Virgo Man Erogenous Zone and Best Sex Positions

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

man on bed looking at womanMany people think of the genitalia as the most pleasurable zone, but there are many parts of the body that respond well to pressure touch or even vibration.

Do you know the Virgo man erogenous zone? Understanding this one thing will bring excitement between you and raise his passion in the bedroom.

If you are contemplating a relationship with a Virgo man it is important to discover his erogenous zone as well as the best sex position that suits you both.

These most sensitive places are referred to as erogenous zones and understanding where they are on your partner’s body will raise excitement between you.

The ultimate stimulation for a Virgo man could come via suggestive whisperings in his ear while making love. It is widely recognized that a Virgo man is intelligent and has an active mind.

This characteristic follows through with lovemaking when a woman can raise his desires to fever pitch by describing her sensations of ecstasy.

A Relationship Experts Study

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On the other hand, people tend to have different preferences with regard to sexual positions, and it is never a one size fits all approach when people are making love.

That being said, if you are in a relationship with a Virgo man, you want him to have the most enjoyable moments while in between the sheets with you.

It is important therefore that you get to know the parts of his body that respond well to touch and pressure. This, as well as how he likes making love to you.

The Virgo Man Erogenous Zone And Best Sex Positions

Virgo Man laying on top of a woman on a bed of white sheetsIn this article, you are going to gain insights on how to turn on your Virgo man by stimulating his hot spots, and how to boost his sexual satisfaction.

The mind of a Virgo Man

Of the most erogenous zones of Virgo man and his greatest point of pleasure is the mind.

So, if you really want to arouse your Virgo dude, it is important that you try as much as possible to connect with him on a deeper and verbal level.

In other words, before you try to attract the attention of a Virgo man with sexy lingerie and your sexy curves, it is important that you learn the art of sexually stimulating the brain of your Virgo crush.

Before you hop to bed, you need to share humor with your Virgo guy.

Engage intellectually and have sensible conversations on topics he loves.

Start off with flirting and develop into dirty talk, and trying new things together.

Those are some of the techniques that you can use to stimulate the mind of Virgo man. Take a look at this short video that explains the power of The Language of Desire.


Another way of turning on a Virgo guy is to focus on his stomach, which is a highly sensitive area.

So, if you want your Virgo man to shiver with pleasure it is important that you pay keen attention to the region between his belly button and his pubic bone, or in other words, his lower abdomen.

So, it is important that you stroke his stomach, hip, and waistline area by moving your fingers or hands backward and forward.

What’s more, licking and kissing the lower abdomen is highly arousing and will leave your Virgo man wanting more.

Oral Sex

A Virgo man loves oral sex, both giving and receiving. This form of foreplay is at the top of his list when interacting with the erotic build-up to intercourse. The emotional connection created via good oral sex can be the foundation to lasting love and respect.

However, if your oral technique is average or worse, below average, then in time your Virgo guy will start to be less sexually satisfied and his attraction to you will wane. This may sound shallow, but it’s vitally important that you take it into account when assessing how much your guy loves you.

The surprising thing is that the majority of women think they are good at oral because they don’t realize there are techniques involved that will take your man to higher and higher levels of sexual pleasure.

Following a recent survey by a leading men’s magazine into oral pleasure, the majority of guys confirmed that most women were pretty average, with some saying it was even a turn-off for them.

Most men, with one girlfriend in their lives, stayed because she could “Blow his socks off” (excuse the pun) when it came to exciting oral sex.

Jack Hudson is a qualified sex therapist who instructs women of all nationalities in ways that make their men totally sexually addicted to them. He explains these techniques which will raise the passion of your lovemaking to unbelievable new heights in this video here.


The buttocks are also an erogenous zone for Virgo man, and he can really get aroused if you stroke, spank or bite them in a playful way.

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man and woman in bed smilingThe Best Sex Positions for Virgo Man

Virgo men are considered to be very subdued and they are not very flamboyant while in between the sheets.

Virgo man is a guy who may not be very familiar with many sex positions, and the ones he knows he sticks with.

In other words, sex with a Virgo male is considered to be very monotonous.

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However, Virgo male does not mind trying out new things or positions while in bed with you.

He prefers to have sex in a position that will enable him to maintain eye contact because he wants to entice you with his eyes.

What’s more, he wants a position that enables him to penetrate you deeply for maximum pleasure and multiple orgasms.

The following are his favorite sex positions:-

Face to face standing up position

Your Virgo boyfriend wants to be in control and this sex position enables him to appreciate your body.

This also allows him to watch your expressions to give him an indication of your enjoyment.

This also allows you to drive him wild by whispering in his ear the words you have learned in The Language of Desire.

So, you may want to try the standing up position with your Virgo boyfriend, which allows him to deeply penetrate you from the rear.

This is an erotic style that you can also try while in the shower with your Virgo crush.

Missionary style

Another sex position that Virgo guy likes is when you lie on the edge of the bed with your knees in the air.

This position enables him to penetrate you in a diagonal position, and to stimulate your clitoris effectively for maximum pleasure.

What’s more, Virgo men love oral sex, and this position will certainly allow your Virgo boyfriend to give you some real pleasure without trouble.


Virgo men love trying new things while in between the sheets if you have suggested them.

So, your Virgo guy does not mind trying the lotus position where he has to sit on the floor and then you sit on him while wrapping your legs around his waist.

This position is effective because it enables your Virgo sweetheart to penetrate you deeply and to maintain eye contact.

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The octopus sex position

This is a wild sex position that allows for precision, as well as eye contact, and equal amounts of pleasure.

It is a position whereby your Virgo boyfriend sits on the floor, spreads his legs, and leans back slightly while placing his hands behind his back.

What’s more, you are then supposed to squat on his penis, and then sit like him once he penetrates you.

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I recently reviewed work by a devoted astrologer and relationship coach entitled Virgo Man Sextrology which you may find of interest, especially if you are just getting into a relationship.

The work explains a lot about a Virgo man’s complex characteristics which explains how he thinks.

Final thoughts

Your Virgo boyfriend may be too shy at first, but when he gets into the mood, be prepared for the best sex ever.

He is very keen on control because he wants you to have maximum pleasure. Let him know what excites you and where your erogenous zones are located.

What’s more, he wants you to communicate with him while in between the sheets so that he can know how you like it, and how he is performing.

What you need to know to Drive Him Wild in Bed

Picture of Charlene smilingI hope this article gave you the information you were looking for.

There are many more posts on my website relating to Virgo men, so why not bookmark my site for future reference?

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