Five Reasons Why a Virgo Man Seems Suddenly Distant

woman sitting in bed glaring at manHave you noticed your Virgo man being quieter than he normally is? Do you feel he is angry about something or maybe you have hurt his feelings in some way?

Reasons Why a Virgo Man Seems Preoccupied

If your man seems cold and indifferent to you, read the rest of this article for five possible causes that you may have not thought about.

He Sometimes Needs His Own Space

There could be lots of reasons why the Virgo man might pull back from you and seem unresponsive, which is annoying if he is not returning your calls and appears distant.

It may look as though you have upset him in some way or you feel that he is losing interest in you.

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A typical Virgo trait is that occasionally he needs his own space and craves some personal freedom to re-establish his own identity and assure himself that he is not being controlled.

In order to get this he distances himself from you.

Without realising it, you may have pressured him in some way and it is his inner self that is telling him to take a step back.

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It is not a cause for concern, providing he is still showing you ways in which he cares for you and is still spending some time with you.

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The reaction of pulling back occasionally is quite normal in a Virgo man.

Care needs to be taken in not getting upset about it and trying to pressure him, as this will lead to resentment and he may lose complete interest in you.

His Feelings Have Been Hurt

As with most people; A Virgo male will withdraw away from someone who has hurt his feelings.

Underneath the polished exterior is a very sensitive soul which he takes a long time in exposing to other people. He has a bit of a tendency to criticize others a little too easily but resents it when he is criticized himself.

However the main thing you need to be is truthful. Virgo man has a real knack of being able to detect when he is being lied to, and picks up if people are being honest with him or not.

If you have said something that you did not mean, apologise but be sure you let him know you mean it because he will hold it against you if you are not sincere.

He’s Angry with you about something

close up of virgo man with womenIf you can manage to get it out of him, the thing you said that has caused his distant behaviour, it’s worth apologising immediately rather than berating him for being silly.

When things have returned to normal you can find a way of raising the subject again and then discuss it openly.

In the early stages of a relationship it’s all about finding out about each other’s, likes and dislikes which sometimes take a while to surface when the thrill of a new intimacy is forming.

A Virgo man is prepared to give his all to a woman he loves as long as he receives respect for his feelings in return.

Lack of Interest in You

The worst scenario of course if he is showing less and less interest in you, is that he feels the relationship has run out of steam.

A Virgo man may seem very hot for you in the beginning but has discovered something that is putting him off.

Thoughts are crowding his mind and is deciding if things can be changed around. A trait of the Virgo man is his desire to have the perfect woman.

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A Virgo man has a very honest character and as well as expecting the same in his woman will go out of his way not to hurt her feelings.

He has an image in his mind of his perfect woman and if something does not live up to this impression he may just drop out completely.

Just bear in mind that if you don’t hear from him at all over a reasonable time, then accept it is probably over.

The excitement of the Chase

As I have explained above, the Virgo man hates to be pressured however they still relish a partner that can hold her ground.

In the initial stages of a relationship the thrill of the chase overrides and outranks any flaws which may start to be looked at in detail later on.

This is the time a Virgo man will pull back and see which way you will go!

Is it best to chase him or will you be relaxed to see if he will pursue you? It is always best in this situation to try to establish some middle ground.

You want to let him know you are interested but that you will not be taken advantage of.

Pulling back too much may signal to him that you are not interested. Discover more about what makes him tick by Clicking On This Link.

Final Thoughts

Steer clear of reaching out to him on social media because he will not relish your relationship being broadcast and analysed by other people.

An acceptable contact would be by email with a simple message along the lines of, “Hi, thinking of you today” and then back off and see what happens.

It is then up to him to get back to you, and by not over-reacting he will want to re-kindle the relationship. More about the Virgo constellation can be found here.




Five Reasons Why a Virgo Man Seems Suddenly Distant
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