How To Get A Virgo Man To Chase You, Fall In Love and Commit Even If He Seems Aloof and Disinterested

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  • Thorought and accurate info
  • Easy to uinderstand and apply
  • Comes with 4 additional bonus books
  • One on one support Q&A With Anna Kovach (get your personal questions answered)
  • 60 day guarantee


  • Only available online
  • Lack of images in books
  • Some diagrams would be helpful

the Virgo Man Secrets book by Anna KovachMy Review

Understanding the complex make up of a Virgo male will unlock the secrets of how you can easily get him to chase you, fall in love with you, and commit to you for life.

An easy to follow – step by step guide.

Are you interested in cultivating a relationship with a Virgo man who seems or pretends not to notice you? Are you concerned that by making the first move you may give the wrong impression or worse frighten him away for good?

Find out why by reading Virgo Man Secrets

Are you already with a Virgo man you adore but just cannot get him to commit? Maybe you just need to understand more about what is going on in his head? Maybe you just need a little help in understanding his secret desires or what really turns him on in the bedroom?

Find out by reading Virgo Man Secrets

Maybe you have split from your Virgo man and you are desperate to get back together? You need to understand how he reacts to this delicate situation, so that you make him want to be with you, and ONLY YOU!

Can Virgo Man Secrets answer these Questions?

If you have designs on a relationship with a Virgo man, you will already know that he is made up of complex characteristics that need to be understood before you can make headway in achieving a perfect partnership.

You are not alone, read on, and discover a powerful solution to your quandary.


When asked to review this product, my first thought was that this was just another one of those gimmicks that promise so much but fail to deliver.

I was anticipating that I was going to give it a bad review before turning the first page. How wrong I was, and how pleasantly surprised at the depth of knowledgeable content.

Read on and see if you agree with me on Virgo Man Secrets by Anna Kovach.

As you are reading this article, I realize that you already know, like me, that Virgo men are renowned for being difficult to understand in their approach to romance and the opposite sex.

If your situation resembles any of those listed above then understanding his makeup and what makes him tick is imperative to a successful outcome rather than just living in hope.

Don’t despair, we at are very conscious of these problems and may have found a solution that can help you.

Virgo Men Secrets: What’s Inside?

Renowned astrologer, Anna Kovach, has built up a wealth of knowledge from within the industry and from personal experience and is recognized as a leading authority on relationship compatibility.

Anna lays claim to the fact that she has worked out the formula for not only attracting a Virgo man but also getting him to wholeheartedly commit to a secure long-term future.

Anna has formulated her years of research, combined with personal experience on this subject in an informative manual.

Written from a woman’s perspective, this step by step guide steers the reader through the emotional stresses to reveal all she needs to know about the Virgo man and how to create a lasting relationship.

Anna calls her manual Virgo Man secrets and can be seen at her official website

Pretty big claims? I thought so too, but was pleasantly surprised when I spoke to Anna and realized she is the real deal but kept my skeptics hat on until I had read the book.

A review of my Findings

a woman flirting with a Virgo manAnna’s book is called “Virgo Man Secrets” and explains in detail:

  • The best ways to approach a Virgo man, without embarrassment, and also without looking as if you are coming on too strong.
  • How to get him attracted to you, and sows the seed in his mind that he can’t stop thinking about you.
  • The characteristics that make up the complex persona of a Virgo man, so that you can understand what makes him tick.
  • The five essential secrets that you need to know if you want to make sure he falls in love with you for eternity.
  • The step by step approach you must take if you want to re-light his interest in you after a breakup, especially if it was your fault.

Right from the first pages, it is clear that this is a must-have book for any woman who is currently dating or is wishing to date a man born under the sign of Virgo.

However, it is obvious that Anna has invested a lot of time in unraveling the complexities of the Virgo male and she also answers the many questions that we have asked ourselves.

  • Why is it, that Virgo man is such a complex character?
  • Why do Virgo men seem to be unemotional and even cold?
  • Are Virgo men normally promiscuous, or can they be loyal and true in a relationship?
  • Is a Virgo man playing hard to get if he ignores you?
  • What are the signs to look for that prove a Virgo man is really in love?
  • How to tell if a Virgo man is interested in a relationship, or just wants a woman for sex?
  • How to deal with it, if he stops answering your texts, or returning your phone calls.

As anyone can tell from the above list, Anna has really dug deeply into the characteristics of the Virgo male, which she needed to do to help women everywhere understand the complexities of his makeup.

Without this knowledge, it will be extremely difficult or even impossible to discover if a relationship with a Virgo man would be long-lasting or even worthwhile pursuing.

I was impressed when I started reading Anna’s book where she starts off by giving an overview of astrology and how it has a direct bearing on our lives.

For someone who is unfamiliar with how the cosmos works, this is important to understand the powerful influence it can have on us and any relationships we enter into.

Anna then moves on to explain the characteristics that are so fundamental in the makeup of the Virgo male and hi-lights why he acts and behaves the way he does.

One chapter that really resonated with me was the one entitled ‘Virgo male attraction A-Z’. This chapter, I thought, gives a real insight into the psyche of the male Virgo.

What a Male Virgo thought of this Book

Producing a review that you know is going to be read by a lot of women, and be an influence to many; I wanted to make sure that I gave an honest appraisal.

I took the bull by the horns and asked a male friend of mine who is a Virgo, I will call him Peter for the sake of his privacy, to read the book and tell me what he thought.

As perhaps you may expect from a man, Peter’s first thoughts after reading the book, were that he felt slightly unsettled that someone could identify so many characteristics which affect how he thinks and behaves.

He was amazed that his star sign could give so many indicators when he was confidently progressing through life thinking he was a man of mystery.

One of the underlying characteristics of the Virgo male is being in control of his feelings and also any situation that he finds himself in.

That’s why I had to smile to myself knowing that this book in the hands of his partner, could really create a harmonious link without damaging the macho ego within.

Keen to get an honest feedback from Peter after he had read the book, I suggested we meet for a coffee so that I could glean more information from him with the list of questions that I had carefully prepared.

I asked him if he felt offended that his character makeup was laid bare in the book, and delighted when he said he did not mind at all.

In fact, Peter was pleased that this may give his partner a better understanding of him when he is involved in a project at work or just needs quiet time to himself.

However, he did add that he was in a steady relationship, but another Virgo man may feel under-minded, if he found out, a woman knew so much about his character at the beginning of a relationship.

Getting Peter to read the book did really reinforce my belief that Anna certainly knows what she is talking about.

I think this book will help any woman who is in a relationship or trying to start a relationship with a Virgo man, giving her the help she needs to make it a success with understanding this complex character.

a romantic man giving his woman some flowers

Personal Disclaimer

If you decide to invest in this manual, I implore you to use the information wisely, and not use it to manipulate a Virgo man to doing something he is averse to, as being privy to this information it would be easy for you to do.

In my opinion, this manual is extremely powerful, and hopefully be used in understanding for every occasion to either commence, re-build, or re-invigorate a relationship with a Virgo Man. End of Disclaimer.

Some key chapters in Virgo man secrets

All about your Virgo man

This is obviously a key chapter because learning how to understand and connect to your Virgo man is paramount in forming a partnership.

Even if you are presently in a relationship that perhaps is not going too well, or you have your eye on a new Virgo beau, can you really let him slip through your fingers by not knowing these vital facts?

Three sure-fire tips to help you attract a Virgo Man

A Virgo man’s character is initially reserved until he gets to know you.

First impressions are important to him so it is vital that you know how to get him to like you from the off, and you know how to get him to make the first move.

The Virgo Man and Sex: Sextrology

Virgo man sextrology book by Anna KovachFrom the hundreds of questions that Anna receives from her readers, one subject that concerns them has come to the surface and that is the sexual relationship with a Virgo guy.

Because this is an important subject, Anna has written a separate book which deals exclusively with sex and answers all your questions regarding the likes and hates of a Virgo man in bed.

As an incredible bonus, Anna has included a free copy of Virgo man Sextrology, with every order of Virgo Man Secrets.

This could just be the missing piece of the jigsaw in your quest for the perfect relationship with your Virgo man.

Imagine how embarrassed you would feel in a romantic setting, only to find that you are doing things that are a turn off for him rather than a turn on?

Picture in your mind how you would feel as the atmosphere changes quickly and he says ‘I had better go, It’s getting late’ he leaves without kissing you and you are left devastated and wondering what happened, and if you may ever see him again.

Sex and the sexual drive is a large part of the Virgo male psyche, so understanding his thinking on this subject will avoid those embarrassing situations.

If you have any doubts about this side of a partnership or future relationship read our review on Virgo man sextrology, here.


Anna realizes that every situation regarding a relationship with a Virgo man is going to be unique to that particular couple and is fairly sure that Virgo man secrets along with Virgo sextrology will cover most problems.

However to ensure she has not missed anything and also that no one will feel excluded she has agreed, for a limited period, to include her other three Virgo books free with the purchase of Virgo man secrets and Virgo Sextrology.

For a limited period only, Virgo man secrets and Virgo sextrology will come with these three bonus books.

  • How to get your Virgo man back
  • 25 Surprizes to delight your Virgo man
  • How to text a Virgo man

So I think you will agree that Anna has covered everything in her books that you will need to know, to build a long-term, healthy and honest relationship with a Virgo man.

How long this incredible offer will last, I am not a party to, but if you think you need a little help that could bring you happiness and contentment for the rest of your life, I urge you to take advantage of this offer.

I know from the hundreds of women Anna has helped that this is the answer to your prayers, but if you have any doubts you have the peace of mind of a sixty-day money back guarantee.

Put it to the test, completely risk-free. Get your copy here.

Anna’s, Ask Me Anything: Platinum Bonus

Anna Kovach platinum bonusAnna is the first to acknowledge that every woman’s situation is unique and although her series of books on the Virgo male gives the insight that is needed, no two Virgo men are exactly alike.

If you feel you have a problem with your relationship that needs more in-depth analysis, by investing in this course, and if you are quick! You can get an answer direct from Anna via email.

Because Anna is recognized as a leading astrologer and expert in her field, she is always busy working with private clients.

However, for a limited time only, for anyone who purchases Virgo man secrets, Anna is prepared to put aside a set amount of time each week to personally answer emails.

Here she gives a guarantee that she will reply to your email to answer any question relating to your unique situation.

To take advantage of this offer you must act quickly as Anna is only human and her time is in demand and will have to cap this offer if interest exceeds her time availability.

Anna hates the thought of letting anyone down, but because she is really busy has had to put a limited time period on her personal email responses.

Click here, to find out if you qualify for this free offer. If you have missed out on the platinum bonus offer, don’t get downhearted as you will still have access to all of the following:

  • The Virgo Man Secrets
  • Virgo Man Sextrology
  • 25 Surprizes to Delight a Virgo Man
  • How to Get Your Virgo Man Back
  • How to Text a Virgo Man

What we thought could be improved with the book

Overall, the content is exceptionally concise, described in detail and easy to follow. Used as directed by Anna will give any woman the tools and the confidence to build a long-term harmonious relationship with a Virgo man.

We did, however, think that it could have been improved with some illustrations and pictures, which would have made it easier to understand the workings of the Astro chart, but felt this a minor point compared to the quality of the content.

Anna’s books are also not available on general release, click here, but we respect Anna’s position on this as she is protecting her work from the many charlatans that try to copy and imitate a respected astrologer.

Summing up by Charlene

In conclusion, we thought the Virgo man secrets along with the bonus books, actually over-delivers on its promises, with some expert and exceptional information that will hugely favor a woman who is cultivating a relationship with a Virgo man.

We felt that if images and illustrations had been added it would have been more visually pleasing, but overall with what the book is trying to achieve is a minor gripe. At the end of the day, this is a book that is easy to read and understand and great value with a sixty-day money back guarantee.

For any woman who is serious about starting, renewing or looking for a long-term commitment with a Virgo man then this is a no-brainer. They just need to be quick to take advantage of the platinum offer, by going to Anna’s official website


Virgo Man Secrets review by Anna Kovach

How To Get A Virgo Man To Chase You, Fall In Love and Commit Even If He Seems Aloof and Disinterested
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