Virgo Man Libra Woman In Bed – Great Potential

Virgo man Libra woman kissing in bedSex between Virgo man Libra woman in bed is considered to be a positive combination.

They have great potential if the Virgo man is able to relax without analyzing every emotion.

Not really problems, but understanding each other’s traits and characteristics.

Learning how a Virgo man thinks and reacts to situations will go a long way to creating a long-time relationship.

Virgo man in bed with Libra woman can create sexual compatibility between the sheets as a product of understanding and accepting each other’s deepest desires.

For instance, a Virgo man is sexually aroused by his partner whispering in his ear during lovemaking describing the pleasure she is receiving.

This is sometimes wrongly referred to as talking dirty.

This is a subject that is avoided by many women by the pure nature of the words dirty talk.

However, this is not some crude titillation, but words spoken correctly during lovemaking with the proper meaning hold the key to a lasting relationship with a Virgo guy.

I recently came across a program developed by relationship expert Felicity Keith which explains exactly how to use this technique to drive your Virgo crush crazy with desire.

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Virgo Man’s Wild Imagination

A Virgo man’s imagination goes wild when a woman is whispering in his ear all the things she wants him to do to her.

This program has been developed by a leading relationship coach and is recommended by sex therapy experts.

The method has been proven to bring back the excitement to your lovemaking and make him crave you.

The program is called Language of Desire and you can listen to a short video Here that includes step-by-step advice on how this will help your relationship reach new heights.

If you want your Virgo man to give himself completely to you it is important that you understand his deepest desires.

Both the star signs of Virgo and Libra need to be able to compromise and complement each other with their different personalities.

Read on to discover more about your Virgo man and how you can make him want you and be committed to you forever.

Virgo Man Libra Woman In Bed

Virgo Man Libra woman making loveVirgo man is practical. A perfectionist, a home-loving person, logical, and analytical.  While his Libra woman is sensitive, sociable, committed, and loyal.

For them to have a harmonious relationship, Virgo man needs to take his Libra girl out of herself and let her completely relax and enjoy.

He also needs to be patient with the slow nature and indecisiveness of his Libra lady.

On the other hand, Libra woman needs to tolerate the critical nature of her Virgo man by always being optimistic.

She can achieve this by being aware of his reactions before a misunderstanding occurs.

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Physical attraction is a key component at the start of any relationship.

Understanding the sexual preferences of the Virgo male is important to be able to keep your man having only eyes for you.

Follow this link to read a review I wrote recently on a book by a leading relationship coach. In this book, Anna Kovach explains in detail everything a girl needs to know about keeping her Virgo crush happy.

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Oral Sex

One of the biggest arousal techniques to create sensational experiences in the bedroom is oral sex. However few couples understand its true value because they avoid it either through embarrassment or not really understanding what to do.

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Love Combination Of Virgo Man Libra Woman In Bed

The Virgo man in bed with Libra woman are generally very trustworthy people and make a good combination. Compatibility is being open to the needs and wants of their partners.

In the early stages of any relationship the sparks of passion will be flying, but keeping that attraction is the secret to an undying love for each other.

A Virgo male is not known to be very romantic, but he is very devoted to his Libra female once she has assured him that she will do anything to hold his love and be true to him.

They are a couple who attach high importance to a magnificent physical relationship.

They are very subtle and affectionate towards each other. Each has a strong desire to please the other and this is the key to keeping the relationship on an even keel.

If you have the hots for a Virgo man and are wanting to learn how to get him to focus on you, it may be worth checking out my article below.

A Virgo guy is a thinking man and thoughts directed to his subconscious mind have a lasting effect. This can be achieved by carefully worded text messages.

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How Sexually Compatible Are Virgo Man Libra Woman?

Virgo Man Libra Woman cuddling under a purple blanketVirgo man in bed with Libra woman is considered to be very physical.

They are stimulating, intense, and passionate, and they never have any inhibitions when they are in between the sheets.

Libra girl is a very romantic and sexy partner who tends to assess her needs, as well as those of her Virgo guy.

She is a girl who loves to have pillow talks with her Virgo boyfriend and long foreplay such as cuddling, hugging, kissing, as well as oral sex.

Both tend to be turned on by romantic gestures from their partners such as whispering their desires to each other along with sensual foreplay.

Understanding what turns on her man can be found in this article Sextrology of a Virgo guy.

Foreplay is more important to her than the sexual climax as it creates a feeling of being needed.

As the relationship progresses the Libra woman will learn how to talk to her partner about her preferences.

By knowing how her partner reacts will tell her the best way to discuss these intimate feelings.

Virgo Man In Bed With Libra Woman – Sexually Compatible

Libra woman is known to be very sensual, skilled, and sensitive when in between the sheets and she loves it when her Virgo crush gives her attention.

She likes it when her Virgo partner is experimental when in the sack.

What’s more, Libra woman likes to dominate when in bed with her Virgo partner, and she tends to be very wild.

This, of course, comes with knowing the other person and building confidence.

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On the other hand, Virgo man tends to take quite some time before getting intimate with his Libra lady. However,  once he starts becoming passionate, nothing can ever stop him.

During their lovemaking activities, the Virgo man likes holding conversations with his Libra woman. This is an advantage for the Libra woman because she enjoys pillow talk.

However, he will talk just about anything with his Libra girlfriend and not purely about intimacy.

Having said that, the Libra woman can engage him in some conversation regarding his various interests.

Sounds strange but this is likely to really turn him on. Virgo man generally is very conscientious and will love that his partner is interested in his work or hobbies.

What’s more, he also enjoys foreplay just like his Libra woman and he knows how to give her pleasure by touching her in all the right places.

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Virgo man facing Libra woman with a rose behind his backRomance

Virgo man is also very sensitive to his Libra woman and is never vulgar when showering her with affection.

This is a good trait because the Libra woman does not want to be with an aggressive partner.

Though he tends to enjoy making love in positions that he considers comfortable, he does not mind experimenting with various sex styles.

Confidence comes with time while in between the sheets with his Libra partner.

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This is a plus for their sex life considering the fact that Libra woman wants to be in bed with a partner who is experimental.

However, Virgo man can be very cold, distant, and indifferent when forced to do what he does not want to do.

Romantic Environment for Virgo Man In Bed With Libra Woman

Virgo man also likes making love in a clean and secure environment. The perfect setting is one of a bed with crisp clean sheets and a nice aroma.

Luckily, the Libra partner should be able to create such a romantic setting because of her cleanliness, fine taste, and romantic nature.

Virgo man also likes being the boss while in between the sheets, but he does not mind compromising in order to make his Libra woman happy.

In addition, just like his Libra partner, Virgo man wants to have a lovemaking experience that is perfect for both of them.

He will be very keen on satisfying each other’s wishes and desires.

The best sex position for Libra women is the doggy style. This position is very effective in stimulating her most erogenous zone, which is her rear end or the buttocks.

On the other hand, the best sex position of the Virgo man is the face to face standing up position and his most erogenous zone is the abdomen area.

Both wanting to please the other and experimenting with different positions will only enhance the relationship.

Final Thoughts

Virgo man in bed with Libra woman can be very adventurous, passionate, stimulating, intuitive, and expressive.

They both tend to take their time when in between the sheets, which enables them to be able to satisfy each other’s needs.

To drive your Virgo crush to new heights of sexual pleasure you need to listen to a short video by relationship expert Felicity Keith as she explains The Language of Desire.

However, they really need to be able to compromise, exercise patience, and tolerate each other’s flaws in order to have a harmonious relationship.

This comes with understanding, especially in the case of the Virgo man.

Picture of Charlene smilingThis combination has great potential and understanding will eventually lead to a successful sex life and a happy relationship.

To find out more about his Sextrology and sexual compatibility you can read my review by Clicking this link Here.

I hope this article has helped in your quest to find happiness with a Virgo guy.

There are lots more articles available for you to read on my website on subjects regarding the Virgo Male.

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