Virgo Man In Bed With Sagittarius Woman-Fiery Relationship

Virgo man kissing Sagittarius woman in bedA match between Virgo man and Sagittarius woman is considered to be very bumpy and among the least compatible of the zodiac signs.

However, with a lot of effort, their relationship could definitely work out well.

The initial attraction is strong and it just needs a little perseverance by the Sagittarius lady to make her Virgo crush a perfect partner.

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A Sagittarius girl is known as a woman who is very serious about love, this bodes well as her Virgo partner is looking for stability. But only when he is sure he can trust her not to hurt his feelings. This is why he may initially seem cold and disinterested.

Sagittarius woman tends to be adventurous and is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. If she is sure she wants to make a go of it with her Virgo crush she needs to get to know his complex characteristics.

A Virgo guy is calmer and tends to be restrained in his approach to life. He has very set views on the standards he sets for himself and tends to expect the same of people who share his world. He also happens to be a perfectionist and a detail-oriented kind of guy.

The opposite side of the coin is a Sagittarius woman who generally has a very relaxed attitude towards life. Having said that her casual approach is in no way slapdash. If she wants something she will set her cap to get it. This she will need to do with her Virgo crush.

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Understanding a Virgo man

To get the most from this relationship a female needs to understand her partner’s hidden desires. A few minutes truly understanding how he thinks could result in the perfect partnership. More discoveries can be found here by learning the Virgo Man Sextrology.

This couple will definitely disagree on a lot of areas. They both need to complement and understand each other in order to have a successful and harmonious relationship. The relationship can blossom if the Sagittarius woman learns how to bring the best features out of her Virgo crush.

The intelligence of the Virgo guy will definitely stimulate his Sagittarius girl. He will generally make a loyal loving partner once he allows himself to let go of his initial reservations.

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In addition, Virgo guy and Sagittarius girl will blend well in bed because of the openness of his woman and the meticulous nature of her Virgo partner.

That said, if you are in such a match, this article will help you gain insights regarding your sex life together.

How Compatible Are Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman in Bed?

couple sitting holding handsVirgo man and Sagittarius woman blend well when they are in the bedroom.

Virgo guy is a very skilled lover who always wants to be perfect while making love to his Sagittarius girl.

He understands her sexual needs and desires and he is able to fulfill the fantasies of his Sagittarius girl.

What’s more, the Virgo male understands when he needs to be submissive and when he needs to take the lead.

He prefers to satisfy his Sagittarius girl before he becomes passive.

Knowing the Sextrology traits of a Virgo guy will lead to a greater understanding of how to get the most from your union.

Coming to terms with his need for perfection will help to create the balance needed between you in a long-term relationship.

Virgo male is not the kind of guy who will normally try having sex in various positions. He will, however, not mind trying new techniques that have been suggested by his Sagittarius girl.

So long as his Sagittarius girl does not act like a dictator, he does not mind indulging in new experiences. A Virgo man has a strong sense of how a man should react in situations regarding romance. This is where the Sagittarius lady needs to use her knowledge not to dent or deflate the macho image.

Romantic Environment

In addition, a Virgo guy prefers having sex in a calm and secluded environment where he will feel safe without interruptions. To him, the feeling of belonging within the moment is paramount.

The emotional interaction is a strong draw and he wants his partner to be involved in the same way. So, he prefers to engage in sexual encounters with his Sagittarius lover while under the cover of white and clean sheets.

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What’s more, he likes it when the room has a romantic atmosphere so subtle aroma’s on his lady are a big turn on.

He is also not the kind of guy that will enjoy making love to his Sagittarius girl in the car parked in secluded lanes. However, he does not mind being a little adventurous with her if she is so inclined, but this should be hinted about and not come as a surprise.

On the other hand, the spontaneous, erotic and adventurous Sagittarius girl can also be very skilled and wild in bed. She loves enthralling her Virgo lover with new techniques and experiences. She tends to get bored with monotonous sexual activities.

The more adventurous Sagittarius just needs to remember that her Virgo crush is much more conservative. He hates to be pushed or chased into doing something that he does not understand. Find out all you can about these characteristics to avoid any misunderstanding later.

Smiling couple laying in bedSexual Adventure

Sagittarius girl will always explore the unexplored while in bed with her Virgo partner.

What’s more, she loves taking her time in pleasing her Virgo guy until she is certain that he is completely satisfied.

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She always speaks her mind and she never hesitates to tell her Virgo lover what she wants him to do.

Sagittarius girl also expects her Virgo partner to be equally frank while in between the sheets. She tends to be a very impatient lady who finds it hard to handle coyness.


Virgo male and Sagittarius woman both tend to enjoy engaging in foreplay, cuddling and kissing and oral sex.

Sagittarius girl is not so much into foreplay like his Virgo partner. She does not mind giving her Virgo boyfriend some serious and slow oral pleasure.

She also enjoys some flirting, teasing, laughter and jokes during their foreplay sessions with her Virgo lover.

What’s more, the Virgo man and his Sagittarius woman tend to like incorporating sex toys and sex games into their lovemaking activities.

Best Sexual Position

Doggie style is the best sex position for Sagittarius woman, but she does not mind trying out the reverse cowgirl position.

Her erogenous zone is her hips and thighs. On the other hand, the stomach or abdomen area is the most erogenous zone of the Virgo man. He tends to enjoy sex in a standing up position.

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Parting shot!

The sex life of Virgo man and Sagittarius girl can be quite exciting and experimental.

However, Virgo guy needs to learn to keep the spontaneous and adventurous Sagittarius girl excited in bed. This only comes with time and with the woman gradually

If he becomes too cold, monotonous and boring, she will go and look for more exciting sex elsewhere. She does not have the patience for mediocrity while in between the sheets.

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