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Virgo Man Sextrology




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  • Exposing the hidden sexual desires of the Virgo male
  • Tips for using your sexuality to attract him rather than scare him away
  • How to make him want YOU rather than any other woman
  • Techniques to use with your Virgo man to keep your relationship hot!


  • No index of contents
  • Lack of pictures and illustrations
  • Not available in stores, only online

Virgo Man Sextrology book by Anna KovachVirgo Man Sextrology – Our Review

More and more women are turning to astrology for help and advice in their relationships.

Discovering the secrets of the cosmos and the influence it has will certainly help in finding true happiness.

It has long been accepted that the zodiac sign we are born under has a bearing on our characteristics. This also relates to our approach to sex, initially, and for the long term.

Sexual attraction plays a major role when first meeting our prospective partner. Then ongoing keeping the relationship fresh and exciting.

Devoted astrologer, Anna Kovach has identified this trend and has written a book. In it, she claims to have the answers to any woman who has designs on a Virgo male.

In this book, she underlines the importance of a woman understanding the complex needs and desires of a Virgo man. Knowing this will ensure the perfect compatibility and the long-term happiness she craves.

Join me now as I take a look inside this book, Virgo Man Sextrology, and decide for yourself.

We preview the intriguing and controversial chapters that hold the answer to long-term happiness.

What is Sextrology?

The positioning of certain planets in relation to the Sun and Moon at the time of a person’s birth. This is the absolute basis of astrology.

Of course, this is broken down into a much more defined assessment when the exact time of birth is taken into account.

The natal chart that is produced at this exact time of birth has been proven to show the characteristics of the person. This has a major bearing on their attitude and approach to sex.

In astrology, the position of the various planets is divided into houses. The Sextrology part is influenced by the 5th, 7th, and 8th houses. The planets Pluto and Mars along with the asteroid Eros completes the influence.

The spheres around the three houses are important to focus on. They indicate romantic possibility and the compatibility potential of various star signs.

Looking to the heavens the position of Mars in your natal chart shows association with sexual drive. This, in turn, relates to desire, passion, and virile energy.

Understanding how and why you have the desires that you do is influenced by the positioning of Mars in your chart.

The planet Pluto is related to one’s acceptability of their sexuality, as well as their urges and wants.

The arrival of the asteroid, Eros within the boundaries of the 5th, 7th, and 8th houses is an indication of more deep-rooted primal desires.

Developing a deeper understanding.

Developing a deeper understanding of the Sextrology of your partner, or potential partner will enable you to avoid any embarrassing situations that may arise.

Gaining this vital information will also empower you to confidently lead the relationship to heights of sexual ecstasy. Creating experiences that you both have probably never had before.

So now that you understand what Sextrolgy is all about, let’s take a peek inside the book to see if the content lives up to the hype!

Virgo Man Sextrology – What’s in the book?

A Virgo man kissing his girlfriend passionatelyFirst of all, let’s look at the list of headings, and then dissect some of the information. This claims to give a person all the knowledge they need to create a sexually compatible relationship with a man born under the star sign of Virgo.

  • The sexual fantasies that are hidden in the Virgo male psyche, and how to release them.
  • What you need to do to make him desire you above all others.
  • The knowledge to bring compatibility to the sexual side of the relationship.
  • Techniques of seduction that will turn him on and nullify his need to wander.
  • Knowledge of his dislikes, which must be avoided at all costs.
  • How to understand him, so he looks on you as his soul mate.

If you prefer not to read the rest of this article, you can get direct access to download here.

The Virgo Male’s Views on Sex and Intimacy

A very important part of building a relationship with a Virgo man is understanding his views on intimacy.

In this chapter which appears early on in the Virgo Man Sextrology book, Anna goes into detail to describe the character of a Virgo male.

She describes how initially reserved he may be.  He easily could revert back into his shell if you make the first move. Even though he fancies the pants off you.

There are many positive and negative sides of the Virgo man’s character. All these are highlighted here which could be the making or the breaking of a relationship.

Virgo Man in Bed with his girlfriend looking at each otherThe Virgo Man in the Bedroom

We were pleased to see this chapter included in the book. We were also impressed at the depth of detail that Anna puts into the subject matter.

Incorporated are techniques that any woman can use in order to satisfy her partner. Along with advice and tips that may help in creating sexual experiences that surpass all others.

Anna further exposes the hidden secrets of the Virgo man psyche. She has done this by explaining exactly what you need to know to arouse him. Which in turn will ensure he has an overwhelming desire for you.

Anna also goes on to explain how you may be surprised to learn about some things that drive a Virgo man wild. Things that he keeps hidden because of his reserved nature.

It is only when he feels completely comfortable within a relationship that he is prepared to open up. A partner who understands him can gel with his preferences that some people may consider taboo.

Reading this book, we think, will give women the confidence they need to take the lead. The reassurance of handling these sexual preferences should they arise in the relationship.

girl being cuddled under a prrple blanket by her Virgo man.Sexual Compatibility

There is no doubt that any star sign can be compatible with any other sign. Provided acceptance of preferences are taken into account.

This also relates to the maturity of the couple and the situation they find themselves in.

However, as has been proven on many occasions some signs will have a natural affinity over others.

This underlines the importance of knowing as much as possible about the characteristics of your partner. As well as the personality of a man you have designs on.

Most breakups occur due to complacency. Every relationship needs an effort to make it sustainable.

In this chapter, Anna helps the reader to understand more about compatibility based on only the Sun signs.

Unfortunately, it has to be accepted that Anna could not cover every possibility here.

A professional reading from a qualified astrologer will, of course, be more accurate when entering the birth dates.

This would be much more expensive and only give a short-term view. Virgo man Sextrology, which is free with Virgo Man Secrets, will give you access for future reference.

a couple dressed in white lying in the grass kissing.

Seduction and First Approach

This is a well-explained chapter containing effective techniques. These make a direct connection with the more primal and animalistic urges of the Virgo male.

Anna gives easy to follow examples of approach and first physical contact to get your relationship moving in the right direction.

These directions will also help at a later stage with specific paragraphs dedicated to the kinds of things to say and other topics to be avoided.

Here is a useful and free resource to produce a Cosmic Compatibility profile. Enter your birth dates and download your free personal profile.

You can then use the information contained in the Virgo Man Sextrology book to explain how to interpret the profile. This can propel you to an advantageous position in handling the relationship.

Overall Review Summary

There is much information on the internet regarding astrology, and unfortunately, a lot of it is written with no foundation.

Anna Kovach is a devoted astrologer who has written several books. These have a solid foundation based on a subject she clearly appreciates and understands.

In choosing to write Virgo man Sextrology, Anna should be applauded. She has identified an area that all too often gets overlooked as being a taboo subject or just not discussed.

The Good Points

  • Explanation of how astrology can help and improve a sexual relationship
  • Written in an easy to understand format
  • Explains why Virgo men have the passions and needs that they do
  • Reveals the Virgo male’s erotic desires and primal needs
  • Discusses in depth both the positive and negative sides of a Virgo male personality. Including pointers that you need to know to create a successful sexual relationship.

Without a doubt, the best point; is it’s free. It comes with your copy of Virgo Man Secrets.

In our estimation, it combines everything a woman will need to know to achieve a lasting relationship with a Virgo guy.

See our full review of Virgo man secrets here.

Virgo man sextrology book by Anna KovachThe points that we felt could be improved

A table of contents would make it easier to refer back to chapters, for anyone wishing to absorb the information regarding their particular situation.

As this book is only available for download we would suggest that printing off relevant sections would be an advantage.

The astrology reading on sexual compatibility was based solely on sun signs. This is a good indicator, but not as specific as a full natal chart reading.

Which to be fair is pointed out by Anna in that particular chapter.

We felt that the inclusion of images would improve the overall understanding. Explaining more about how astrology works is more effective in pictures. However, we appreciate that adding glossy photo’s would have resulted in a higher price.

Used in conjunction with Virgo Man Secrets gives a woman the complete picture of everything she needs to create her perfect relationship.

Overall, we thought the content in Virgo Man Sextrology covered all the awkward and sometimes embarrassing situations. The situations that can arise within any relationship.

So, understanding what makes a Virgo guy tick is the key to lasting happiness. In any relationship, the combination of these two books we think will achieve that goal.

If you would like a copy, it can be found on Anna’s website here.

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