Virgo Man Is Serious About You – 5 Easy to Spot Signs

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Are you starting to feel that the Virgo guy you have the hots for is beginning to take more interest in you?

Is it possible that he may be having similar thoughts about taking things to a more permanent level?

5 Key Takeaways a Virgo Man is Serious About You

Virgo man in love standing behind woman looking at her1. He will talk to you about friendship

A Virgo man needs a partner in his life that he can trust, so will want to build a bond to avoid being hurt later.

2. He will become more reliable

As the bond between you grows he will want you to see that you can rely on him.

3. He will be supportive of you

Once he knows he can trust you he will become more supportive of your interests.

4. He will be protective towards you 

He will show he is serious about you by helping you cope with any problems in your life.

5. He will look for signs that you care about him

A man will not commit to a long-term relationship until he is sure a woman understands his greatest need.

How Does a Virgo Man Show Interest

Maybe, just maybe, he is giving out signs that he is serious about you and wants to take things to the next level. But is worried about taking the first step.

Or possibly your relationship is drifting apart and you want to fire up his passion so that he wants to make you his own?

These are questions that are asked a lot by women when dealing with relationship issues regarding a man born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.

It’s generally not because he is playing about and messing with your emotions.

No! it is more that he has a naturally shy side to his character and he is testing the ground to see how you respond. Or in the case of a breakup, his pride is holding him back.

He sometimes needs some subtle encouragement to bring out a character who is full of charm and who will make an honest and reliable partner.

Once you understand how to connect with his subconscious mind and release his inhibitions.

A guy with a Virgo birth sign has the ruling planet of Mercury, the messenger of the gods.

A large part of his character is governed by traits of keeping everything in his life in an orderly controlled way.

Generally very intelligent, he can sometimes be accused of overthinking situations because he wants to keep everything organized.

A Virgo Man Can Be Difficult to Read

Woman with her arm around her Virgo boyfriend who is smilingA Virgo man may be difficult to read sometimes because he may be struggling with his own emotions and unsure about how to proceed.

He wants to express himself but fears rejection if he doesn’t get things right.

He sometimes needs some subtle encouragement to bring out a character who is full of charm and who will make an honest and reliable partner.

A Virgo man shows he is serious about a woman when he feels that it is his idea, and he is setting the pace in the relationship.

You just need to understand how to get him to express his emotions to be with you, rather than pushing him to make a decision.

The magical relationship with a Virgo guy can be enhanced by understanding his need to be encouraged into moving forward.

Whether you are trying to draw a Virgo guy to you for the first time or you have had a breakup and you want him back this same understanding is needed.

His basic character is screaming out to be loved but you just need to find a way to connect with his thinking.

I came across something recently that has achieved this process and has proven successful for many women in sowing the seeds of desire into a Virgo man’s mind.

It allows him to release his pent-up feelings knowing that they will be welcomed and he won’t be rejected.

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He’s Opening Up to Your Text Messages

Sending text messages by cell phone these days has become the accepted way to communicate.

Texts can be a pain in the butt if they are sent by bombarding the recipient, but carefully worded messages, phrased by an expert, can have an amazing impact on a man’s thinking.

girl seducing man by textMake him fantasize over you and he will chase you

If you want to get your Virgo crush to pay more attention or focus more on you then you may find it interesting to discover this proven method.

Relationship dating coach, Amy North has developed a program of messages that are absorbed into the subconscious mind, making a man think only of the woman who sent them.

Carefully crafted messages can be adapted to suit your particular situation. This allows your Virgo guy the space he needs to move forward while knowing you are there for him.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to a short video called Text Chemistry in which Amy explains this technique.

Now, please keep reading for more tips on how to be sure of making your Virgo crush serious about you.

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Virgo Man in Love

It is sometimes not easy to discover if a Virgo guy is just being friendly or possibly falling in love with you.

He tends to have a very reserved nature and disguises his inner emotions until he is sure of his ground.

Born under the sign of the virgin a Virgo man displays a lot of uncertainties when it comes to commitment within a relationship.

Most girls would be delighted to be courted by a Virgo man, but the question is what type of girl is the best for a Virgo guy?

Yes, you can be sure that when he makes up his mind he will try and make that woman feel like she is the only woman in the world.

However, not every woman is understanding enough to make him happy.

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Signs That Show He Maybe Falling For You

couple just married on a beachIt is natural when we are in love we tend to feel on cloud nine and sometimes act differently.

When we feel a connection with a guy we just expect him to be the one who makes the first move. If he hangs back, what do you do?

One idea is Text Chemistry to get the ball rolling but read on for signs a Virgo man is becoming more serious about you.

Virgo men are known to be intelligent which in turn makes them focus on details.

The more interested they become in something the more they begin to analyze the detail. This also follows when he begins to notice a future partner.

When this guy starts to notice and comment on little details about you, it is a sure sign that he is making plans in his head to make a move on you.

Little details about your hair or a new outfit that fits you so well! You may well be surprised by the things he notices, even some of your best friends have not commented on.

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He’s Becoming More Relaxed Around You

As I have already said, the Virgo guy is prone to be reserved and sometimes quite shy until he is sure of his ground.

He finds it hard to open up to new people so if you find he is more casual and relaxed you are definitely making progress.

You may find him popping up unexpectedly to ask you a question or to get your opinion on something that has caught his interest.

These are really encouraging signs as it means he is beginning to trust you.

Trust is a big thing with Virgo men so you should be aware never to abuse it. Knowing the characteristics of someone you love will avoid many upsets in the future.

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This Youtube video may give you some pointers from an astrological view.

He’s Creating More Intimate Special Moments

Virgo in a male is not usually recognized as a romantic zodiac sign. However, it all depends on how you view romance.

A Virgo guy tends to avoid cheesy gestures which he considers are just for show and concentrates on making surprises that can make you feel really special.

Before he makes any advances on you he will have made up his mind about the type of girl you are and the things that you enjoy.

He may surprise you with something that you mentioned you liked a while ago. You may have forgotten about it, but he won’t!

A Virgo guy is a man who is not destined to spend his life alone but is aware of his characteristics and needs a partner who understands him.

A study by a leading expert discovered a hidden obsession that if used properly by a woman can make him easily fall in love with her.

Relationship and dating coach James Bauer has devised a program called His Secret Obsession which has helped scores of women find true and lasting love with their Virgo guy.

If you want your Virgo crush to make you the center of their world listen to a short video here as James explains his program.

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Final Thoughts

On the face of it, a Virgo man may seem complicated and distant. But this is far from the truth when you give yourself time to understand his complex character.

He hates the thought of not making his own decisions and the feeling of being trapped in a situation in which he has no control.

When a Virgo man is serious about you he will want to share his life with you.

If you want to get his attention or enhance a relationship that may be losing its zing check out Amy North’s Text Chemistry.

If you have started dating but are worried he is losing interest or you have made up your mind he is the one, and you can’t get him to commit, you need to listen to relationship coach James.

The program he has devised explains exactly how to bring out the best in a relationship by understanding His Secret Obsession.

I hope this article has been of help in understanding a Virgo guy. If you follow the tips above you will pick up on the signs a Virgo man is serious about you. Good luck

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