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Last Updated on September 24, 2021

Virgo man in bed with woman looking at each other while holding sheets up to their eyesThe sex drive of a Virgo man in bed is stimulated by how his partner interacts with him and understands his complex desires.

I’m not suggesting Virgo men are weirdos, they just tend to want to be in charge but need a woman to set the pace in arousing him.

A Virgo man is not usually the kind of guy who will hop right into bed with a woman he is attracted to.

A man with this zodiac sign craves emotional connection rather than just sexual satisfaction.

On the contrary, he likes taking his time to know a woman more and he will sometimes abstain from sex until he knows he is able to trust her and feel physically comfortable around her.

In addition, he is not the type of guy who will usually engage in one-night-stand sex.

He will always control his libido until he is certain that he indeed wants to have a relationship with a certain lady. A woman with whom he wants to achieve a meaningful connection.

Nonetheless, his performance in the bedroom is usually unquestionable because he is a perfectionist.

He also has the skills required to make any woman have several orgasms. Provided the relationship and romantic environment are right.

Is Virgo Man Sexually Aggressive?

couple making loveTo have a successful ongoing sexual relationship with a Virgo man in a woman must understand his deepest desires.

Stimulating his mind with erotic thoughts has proven to drive his passion to previously unexplored heights.

Renowned relationship coach Felicity Keith has discovered the hidden desire for sexual pleasure for a Virgo man.

This program has been proven to be the key for many women in creating passion and for making their guys commit totally to them. Understanding the secret longings of a Virgo man is the key to a lifetime of bliss.

If your sexual relationship is waning and needs a boost of excitement, I recommend you listen to Felicity as she explains her exciting program in this short video The Language of Desire.

Learn exactly how to turn him on with these words here

If you are head over heels for a Virgo guy and looking for tips to make him your own, this article will give you the information to get the most out of your relationship with your Virgo crush.

Also some insights into how he reacts between the sheets within a loving environment.

10 Tips To Excite Your Virgo Man In Bed

To be able to understand the wants of a Virgo man in bed, it is important to first and foremost understand his traits and characteristics.

Knowing how to get him to relax is the key to getting him turned on. A characteristic of a Virgo man is having his intellect aroused. He finds it stimulating to have lots of verbal interaction during sex.

The surest way of arousing his animalistic instinct is through whispering in his ear during foreplay.

However, this needs to be done in the right way and with the wording that connects with him and does not come across as crude.

The link below leads to a video in which Felicity Keith, a relationship expert, explains the power of this sometimes taboo subject. It is a topic that is sometimes avoided by women mainly due to misunderstandings.

This technique also explains the control any woman can maintain over her Virgo lover by using the information in the right way.

Talking Dirty can Be Exciting If Spoken In The Correct Way > Find Out Here.

Having listened to the above video, I’m sure, you like me will have a greater awareness of the desires that will turn on a Virgo man.

Read on through the rest of this article for more tips that will definitely help you unleash the sexual passion in your guy.

Virgo Man and Sex

Two hands connecting and making the shape of a heartThe Virgo guy tends to express himself well and enjoys sex more if there’s an emotional connection involved.

However, he is also very realistic and tends to understand that sex and emotions can be separated.

So, a Virgo man does not want to make love in an environment where emotional outbursts are the order of the day.

He likes it when his lover tells him the truth without hurting his feelings because he is a very sensitive guy.

Hurting his feelings could suddenly destroy your lovemaking sessions.

Any relationship with a Virgo man must be based on honesty.

Openness is the key. If you are not happy with any aspect, especially with your Virgo man in bed, try and bring it into the open in conversation, at the appropriate time.

As I said before, your Virgo crush loves to interact with you via talking. It allows him to understand more about you and his enquiring mind is always looking for answers.

Provided he understands that you are not out to score points or hurt his feelings by being bitchy, he will want to resolve any issues. He is usually open to suggestions if put across in the right way.

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So, if you really want to create a lasting relationship with your Virgo boyfriend, you need to understand him.

It is important that you not only control your emotions but also you need to avoid hurting his feelings.

A Virgo guy may sometimes be very critical, but he does not like being criticized. He may be critical at times due to stress at work or something else playing on his mind.

However, when you get things right with your Virgo man you can be assured he will never want to leave you.

If you are struggling to understand the emotional roller-coaster ride of a relationship with your Virgo crush, you may find it helpful to learn more about his characteristics.

A great book called Virgo Man Secrets explains everything a woman needs to know.

Why are Virgo’s so Good in Bed?

couple sitting holding handsVirgo male is a great conversationalist and he really gets turned on by mentally stimulating talks while in bed with his woman.

So, if you want to make him enjoy your company while in between the sheets, it is important that you engage him in talks before, during, and after your lovemaking sessions.

For instance, allowing him to talk about his work and being interested in his progress shows you care.

A Virgo man’s brain seems to need stimulation with verbal communication before he can relax.

A great way to keep an emotional connection between you when you are apart is via text messages.

Now you need to be careful with this because sending loads of messages will become irritating, but carefully worded texts can create fun and anticipate excitement.

If you think your relationship has become a little mundane and could do with a boost, I have written the article below which focuses on keeping the romance alive with text!

I hope this gives you another important tool in helping to keep your Virgo crush interested in you.

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Eager For Satisfaction

Virgo guy is a perfectionist and detail-oriented even in the bedroom.

What’s more, he is always eager to fulfill the fantasies of his lady and he prefers to dominate their lovemaking sessions.

In other words, Virgo man wants to first and foremost fulfill the sexual desires of his lover before his.

This can be taken that the Virgo man is sexually aggressive but it is normally him wanting to be seen as complete.

However, he will expect his lady to reciprocate the favor by satisfying his fantasies.

In other words, Virgo male does not expect you to lay dormant on the bed and just let him do all the work.

To discover the right way to excite the Virgo man you need to open your mind and dispense with any inhibitions.

Discover the words that stimulate and tantalize his mind The Language of Desire.

In addition, he wants to pay attention to you so that he can know what excites you sexually and what he needs to avoid.

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Attraction – Romance - Commitment – Lasting love

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So, do not hesitate to let him know where he needs to touch and what he needs to do better.

What’s more, he will also be open with you regarding your performance because he wants things to be better the next time you have sex.

Romantic Atmosphere is a Turn-On for Virgo in Bed

Virgo man with girl who is smiling as she grips his face in her handsVirgo guy doesn’t want to make love in just any environment.

He wants to have his lovemaking sessions in a bedroom that has some clean white sheets.

What’s more, the bedroom or environment in general needs to smell great, be comfortable, tidy, and well organized.

His woman also needs to smell clean and fresh. In other words, messiness and uncleanness are a great turn-off for a Virgo male.

In addition, the Virgo guy also wants to take his time while pleasing his girl, and he does not expect to be rushed.

If your relationship is still in the courtship stage, Virgo man will definitely prefer to make love to you in the comfort of his home and not at your place.

Or for that matter anywhere that you may not be interrupted or disturbed.

If you would like to bring more spice to a relationship. You may want to take a quick look at a recent review I did on Virgo Man Sextrology Here.

Virgo Man – Sexual Experimentation

Virgo man is not very adventurous in the bedroom, but he does not mind trying out new things while in between the sheets.

So, he appreciates suggestions from his lover on new and notorious moves that need to be explored.

Discover more about Virgo Man’s complex character here

However, it is important to avoid dominating your activities or exploration activities because that will certainly turn off your Virgo man.

What’s more, avoid coercing him into doing what he does not feel comfortable doing because again, that will certainly turn him off.

In addition, he tends to enjoy the role of a submissive partner. This may involve being tied up with ropes, cuffs, scarves, or anything that will make him feel passive.

So, try to create new experiences for him each and every time you have sex.

Sex games and sex toys would also spice up your sex life with the Virgo guy and he doesn’t mind them at all.

Oral Sex

man on bed looking at woman standing by a window Virgo men love oral sex. For him, it is the ultimate of eroticism and confirmation of emotional unity.

Of course, this is not a one-way street, he is a giver as well as a receiver, as long as his partner has indicated that she is happy to participate.

Oral sex is a deeply intimate part of foreplay and there is a technique that can be adopted to remove any initial embarrassment and become really proficient in maximizing the experience.

Most women who want to excite their men have little or no idea of how to do it properly, and men don’t complain, because they don’t want to hurt their feelings.

However, you, like me, are aware, that there is a right and wrong way of doing things and this also relates to exciting oral sex, as compared to mediocre, delivered with embarrassment.

If you want to drive your man wild with excitement in the bedroom, then you can learn how from Jack, who is a leading male sex instructor. This video holds the key to sexual passion

Appreciate His Best Sex Position

Virgo fella loves having sex in standing-up positions because such positions enable him to be able to view each and every part of your sexy body.

In addition, such positions enable him to be able to dominate your lovemaking sessions.

Become The Woman Of His Fantasies. Listen to this short video here

So, if you want him to know how much you value, appreciate, and understand him, let him make love to you in a sex position that he loves.

More about favorite sex positions In This Article.


Virgo male is known to be a very cautious and discrete guy. So, having sex in public places is not his preference.

He wants to have sex in a place where he feels secure, which has to be inside his house or under the cover of some house.

He will avoid areas like the park or an open space where you may be disturbed by casual dog walkers etc.

Virgo man and smiling woman in bedForeplay is Essential for The Virgo Man

A Virgo male likes the prelude that comes about with foreplay.

So, he values foreplay and he will often indulge in long hours of cuddling, kissing, oral sex, just to mention, but a few.

This is definitely the time to raise the temperature and his passion for using the skills you have learned from The Language of Desire.

So, if you want to enjoy your bedroom moments with a Virgo guy, it is important that you do not rush him to engage in immediate sex.

In other words, remember to pay attention to foreplay while in between the sheets with Virgo man.

A Virgo Man Needs Reassurance

With his perfectionism trait, Virgo’s partner needs your reassurance that he is indeed performing well while in between the sheets.

So, it is important that you compliment him for his great lovemaking skills.

In addition, the more you give him genuine positive feedback, the more pleasure you will receive because he will always want to exceed your expectations.


Virgo man wants to have sex with a partner who is able to spice up things in the bedroom.

He wants to be in bed with a partner who is able to discover his fantasies and satisfy them.

What’s more, he wants to be with a woman who will be able to reveal her kinkiness, wildness, and feminism.

Care needs to be taken to slowly introduce things like this as the relationship progresses rather than all at once in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

If you are in love with a Virgo man, he wants to know you and feel comfortable around you before he hops into the bedroom with you. So, it is important that you do not rush him.

In addition, once he decides to go to bed with you, he will try to be perfect and attentive to your needs. He will expect you to take care of his needs and desires as well.

So, once you get to understand what your Virgo man in bed wants, you will certainly have the best and satisfying lovemaking sessions with this man. Your relationship will be enviable.

If you need more help in understanding a Virgo guy See My Review Here on a book that is written by a female relationship coach titled Virgo Man Sextrology.

This one book is written from a woman’s perspective to show you how to connect emotionally during sex with a Virgo man to bring fulfillment to your relationship.

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope you find this article is helpful in your relationship.

There are lots more topics on my website involving understanding Virgo men and how they think, here at Why not bookmark my site for future reference?  You never know when you may have cause to refer back.

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