual relationship tends to become very sensual. This is because they will learn to open up to each other and be able to discuss any topic.

What’s more, the Virgo guy and Virgo lady are a match who detest one-night stands.

They are often reserved and will not be comfortable when it comes to having sex for just one night.

The lovemaking activities of the Virgo male are often straightforward and he rarely engages in seductive games or incorporates a ton of techniques.

His Virgo female is ever ready to try new techniques while in between the sheets. This needs to be done over time and not rushed.

Oral Sex

Man & Woman in BedA Virgo man loves oral sex, both giving and receiving. This form of foreplay is at the top of his list when interacting with the erotic build-up to intercourse.

The emotional connection created via good oral sex can be the foundation to lasting love and respect.

However, if your oral technique is average or worse, below average, then in time your Virgo guy will start to be less sexually satisfied and his attraction to you will wane.

This may sound shallow, but it’s vitally important that you take it into account when assessing how much your guy loves you.

The surprising thing is that the majority of women think they are good at oral because they don’t realize there are techniques involved that will take your man to higher and higher levels of sexual pleasure.

Following a recent survey by a leading men’s magazine into oral pleasure, the majority of guys confirmed that most women were pretty average, with some saying it was even a turn-off for them.

Most men, with one girlfriend in their lives, stayed because she could “Blow his socks off” (excuse the pun) when it came to exciting oral sex.

Jack Hudson is a qualified sex therapist who instructs women of all nationalities in ways that make their men totally sexually addicted to them. He explains these techniques in this video here.

When she gives herself time to understand the needs of her partner she will discover true bliss for both of them.

Become The Woman Of His Fantasies. By Listening to this short video

Similar to the Virgo male, a Virgo female will take time to trust and feel comfortable in a relationship.

She has no inhibitions and she is ever willing to engage in any activity that will make her Virgo partner happy.

She also likes it when her Virgo partner pays attention to her and compliments her with regard to her performance when in between the sheets.

If you want to discover the exact things that turn a Virgo man on and lead him to feel an incredible connection with you then read my article all about his Sextrology here.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman smiling on a bedRomantic Environment

In addition, this match prefers to make love in a place where they feel comfortable, preferably in the house where they will not be disturbed.

In other words, they hardly make love in fancy places like the office, car, park, just to mention, but a few.

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What’s more, they like making love in a clean place. So, the bedding and the environment where they have sex needs to be sparkling clean. They also value body hygiene as partners.

However, they do not mind experimenting with techniques and they are always keen on satisfying each other’s fantasies.

What’s more, they are always very detail-oriented and they always want to find out about the likes and dislikes of each other while in between the sheets.

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The Language Of Seduction

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It is important to note that the Virgo girl may appear shy, but her prowess in seducing her Virgo boyfriend cannot be underestimated.

What’s more, the Virgo male tends to be very submissive. He is never willing to take the lead when it comes to thrilling and giving each other pleasure.

His Virgo partner never hesitates to take the lead in pleasing him.

Nonetheless, Virgo girl does not mind being tied up by her Virgo partner and she also doesn’t mind making use of sex toys while with her man.

The Virgo man and Virgo woman like to have lots of foreplay, particularly oral sex. This is where Felicity’s program The Language of Desire can really help in raising the temperature between the sheets.

What’s more, their most erogenous zone is the stomach and in order to arouse each other, they need to learn to gently massage, stroke, and touch each other around the stomach area.

The best sex position of the Virgo male and Virgo female tends to be the one that enables them to maintain eye contact with each other.

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The YouTube video below outlines more about the compatibility of the Virgo man and Virgo woman in a romantic environment. I hope it helps you understand more about the sensitive balance when these star signs get together.

Final Thoughts

The sex life of Virgo man and Virgo woman is likely to be cold if the female does not understand the Sextrology of the Virgo male.

To build a loving and fulfilling intimate connection you may find it helpful to read my review of a Virgo Man’s Sextrology here.

The sex life of Virgo man Virgo woman in bed tends to improve when they become more comfortable with each other. In the beginning, each has a tendency to be in control of their emotions which can possibly lead to uncertainty.

They need to put aside their controlled attitude for them to be able to enjoy sex and satisfy each other.

They need to let themselves go and understand that things do not have to always be neat and perfect.

Understanding the traits of the Virgo guy is the key to a successful, fulfilling, and loving relationship.

To discover the secrets to a sexually fulfilling relationship with your Virgo man and make him highly sexually attracted to you, read my Sextrology article here.

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope this article gave you some pointers to help you find happiness with your Virgo crush.

There are lots more articles on my website covering a wide variety of topics concerning a relationship with a Virgo guy.

Why not bookmark my site for future reference? You never know when a situation with a Virgo guy needs some help!

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