Virgo Man In Bed With Aries Woman-A Lively Match

Virgo man kissing Aries woman in bedVirgo man and Aries woman are a match with a very unique relationship because of their differences.

For instance, Virgo man desires security and patience, while his Aries woman wants to have fun and to be stimulated.

In addition, Virgo man tends to be very reserved, analytical and critical. However, the Aries woman is very enthusiastic, hot-tempered and dominant. This can be quite intimidating for the Virgo guy.

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Well, Aries woman knows nothing about patience and her Virgo man will definitely help with this side of their relationship.

By teaching her about practicality and patience he will build a bond of respect.

He knows how to analyze situations and provide practical solutions, and his Aries woman really admires him for that.

So long as Virgo male does not analyze and criticize his Aries female, they will definitely have a smooth relationship.

Virgo guy and Aries lady are a very hard working and devoted couple.

What’s more, their sexual attraction is quite strong. The innocent Aries girl always drives her Virgo boyfriend crazy between the sheets. This is because of her mysterious, direct and simple nature.

If you are such a couple or you want to know more about a potential partnership and a possible sexual relationship, this article is for you. Please keep reading.

How Compatible Are Virgo Man and Aries Woman in Bed?

girl being cuddled by manIn bed, Virgo man and Aries woman have a fascinating and irresistible attraction for one another.

Aries girl is known to be very passionate, simple and relaxed while in bed with her Virgo guy.

She tends to enjoy having frequent sex with her Virgo partner, and according to her, sex should be a playful, intense and fiery activity.

On the other hand, Virgo man tends to take time before indulging in sex with his Aries girl. He first wants to be able to trust her and feel comfortable around her.

However, once he becomes comfortable, he always looks forward to making love to his mysterious Aries girl. This is something that she can cultivate to keep this mystery alive.

As with all star signs, the Virgo man has typical traits that lay hidden in a complex character make up. I

If an Aries woman wants to develop a deep emotional connection she can discover in this article Virgo Man Sextrology the things that drive him wild when between the sheets.

Mind Games

Virgo guy and his Aries woman love having stimulating conversations while in between the sheets.

In other words, they both want to have intellectual debates or talks, which tend to strengthen their intimacy.

What’s more, both Virgo guy and his Aries lover are very experimental and they love trying new things when in between the sheets.

Virgo guy is especially keen on satisfying the fantasies of his Aries girl and he likes it when she shares her ideas with him.

He tends to be more comfortable with having sex in a place he feels secure and private. However,  he does not mind having sex with his Aries lover in unusual places to keep her happy.

What’s more, he also loves to incorporate sex toys and games in their lovemaking activities. This after time, gives their sex life a whole new meaning.

Aries girl likes to take the lead while in between the sheets. Her Virgo boyfriend always wants to satisfy his Aries lady first before she can return back the favor. Having the chance to please his lady first makes him feel appreciated, understood and valued.

Knowing all the facts of the Sextrology of a Virgo male will lead to a long-lasting and deeply emotional relationship.

Sexual Experimentation

Aries girl has very good seduction skills and she will definitely give her Virgo guy great orgasms.

What’s more, she always has a very high sexual libido and she does not mind having sex in the car, or wherever she feels horny.

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Just like her Virgo partner, Aries lady will go to any extent to please and arouse her Virgo partner. She does not mind charming him with sexy lingerie and sex toys.

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This match wants to receive compliments from each other. For instance, Virgo guy always wants to be perfect when he hits the sheets with his Aries lover. He also expects her to reassure him that his performance is great.

On the other hand, Aries girl wants her Virgo partner to compliment her when she’s naked. Having fun with him in bed, or for that matter anywhere in the house or bedroom is exciting to her.

Romantic Surroundings

Unlike Virgo guy who wants to make love in a romantic setting with white sheets and nice smells, Aries woman tends to cringe over such attempts.

In addition, Virgo guy views foreplay as an essential activity while in bed with his Aries lover, and he wants to engage in some cuddling, kissing, and oral sex.

However, his Aries lover is too impulsive and she always wants to get right into the act of making love.

According to her, foreplay shouldn’t be at the forefront of their lovemaking activities.

Sexual Positions

The best sex position of the aggressive Aries woman is reverse cowgirl style, as well as doggy-style. Her most erogenous zone is her head.

Caresses and massage on her head and the stroking of her hair will really arouse her.

On the other hand, the best sex position of Virgo man is the face to face standing up position, and his most erogenous zone is the stomach.

Parting Shot!

In bed, Virgo guy will definitely get to learn a lot of tricks from his Aries partner.

He will also enjoy the enthusiasm and spontaneity of his Aries girl since he does not possess such traits.  Virgo man will be surprised by how much she understands the Sextrology of his makeup.

On the other hand, Aries girl will initially be disappointed by the slow nature of her Virgo guy, but she will definitely enjoy his lovemaking skills and perfection while in between the sheets.

Virgo Man In Bed With Aries Woman-A Lively Match
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