Virgo Man Scorpio Woman – How Compatable Are They?

Virgo man with his arm around smiling Scorpio womanVirgo man Scorpio woman – Attraction and Compatibility

The star signs of Virgo man and Scorpio woman generally make a compatible combination based on their willingness and ability to understand each others needs and desires.

The celestial sign of Virgo is Earth and Scorpio is water which indicates that the partnership has a lot going for it.

These signs have a knack for being prepared to understand each other and this tolerance will help the relationship prosper. Both signs share similar characteristics in as far as they are quiet and studious rather than boisterous and brash.

Virgo man in bed with Scorpio woman

As with the usual trait of a Virgo man he tends to be rather insecure when thinking about his sexuality. Initially, he may be very conservative which is founded on his shyness. On the other hand, the Scorpio woman will completely melt into the closeness of emotional contact.

Scorpio woman will naturally be submissive to her Virgo partner but will be confused if he finds it difficult to take control. This is contrary to her reputation for being an aggressive seductress in the bedroom.

She just needs to bear in mind that her Virgo partner may not be as liberated early on. Patience will be required to allow the relationship to develop naturally.

A Virgo man is intelligent, analytical and always controlled by his thinking. This is one of the reasons why a woman needs to know that his sexual excitement is aroused by her whispering in his ear. Erotic phrases bring out his deepest hidden desires.

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Virgo man Scorpio woman traits

Scorpio woman can be surprisingly gentle and sweet with someone she really loves. This patience and gentle side of her will be needed in the early stages of the romantic relationship.

In regard to sex, the Scorpio woman has a vivid imagination and will want to try exciting experiences.

One difficulty between this combination is the tendency of the Scorpio woman to get over emotional or upset about something that the logical Virgo cannot understand. This may lead to upsets that could spiral into disagreements.

If a split occurred both could become entrenched with their own opinion with neither wanting to make the first move at reconciliation.

Virgo men are generally recognized as conscientious, intelligent and often on the shy side.

They tend to favor an orderly life and analyze everything in their mind before making a discussion.

This star sign for a male will be conservative and even verging on being a perfectionist. He will shy away from disorder, laziness, and uncertainty.

Virgo’s sometimes have a hard time making friends because of their analytical nature. They tend to want to really get to know someone before letting their emotional guard down.

They are known to be critical of themselves and sometimes can be quite hurtful to partners.

However, when they accept that they are understood by a partner they will be reliable and make an honest commitment to the one they love.

Scorpio woman Virgo man

Scorpio woman is a sign that can be unbelievably hard to assess. This is due to the powerful emotions that she has to keep in check. Scorpio’s outward appearance can be talkative and pleasant, or alternatively, they may be reserved giving off an aura of shyness.

This sign is one of the extremes and never does anything in a half-hearted way. A Scorpio woman can have tendencies of being classed as a crusader. She tends to know what she wants and once her mind is made up flexible enough to achieve her goal.

Scorpio woman is generally very observant of everything around her and quick to pick up on uncomfortable atmospheres. This tendency makes her an ideal partner for a Virgo she fancies.

She will go out of her way to find out all she can about his characteristics so that she can make sure of creating her perfect partnership.

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Virgo man and Scorpio woman looking away from camera with arms around each otherVirgo man Dating Scorpio woman

The compatibility of this pair of star signs is good. It is well accepted in astrological circles that the mixture of an Earth sign and a Water sign is a strong combination.

However, in the early stages of the relationship, it can be heavy going and extremely slow.

A Virgo man can be quite insecure and this can lead to him coming across as cold and uninterested.

Scorpio women can be guarded and as such wait on the sidelines for her Virgo crush to make the first move.

Sometimes this situation can be frustrating as neither will rush the other. In the end, it is the Scorpio woman who has to think up ways of enticing her Virgo out of his shell.

They may become the best of friends but both may also guard against declaring their real feelings to avoid any possible hurt. Subtle signs instigated by the Scorpio female will eventually get Virgo guy to take the relationship to a higher level.

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In regard to sex, the Scorpio woman has a vivid imagination and will want to try exciting experiences.

She just needs to bear in mind that her Virgo partner may not be as liberated early on. Patience will be required to allow the relationship to develop naturally.

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Virgo Man and Scorpio woman just married on a beachMarriage between Virgo man Scorpio women

Virgo man Scorpio woman is an excellent match for marriage and are very compatible.

They are complemented by many similar personality traits.

Their shared characteristics point to the potential of being ideal marriage partners.

The intelligence and conscientiousness of the Virgo guy blend well with the determination and strong will of the Scorpio woman.

The strong bond between these two signs will make them best friends as well as lovers.

Their common traits of integrity and honesty will help in bonding their relationship and protecting it from outside threats.

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Any difficulties that arise sparked by the emotional Scorpio woman will be helped by the logical thinking of the Virgo man.

Parting Shot

Overall, the pairing of Virgo man Scorpio woman should throw up a few difficulties.

However, it is on the basis of a lot of patience in the early stages, especially from the Scorpio woman.

Both signs can be very demanding in totally different ways, as long as time is taken to understand the differing characteristics.

Most frustrating may well be the situation of trying to get the Virgo guy to make the first move on the Scorpio woman.

A well-accepted fact is that a Virgo man hates to be pressured or chased. Even if he has a strong attraction to the female, he will back off if things are not going on his terms.

A lot of women make the mistake of rushing in and showing affection too early.

This can have a devastating effect on the Virgo man’s macho image of how he sees himself.

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